Top 31 Best Free Music Downloader App for Android of 2021

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The best free music downloader app for android: Apps to Download Free Mp3 Music Android: It is now possible to download songs on your Android mobile phone at the moment and free thanks to the thousands of the best free music downloader app for android and programs to download music that Google Play puts at our disposal.

31 Best Free Music Downloader App for Android

We’ll start with the list of the best Google Play music download the best free music downloader app for android, so you always keep the rhythm in your pocket with Android mobile and listen to that song you like when you want, and we’ll end with a list of the best download programs music.

best free music downloader app for android

How to Download Free Music From Your Mobile

It can be done in two different ways: The first and least common is using the computer or PC, and the second, and more usual, is using the Android mobile.

As below we are going to give you the best free music downloader app for android, let’s start by saying the steps to download the free music from your mobile.

  • The first step to download music is to access Google Play from here.
  • Once inside Google Play, you go to the “Applications” section
  • Finally, you only have to search the application to download music that interests you or, and much simpler, choose from among all the apps to download music that we give below that already come with the review and download link direct.

The Best Free Music Downloader App for Android

The following list of apps does not have all the songs, but if you combine the different applications, I’m sure you’ll have an extensive catalog of all the free music you want.

1. Tinytunes

With Tinytunes, you will have an extensive catalog of songs that will make you one of the favorite applications to download free music on your Android mobile. The interface of the app is very simple, and its library is the most extensive. You can search for music by writing the title of the song, the name of the artist (if you know the name), or the album.

best free music downloader app

In the upper part of Tinytunes, you will find the search bar in which you must select the criteria by which you want to search for the song. It will also show you the music player and a very simple tool with which you can create the tones of your favorite songs. This Application Is Free.

2. Music Maniac

Next on the list is Music Maniac. With this fantastic free app, you will be able to download music on your Android device, but, besides, it will allow you to listen to the song before downloading it to know if it is the song you are looking for or not. Once the song or songs can be downloaded, they are saved in the mobile so that you can listen to them even without a connection.

best free music downloader app

This application is free, but the only drawback is that it is in English (you will learn to learn the basics). Music Maniac has options that make it very interesting as well as an extensive music library. You can put the downloaded songs as a ringtone. As I said before, this application is free, and you can download it from here.

3. Gtunes Music

We continue the list with Gtunes Music, another perfect best free music downloader app for android to download free music. This application has advertising but is not abusive and does not bother at all when using the app. Besides being able to download music, Gtunes Music has a song player to listen to the songs, being able to preview the song you want to download and, thus, make sure it is the one you want.

best free music downloader app

Gtunes Music searches for the songs to download in the different search engines, so the catalog of songs is quite extensive. You can stop and continue the download at all times during the process, and, also, you can edit the ID3 tags and set the songs as a ringtone, among other functions.

4. Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader is next on the list. It is a very simple app to use, and it will allow us to download mp3 files of favorite songs and have them on your mobile so you can listen to them without connecting whenever you want.

best free music downloader app

The app promises to always have the best music from Google Play, and you may be right. In addition to song downloads, this application has an mp3 player to listen to the songs. Over time, you will be able to update your library of songs almost without you noticing. Mp3 Music Downloader apps have advertising, but, like the previous one, it is not invasive.

5. Fast Mp3 Free Download

Another one that we add to the list is Fast Mp3 Free Download. This application offers thousands of functions in addition to downloading free music. One of the features of this app is that you can download the songs, listen to them first, and download the lyrics of the songs to sing while you listen to music.

best free music downloader app

The Fast Mp3 Free Download interface is very simple and intuitive. A very light app so, thanks to it, it is compatible with almost all Android phone models. The Fast Mp3 Free Download song search engine is high-speed and has a very extensive song library. You can save the songs directly on the SD card to listen to your favorite music without a connection.

6. Songflip

SongFlip is the best free music downloader app for android that we can define as the Android SpinTunes. Sure, you will hear SpinTunes, which is famous as a music app for iOS devices, so now we have it in this version for Android.

With it, you can search all kinds of songs or musical styles and listen to them in streaming completely free, or if you prefer, you can create your own playlists, store them within the best free music downloader app for android and listen to them whenever you want, even if you are disconnected.

7. MP3 Download

MP3 Download is another the free applications to download music that has the advantage that it does not have much publicity. Another of the qualities that MP3 Download has is that it has up to 5 search engines to find your favorite songs.

To perform the search, a very simple method is used. From the side menu, you choose the “Search” option, then enter the song or artist you want to find and choose between the files that are displayed. Then you can download the song. 

8. My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes

My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes is one of the best apps for those who love hip-hop. This has more than 10 million users, so it does not have to be so bad, right? In My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes, you can find everything from those users who start with their own auto productions as well-known artists. Best of all, My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes allows you to discover good music that otherwise would take much longer thanks to its radio that does nothing but play music.

In addition to all the functions mentioned above, you can mark your favorite songs. As well as download them for free, even complete discs to listen to them without the internet. You can also leave your comment on the songs so that others can see what your opinion is about that song.

In Settings or “Settings,” you can increase the quality of the reproduction since, by default, it is in low quality. My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes gives you the option to share your favorite songs on the social networks of Twitter or Instagram. Although something bad we have to say about it since sometimes advertising is somewhat invasive, you can pay for it, it costs $3 a month to eliminate ads.

9. Spotify

Is Spotify an application that allows us to download free music? Well, although it is not in the same way as in the previous apps that we have recommended, the truth is that it can be useful for us to get to listen to our favorite music completely free of charge.

You should already know that Spotify has a paid version and others that are completely free (although we have to “suffer” ads). Well, in both versions appears an option that until recently was not possible, and that is to store the music we want to listen to when we are offline or in “offline” mode. That is to say that we can “download” in some way all the songs that we search for Spotify (and we know that its catalog is the most complete) and then use the best free music downloader app for android as if it were our player without having to spend data.

10. Soundcloud

Better not take too long to download the Soundcloud is the best free music downloader app for the android devices since, for some time, you have been considering charging a fee. From now to today, it remains an app to download and listen to music completely free and is also the most used.

We have thousands and thousands of music tracks that we can listen to through the application (more than 12 hours of audio), as well as mixes and live recordings. Not all of them are available for download. Still, many of them do, so it is no wonder that it exceeds the two million people who already have this popular free music downloader app for android, which has also become a great source of independent labels and artists. Independent All genres that you can imagine are present, making it a great place to discover new music.

11. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

RockMyRun is perhaps a lesser-known free music downloader app for android. Still, you should not let it get away, since it allows us to download music for offline playback, or simply caching, which is just as good, plus we can create playlists and not only that, but that allows us to make our own mixes of mixed reproduction for hours and hours of music without stopping.

It is also an app that you can match with your BPM to control the heart rate, filter the playlist to match the length of your workout (if you use music on your mobile to train). Or make use of the myBeat function to automatically change the melodies so that they can adapt to your current state.

12. Tunee

Tunee is another of those applications to listen and download your Android mp3 music that achieves a minimum level of quality.

best free music downloader app

It has an efficient multi-mp3 download search engine, and the sound quality is acceptable. However, yes, it is not an application for impatience since the song may not play well until we have downloaded it completely.

13. Paradise

This is a great free music downloader app for android to search for MP3 music and download it on any Android device. The app itself has a very simple design, but in terms of functionality, it is where we will notice why we recommend it, as it is the most effective we can find today.

best free music downloader app

Maybe for the most impatient, the download of the song takes too much time, but the best thing is that it is possible that you really find everything you are looking for. The application also comes with a free music player and a music download manager that supports multiple downloads at the same time.

14. Music Player for Android

If what you are looking for is an application with which you can download music easily to your smartphone, do not give it many more laps. Music Player for Android is far above many that are within this list. We have been able to prove it and, truthfully, it has left us with good feelings.

There are very few applications that are designed as only as Music Player for Android. To search, download and listen to music, Music Player for Android is perfect. You can request downloads of the files you want and see how the download process is, even if it could not be done.

Music Player for Android is an app that has a premium level, and that shows its thanks to its simplicity, quality, and efficiency.

15. Palco MP3

Palco MP3 is a free platform for independent Brazilian musicians who want to share their songs with the world. They currently have a list of more than 100,000 artists spread across a wide range of genres.

The use of this application, can also allow you to access radio stations, playlists of your favorite songs, and download songs to your smartphone to listen on the fly. Whether you’re in search of samba, bossa nova, hip hop, or electronics, Palco has it covered. So we recommend that you dive and discover what Brazil has to offer.

16. Anghami

Do you like Arabic music? Anghami is an application aimed at users in the Middle East, where it runs as a service similar to Google Play Music.

But for those who do not live there, it is an excellent source of Arabic songs that we can also listen to and download for free. The free service is not unlimited, although some ads appear, it’s worth catching up to discover some new music.

You can also watch videos, download songs from popular artists, and share your selections or the songs you’re listening to with your friends, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

17. Tube MP3 Music Player

This is an exciting application that will allow you to listen to all those songs that you usually look for on YouTube, although in MP3 format. In this way, you must download the application, and once you have it installed on your device, you run it with a search engine that is similar to YouTube.

The songs will appear in Mp3 format, and from what you hear, you can create playlists, select the ones that are favorites, and you can even download them to your device to listen to it when you are also disconnected.

18. Default Music Player

This is a simple ringtone app at the time of its execution and perfect for those who seek. Above all, international music. You just have to install it on your mobile and open it, and you will see that a screen will appear in which you can select the search for the song you want, and also search between albums, as well as genres or musical styles.

You can also mark favorites, create playlists, and search for new features as well as artists who are unknown and post their works on this platform. You have it available on Google Play.

19. GO Music – Offline & online music, free MV, MP3

An application that will surprise you for the success it has achieved in just a few months. It has more than 100,000 downloads in its first month and allows you to listen to the best of current music.

It has different musical genres, although they excel above all the Latin style and reggaeton music as well as the number one in the world. All songs are completely free. You can create playlists, select favorites, and download some of your selections to listen to even when you’re offline.

20. SONGily

SONGily is another of the applications that we are listening to in the last weeks. It allows us to be able to listen very many (and when I say many, I mean hundreds and hundreds of songs) of the last songs that sound on the current lists.

It will delight those who are search engines for the latest “hits.” It has an easy-to-use interface. You just have to download the application, sign up as a user (as is done with Spotify), and find the song you want. Once found, we can reproduce it, or it can also be stored so that it can be heard when we are offline. It’s simple to use, you can search for songs easily, and they always suggest many topics similar to your searches.

21. Simple MP3 Downloader

As the name suggests, this app is really simple to use. It consists of a simple download, and with it, we will be able to realize a fast search of songs that then we can download in our Android device.

best free music downloader app

In just a few seconds, you can find your favorite songs and download them in mp3 format. You must use the “Search” tab to search for a song or album. But it also has a self-completion feature that suggests several artists or songs of possible interest to each user based on previous searches he has made.

22. Cyber Music Downloader

With this application downloading files directly to your Android device will be the easiest thing you can do. Just download the app, which is free, and save it in the folder you want.

It is also an app that stands out for its speed, and because while downloading the song, we can do a “preview” to verify that the file that is being downloaded is the one we really deserve.

best free music downloader app

The reason that it is so recommended is that in addition to having a beautiful and simple interface, it can really find all kinds of songs and not just the latest hits. The only “but” that some will find is that the first month is free and then it is paid, although surely more than one will know how to manage to make it free.

Anyway, we will have a free month to enjoy our music, and also giving priority to Hindi music (for something the application in India).

23. Music Search

If you are the simple applications that do not require a very elegant interface or too many steps to follow, in this case, to download music, this is undoubtedly the right one for you. Music Search is a simple and intuitive app that will allow you to enjoy hours and hours of music.

best free music downloader app

Once we have downloaded the application, we will notice that a screen appears in which a search engine appears on the right. We write there the name of the song to be searched, and once this is done, several possibilities appear (sometimes a title or artist may be repeated), then we select the one that interests us, download and ready.

You can see on the screen how is the process of downloading the selected theme, and once downloaded select where we want to save the theme and if we also want to set it as a ringtone of our mobile.

24. Free MP3 Downloads

The free Mp3 Downloads app allows you to search, download, and listen to songs with an “open” license to download them without problems. Its use is simple when we have the application installed on our device we just have to give “Download” in the corresponding tab after making a search query.

best free music downloader app

In the “Listen” tab, you can listen to all the songs downloaded through the application itself. The songs are downloaded to the devices in the folders of the SD cards “Music-freeMp3Downloads” and can be imported directly from there. To the music player that you have integrated into the mobile, or in the application you have for it.

So far, our list of applications to download free music MP3 for Android phones, as soon as we try more apps, we will include more in the list. Now we leave you with the programs to download free MP3 music on Android.

25. PlaYo – Free Music & Radio

PlaYo Music is the application with which you will always be able to listen to music without problems. If you are looking for an app with which to find the latest music, this is yours, and the best thing is that you can listen to the songs directly.

No need to waste time looking for files and waiting for them to be downloaded on your device. With PlaYo, you can access millions of songs with MP3 quality, all for free and without having to put up with ads either.

The application has agreements with the holders of the main rights and the implementation of the SoundCloud API. So through it, you can listen to the artists of the moment and the most classic. With all the musical genres, and even enjoy playlists depending on your mood.

26. Download Music

Download Music is a recent application available for Android with a more than a clear and distinct name. You have it for free on Google Play, with which you can download all the music directly on your device.

Once you have installed the app on your mobile or tablet, you can search for songs in the library of the device to play it, but at the same time, you can also search in different search folders organized according to songs or artists or genres.

The application also includes the possibility to be used as a player so that it includes an integrated audio equalizer and adjust the sound effects. Also, once you start playing your downloaded songs, you can close the application, and it will continue sounding without a problem, and without consuming too much battery.

With Download Music, you can also create and maintain different playlists as well as convert the song you want in your ringtone or sound for notifications.

27. YouTube Music

With a more than clear and obvious name, Download Music is a recent application available for Android YouTube Music Surely you’ve ever wanted to be able to download all those songs that you listen to in YouTube videos.

Either because they are versions different from those that sound on the disc. Or because they are videos recorded accurately for this platform. With the YouTube Music application, you can have the songs you want from those videos.

Install the app on your tablet or mobile, and you can watch the videos on YouTube, as well as select the file to be played as an MP3 song.

28. Ares MP3 Player

Ares is a popular download program, which I will then recommend to you among the best programs to download free MP3 on Your Android mobile, but before, I want to recommend this application that has a lot to do.

best free music downloader app for android

Ares MP3 Free Music Player is the application that allows us to play the files that we already have stored on our device and others that we can find through the app.

However, it does not allow us to download it because that is what the associated program will be for. The application will help us to open all the downloaded Ares.

29. Free Mp3 Downloads

Download free MP3 music applications similar to all those we have seen so far, but which is perhaps one of the most complete since, in addition to downloading, it allows us to use it as a player.

We can apply a search system through artists, albums, and genres. As soon as there is a new track, it is added to the application so that it can be downloaded if desired.

We can even download and simultaneously play the track, as well as store or open the tracks through the player of the app itself.

30. Free Music Downloader & Mp3 Music Download

Another application is similar to the many that we have already shown you, and that has a wide variety of musical genres. From jazz to rock, through blues, soul, or techno.

The only thing you have to do is download the application on your mobile device and then open it, and you will see how a search engine appears through the aforementioned: musical genres. Select the one that belongs to the song you are looking for, and it will appear (if you do not have an author’s license), so you can listen to it via streaming, or if you prefer, downloads.

31. Music Garden

Music Garden is a curious application with a very attractive interface, in which not only a search engine appears through which to find the songs that we want to download but also from our first searches, and will generate suggestions that we may like.

In this way, every time we open the Music Garden. We see that we see themes or artists that are similar to our searches, and with this, we can expand our music library.

Also, we can use the application not only for downloads but also as an mp3 player, so you will not need to open another player, and thus you will enjoy even the music as it is downloaded.


By song title, artist name, album, or a part of letters. The tool will show you different track versions depending on the duration or bit rate, and you choose through which you want to download the song.