8 Best Backup Software for Small Business of 2021

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The best backup software for small business: You can’t guess WHEN a hard drive will get STOPPED or if you’ll be a victim of ransomware. To avoid irreparable damage to your information, you must have a ROUTINE ESTABLISHED and do it from time to time.

You should not leave for another time such an essential task as supporting the important information about your company. You will never know when something will happen, for which you should regret not having done it before. There are several modalities to study, and many best backup software for small business that automates this tedious task — here a small selection of the best backup software for small business for this job.

best backup software for small business

Making backup copies of your important data is something that should never be neglected. You cannot guess when a hard drive will break down or if you will be a victim of ransomware. You do not plan for an employee to leave their laptop in a bad location and get lost or stolen. Nor can human or natural accidents be predicted, and they can make irreparable disasters with your information. For all this, we will not tire of insisting that you select the best backup software for small business and stick to a good backup plan for your company’s valuable information.

What is the Best Backup Software for Small Business?

You have to have an established routine and do it every so often. It depends on the amount of information you produce and the methodology you use. You can make a monthly, weekly, daily backup, even once every few minutes. You should try to stick to this plan as well as possible since things can go wrong at any time.

It is advisable to use discs different from those that your employee team uses regularly. The more distant the original from the backup is, the better. In this sense, cloud backups are ideal. Adding a more significant layer of security is not bad at all. Quite the opposite. It is ideal. You can encrypt sensitive information to shield yourself from other risks.

An Effort That Brings Benefits

The task is tedious, but it is a hard effort that will give peace of mind while sleeping, as long as your company’s data is well protected. What matters here is the ability to recover your information when things do not happen in the best way.

To do this, you need to take into account some aspects: what is the best backup software for small business? you will use, how you will make the backups, how often, where you will securely keep the information, or if the process will be automated or manual, etc.

Different Free Backup Software for Windows 10 will help you perform this tedious task in an automated way. They have varied characteristics and prices; some and others are more or less effective. However, they use similar methods to attack the problem.

Methodologies and Support Programs

There are several best backup software for small business to protect the important files of your company:

Complete Backup

  • A copy of all selected data is made.
  • It is usually the first copy you make of everything you want to save.

Differential Security Copy

  • Save all data that has been modified or added since the full copy on each backup. That is, every time the backup is done, the file will be larger than the previous one.
  • To restore the information, you only need to have the full initial backup and the last differential copy.
  • Every time you make a differential copy, you have the option to delete the previous ones or save them according to your interests.

Incremental Security Copy

  • Save on every backup. All data changed since the last full or incremental security backup.
  • They are small files because they only save the last changes made since the last backup.
  • To restore the information, you have to have the initial full backup and all subsequent incremental backups.
  • It takes longer to retrieve the information, but it takes up less space.

The Best Backup Software for Small Business

Now, here is a compendium of the best backup software for small business, free and paid, to backup your company information:

1. EaseUs

Backup Software for Small Business

  • Back up files, disks, and the entire system.
  • Make incremental and differential copies.
  • It has a disk cloning option, bit by bit.
  • You can create boot recovery discs.
  • It allows the use of compression and encryption.
  • It allows us to plan automated backups.
  • It has a performance control system.
  • You can run a Linux rescue environment.
  • It adapts to advanced and inexperienced users.
  • It is easy to use because of its bright and intuitive interface.
  • There is a free option.

2. Comodo Backup

Backup Software for Small Business

  • Backup files, directories, partitions, and drives.
  • Store backup copies on your local disk or sends them to external servers via FTP or to the Comodo cloud.
  • Compress and encrypt files.
  • Makes full, differential, and incremental backups.
  • Program backups at regular intervals that can be used in the background.
  • It has a free edition that comes with 10GB of free online storage for 90 days.
  • It has a simple operation.
  • It is very flexible.

3. Aomei Backupper Standard

Backup Software for Small Business

  • Allows file synchronization.
  • Make disk or system images.
  • It allows cloning discs.
  • Automate backups at regular intervals.
  • You can create rescue discs for emergencies.
  • It has a very flexible planner.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is perfect for inexperienced users.

4. Areca Backup

Backup Software for Small Business

  • It is more complex to use.
  • You can filter backups by extension, folder, size, date, status, and regular expression.
  • It has Zip compression and Zip64 support, AES, and AES256 encryption.
  • Make backup copies of local or network drives.
  • It uses FTP, FTPS, or SFTP data transfer protocols.
  • It has an unfriendly interface.
  • You can back up part of the modified files.
  • You can recover files from a specific date.
  • It is a program aimed at the expert user.

5. Cobian Backup

Best Backup Software for Small Business

  • Multi-task software.
  • Runs in the background.
  • Create backup copies of a computer, a local network or from/from an FTP server.
  • It consumes very few resources (both hardware and network)
  • It allows encrypting the information.
  • It is not easy to use.

6. Blu-Ray or DVD Burner

Best Backup Software for Small Business

  • Despite the advantage of external or cloud disks, their “non-rewritable” condition makes them an excellent option to avoid virus infections and other attacks.
  • It is not practical when the amount of data is excessive.

7. Dropbox and Derivatives

Best Backup Software for Small Business

  • Being treated as one more directory, they integrate very well with other backup systems.
  • The amount of available space depends on other variables.

8. Special mention, Amazon Glacier

Best Backup Software for Small Business

  • Functional for storing things for a long time.
  • It allows saving a lot of information at an excellent price.
  • It has limited availability, so it is not possible to obtain backups immediately.
  • Its cost is 1 penny per GB per month.
  • It is complicated to use.

As we have seen so far, there is an interesting variety of Best Backup Software for Small Business to backup your company information. Do not hesitate and start now to save your most important content. It will always be better to have a backup than to need it when it is too late.

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Let’s take a look at other media that may seem strange or obsolete to make efficient backups, but have their advantages.