9 Best Road Trip Weather App of 2021

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The Best Road Trip Weather App: The weather is increasingly extreme. Going out, traveling, and planning many times becomes a bit complicated when a storm or an inclement snowfall surprises you. Fortunately, technology puts in our hands very practical tools to plan a getaway based on time. Continue reading and discover some of the Best Road Trip Weather App.

The 9 Best Road Trip Weather App

These Best road trip apps to check the weather can become great allies to spend unforgettable holidays. But it is essential to use only the best, so we show you a compilation of reliable applications that will give you an idea of ​​the weather for the following days. Have Android or iPhone, any of these applications is perfect for checking the weather.

Best Weather App for Road Trips

The fastest solution, as in almost all cases at this time, is at your fingertips on your mobile phone, where dozens of weather apps for road trips can instantly provide all the information the user needs.

The Characteristics of a Good App to Check the Weather

Today there are many weather best road trip apps to check the weather. However, not all are accurate enough. If you are going to use this valuable tool, it is essential that you choose a high-quality one. In this sense, it is important that the application goes beyond the temperature from your mobile. It is essential that you can also offer the location through GPS.

Other important aspects of an excellent weather road trip planner app to check the weather are its capacity for interactivity, as well as energy efficiency. Many of these weather apps for road trips offer a wide variety of extra options that make them much more enjoyable.

The applications that we are going to show you are accurate in their readings (taking into account that sometimes the weather is unpredictable) and, also, they are completely free. Of course, some of them even offer a much more complete paid version; however, with the basic version, you can get very useful information.

1. Weather Live: forecast and temperature

Without a doubt, one of the most careful best weather apps for road trips visually. It shows beautiful animations that reflect the current weather conditions of the place you are looking for.

Best road trip apps

It allows us to know the temperature and thermal sensation, the speed and direction of the wind, the information on the atmospheric pressure and the precipitations, the hours of the dawn and the dusk and it includes a meteorological radar and maps of rain. get this app for Android and iOS.

2. AccuWeather

Available for both Android and iPhone, this weather application is, without a doubt, one of the most popular. The widget of this Best Road Trip Weather App is one of the most complete.

Like Yahoo Weather, you can enter several destinations, and their weather readings are usually quite accurate. Many mobiles already have it preinstalled, which has boosted its use among millions of people. This is perhaps the best-known app and one of the best-rated, largely because for years it has been preinstalled on a multitude of mobiles.

With a simple and clear design, it shows, in card format, concise but very useful information. Apart from the actual temperature information, it offers details about the weather conditions such as wind, humidity, dew, and the UV index. available for Android and iOS.

3. Morecast

A very complete Best road trip apps that use an algorithm created by the developers themselves to, through a multitude of databases, predict the weather with great precision.

Best road trip apps

This tool allows you to view live weather conditions worldwide by choosing from thousands of webcams distributed across the planet. In addition, when making a trip, it allows you to analyze the time it will take between the origin and the destination and helps you choose the best possible route.

4. Weather App

In addition to the weather forecast and forecast, this application offers information about weather-related to skiing, beaches, and upcoming events, such as concerts.

Best Weather App for Road Trips

The app can be configured to display national notices: all, those of your current position or those of your favorite cities.

5. Today Weather

With a very careful and practical interface, minimalist and dark tones, this application allows you to choose the data source (sometimes, the significant difference in data between one provider and another draws a lot of attention).

It shows the weather forecast clearly and easily understood and launches rain and severe weather alerts.

6. Yahoo Weather

When Yahoo has already lost much of its greatness of yesteryear, it still shines with this application, with excellent design – cute and intuitive to use – that takes advantage of the Flickr database to embellish the backgrounds of the app’s screens. It has a radar map in which to see the clouds.

Best Weather App for Road Trips

We begin our list with the Yahoo weather app for iPhone and Android. It has a radar, heat map, satellite, wind power, and direction map. One of the advantages of this Best Road Trip Weather App is that you can enter data from more than one location. It also includes notifications of rain and other extreme weather conditions. ( Android and iOS )

7. AEMET Time

AEMET is considered by many as the most accurate best road trip apps of the moment. This is the official application of the State Meteorological Agency, the public body that provides information about the weather to the media.

Best Weather App for Road Trips

One of the disadvantages of this app is that it only offers time information within a week. In this sense, it lags behind other more innovative applications that provide it within 15 days or more.

The interface of this application is not as interactive as others in the market. However, it perfectly fulfills its functions since it has GPS, an alert service, and, of course, a widget. The Best Road Trip Weather App of the State Meteorological Agency provides accurate, detailed, and permanently updated the information in a clear format. Among the many data it offers, it is possible to consult graphs that show the changes in recent days. It gives a lot of data about Spanish beaches until the second day, with search functionality by municipality or beach name.

8. Weather Radar Free

Also available for both platforms, Weather Radar Free stands out as one of the few independent technological applications. This app offers the weather forecast for eight days, as well as radar maps, hourly forecasts, temperature maps, and rainfall.

Best Weather App for Road Trips

Another feature that Time & Radar stands out for is the additional information that winter sports enthusiasts can take advantage of. In this sense, you can find information about the ski resorts that are open to the public, as well as the amount of snow in those stations, interesting, right?

9. Google Assistant

Among the many help provided by Google’s smart assistant, one of the most useful and used is the time query. Simply ask in a loud voice what you want to know about the weather, and a voice will provide the desired information. Also, a table with more detailed information will be displayed on the mobile screen.

Best Weather App for Road Trips


These Best Road Trip Weather App to check the weather are accurate and have an attractive interface and very easy to navigate. Applications that can become your best allies to plan your day to day and even your next vacation, do you dare to try them?