13 Best Anatomy App for Medical Students of 2021

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There are many Best Anatomy App for Medical Students but many applications in the App store, and the play store about anatomy, having 3D visualization allows us to know the structure from all angles.

If you want to learn human anatomy with these Best Anatomy App for Medical Students, it can be complicated due to a lack of time or various reasons.

The Best Anatomy App for Medical Students

The human body has many parts, several systems, and more things that make it difficult to understand. For that, a 3D model is useful. It helps you to locate the different parts of the body more easily and understand its operation more easily.

Best 3d Anatomy App

I put recommendations where you have where you choose the Best Anatomy App for Medical Students, you can download them for IOS and ANDROID, some are free, and others are paid. I consider them to be the most complete, and that best helps you to learn anatomy.

1. Human Anatomy, 3D design with futuristic HUD

Human Anatomy is an app with a careful design that allows us to see a 3D model of the different body parts available. You can explore the different levels of the human body from the skeleton to reach the muscles through the internal organs.

2. Essential Skeleton 4

This app offers us only the bones. First, it is in English. The graphics are in 3D. It has an impressive image quality. It looks absolutely everything. You can see any structure from different views. It has a simple interface and easy to navigate.

You can perform notes in any anatomical model and also audio pronunciation for each bone. You can select specific areas of the skeleton or complete it. And what I like most is that you can erase other bones and only fix the one you are interested in or a joint.

3. Human body, in feminine and masculine

These are actually two 3D Anatomy Apps for males and females, but they are exactly the same unless they differentiate the male from the female body with different apps. The two come from Mozaik Education, which is a company dedicated to making this type of educational applications with which you can interact.

4. Anatomy Learning – 3D Anatomy Atlas

It is a 3D anatomy atlas, which offers interactive anatomical models in full detail. The models can be rotated, enlarged in particular, and viewed from any angle. By selecting models or pins, the terms related to any specific anatomical part are shown.

The best thing is that it is in 11 languages; the only one that is not available for free is the skull with a cross-section and the lower limb. Available for free: skull, jaw, trunk, spine, and pelvis. But to access the muscle app, you need to buy the whole package to access everyone, and it is paid.

This app is the one I like the most. With Anatomy Learning, we have a system through which we can navigate through the different anatomical systems. We can also filter by female and male.

5. The human body by TinyBop

This 3D Anatomy App is designed for children, but it is an incredible Best Anatomy App for Medical Students because it teaches you the processes of the human body, that is, it offers you a functional model.

Each of the devices/systems is lively and interactive. It teaches you how the heartbeats, the intestines sound, the lungs breathe, etc. It offers a recording model, it has an intuitive, safe, and friendly interface obviously because it is for children, but the truth is that it is GREAT.

6. Teach Me Anatomy, less 3D and more lyrics

Teach me Anatomy moves away from a little from the elaborate 3D models of the previous posts. It presents a system with more lyrics to learn how different parts of the bodywork with an interface that is closer to a textbook.

7. Muscular System (Anatomy)

It is a free app, with a very simple and easy to use interface, it offers a description of each muscle obtained from Wikipedia, the entire musculoskeletal system is available, and we can separate the muscles.

8. Daily Anatomy, learn with quizzes

This app has a design similar to the previous one, but in this one, you can answer questions that will help you test your knowledge.

9. Internal Organs in 3D (Anatomy)

It is a free app, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, it offers, like the muscles, description of each organ obtained from Wikipedia, it also has both female and male visualization.

10. BioDigital Human, the most complete

With BioDigital Human, we have the complete experience. We can navigate systems, specific organs, or the whole body and look for the parts we want.

11. Atlas of human anatomy 

It is a very complete app. It is paid, it is the Best Anatomy App for Medical Students that includes detailed models of male and female macroscopic anatomy in 3. selected microanatomy of tissues and organs, corpse cuts and diagnostic images are shown next to 3D cross-sections.

And animations Interactive muscle and bones — encyclopedic reference and study content in 7 languages. Bank of more than 1,000 test questions to be routed and improve anatomy proficiency. In a few words, you become a MASTER in anatomy.

12. Complete Anatomy Platform, the best design

With this app, you get a very careful and attractive design with several options that make it one of the best options. You can control the opacity with which the other parts are seen while you are trying to see something in particular or directly see only what you want by hiding the rest.

13. Science News, find out everything

Science News is not entirely an anatomy app because it does not focus solely on this subject, but it does allow the user to follow the latest in the scientific world. Among that news, there are, of course, news of anatomy and biology, which are what interest us.


So if you do not have time to do courses or a career related to human anatomy, we bring you this compilation of applications that will help you learn from your mobile in the moments dead.