16 Best Interior Designing Software of 2021

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The Best interior designing software If you are one of those who are looking to give a new look to your home or are simply studying the design career, then this will interest you in the best interior designing software. Imagine being able to see the interior you want to remodel before buying all the furniture. Do you like the idea?

Top Best Interior Designing Software of This Year

To design house plans, we need the help of software that allows us to see the distribution of environments in 2D and then view it in 3D automatically. Now we will know the best software for this purpose. You have two reasons to start using them. The first is that most are free. The second is that they are easy to use. In a short time, you can make the design of a family home, let’s start.

This is possible with the best interior designing software. Not only can you work with furniture, but also contemplate different types of color combinations and accessories from various angles and even in 3D.

Have tests observing how all your environments can be seen, from the living room to the bathroom, with a level of detail. And all from the comfort of your computer to design modern houses.

Next, we will present the Best interior designing software easily design interiors on any Mac or Windows computer. Do not worry. All these software have been reviewed by our team to choose the best and most intuitive for you.

1. Floorplanner

With the Floorplanner software, we have made plans in Construye Hogar and one in the form of a tutorial: How to make a plan of a house. You will be able to create the environments of your new home by simply dragging and dropping the elements in the plane and then seeing them in 3D automatically.

You can equip the environments with pre-designed furniture. It is very easy to learn how to use this online software; it will take a couple of hours to generate a small plane.

2. Autodesk Homestyler

Imagine being able to visualize in 3D all the interior design and decoration as of that environment you want to remodel. With Autodesk Homestyler interior designing software, this is possible, enjoying a real live experience with this software.

How do you get this? This resource can integrate different decoration elements of real store spaces, which you can place in your design. In this way, you can have a more true and accurate real approximation of colors, such as distribution.

Totally free, you do not need to download it to use this online interior designing software. Obtain different outputs realistically by entering your official website through the browser of your choice.

3. HomeByMe

Check out your dream home with HomeByMe interior designing software. This software shares unlimited realistic images in 2D-3D in a simple way. You just have to create the base of 3D interior design your home to see it from different angles through the cursor. Home By Me: For designers looking for excellent visual representation.

Visually make the plans of houses with HomeByMe is impressive due to its superb 3D graphic quality, the equipment with the account such as sofas, beds, tables, and furniture. In general, you will like it a lot because the designers have committed themselves to give it rendering quality. You can add an upper floor or a basement and add background images.

Add different types of home interior decoration from the leading European, real estate brand sellers such as Maisons du Monde and Ligne Roset. In this way, you can have a more real and detailed visual, with information on prices and dimensions.

You can organize the spaces to your liking and preview your furniture, thanks to its augmented reality. You can enter and live the experience of stunning home decoration from their website.

4. Sweet Home 3D

Completely free interior designing software and made so that you can visualize how different objects will look in your home, thanks to this software you can draw the plans in 2D and immediately look at them in 3D.

Sweet Home 3D is free to download and install on your computer (an online version is also available), you can create your 2D drawings and be able to visualize it at the same time in 3D at the bottom of the window. Designing the plans for your home is easy with this software has tools such as the wall, windows, doors, floors, and pre-designed ceilings. Sweet Home is a software that approaches popular tools used by professionals.

Optionally you can upload a sketch or house plan and, from there, generate the changes you need to make to your home.

It has a huge range of images and resources that you can use through this software to design houses. From furniture, chairs, accessories, etc., you can quickly order those ideas you have for your home. Set the dimensions of your preference and look at their equivalent in real-time.

This software is available online from its website, but you can also download it for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris for free.

5. pCon.planner

Highly compatible with DWG and CAD formats, the pCon.planner interior design software is one of the most flexible today. With a solid foundation, you can learn how to design a small house with a very realistic 3D model graphic construction for free.

Whether you want to use it to decorate your home, set the conditions for a remodel or render images, you can bring the ideas you have to live. Its simple interface allows it to be used by common users, design, and architecture professionals as large companies.

It is available for Windows and Mac, and you can find it here to download it from its website.

6. SmartDraw

Being recognized as one of the best interior designing software in the world in terms of functions, it can give us, with Smartdraw, you can work different types of 3D interior design comfortably and easily. You will only have to choose one of its thousands of templates to start making the modifications you want.

With more than hundreds of objects and symbols that you can use to personalize your design further, this software delivers professional results in an instant. It is ideal for those who are looking to design bedroom interiors, bathroom interiors, and other environments such as kitchens and offices with hundreds of accessories.

You can then share your design on any server and export it to almost any format. Download this best interior designing software to start drawing your ideal home from your web for Windows, Mac, for free here.

7. IKEA Home Planner

Can you imagine being able to decorate that design that you have in mind directly with IKEA? Now you can do it with your Home Planner software and build the house of your dreams ideal for those looking for remodeling work in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Try different styles of furniture until you are satisfied with the results, with a 3D preview. Consider the dimensions of the product as the space you have allocated and print the plan as an architect and interior decorator.

This plan includes the price list as the products you have used. You can save them online, and then you can go to the nearest IKEA store to remove them and bring your dream space to reality. It’s that simple! You can try it here on their website now.

8. Envisioneer Express

Another of the most used interior design software is for 3D design is for 30 days of testing. Enabled to create 2D drawings and work with the format .bld, you can add notes and customize the designs by changing the materials and their distribution.

With fresh images and realistic finishes, you can play with a wide color palette as textures. Besides, the software allows you to observe shadows, reflections, and even decorations at different time stations. As if that were not enough, you can see your environments using virtual reality.

All this just a few clicks away. You can start by Clicking here to download this interior design software from its official website.

9. Room Arranger

Finally, we did not want to stop telling you about this great software on the Internet, such as Room Arranger. With a simple and easy to use interface, you can basically draw what you want and want to imagine.

It comes with a lot of furniture and objects to design your home, but it also has the possibility that you create your own items. Therefore, it is one of the most recommended best interior decorating software.

The software can be downloaded for free for 30 days to get a 3D view of the decoration you want, sharing the designs via Dropbox. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux from its page by clicking here.

10. Planner 5D: It has visual guides to make the plan online

If you think that drawing house plans by computer is difficult, try this online plan software and discover how intuitive it is to do it. You just have to create the spaces of your home such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and then dimension them from any of the sides of that room.

Then choose to equip it to your liking with the furniture that your library brings. You must start the design by choosing the shape of a room and adding the other spaces. It is an easy and intuitive online software.

We can compare Planner 5D with Floorplanner or EasyHome because they work in a similar way even they have identical user interfaces.

11. EasyHome HomeStyler: Complete software to design houses and interiors

HomeStyler works online. You can create all the environments of your home or to remodel some spaces, it is best that you also have the equipment to see how the changes will remain, it is easy to use.

This software was initially developed by the famous software developer for engineering and architecture design, such as Autocad and Revit, Autodesk.

Now it is called EasyHome that arrives with a new interface where the design columns are located on the left, with tools such as building, catalog (furniture and equipment in general), and styles: construction finishing materials for floors and walls.

We liked the implementation of a box located in the upper right corner that can be expanded and see the drawing in 2D – 3D from there. You can add colors, apply floors, and veneers, among other construction finishes. HomeStyler is highly recommended for flat design.

12. Sketchup: Design the plans in 3D

We use Sketchup a lot to make the elevations or elevations and cuts in 3D. It is ideal to see the finished house with all the details before starting the construction, the best of all is that few design tools are used as the push to create the spaces in three dimensions from a shape in two dimensions. It is possible to start designing the floor plans in 2D by adding the Dibac plugin to Sketchup so you will have the complete design of your house, almost like playing.

Now it is also possible to use SketchUp online, where you will find the main 3D modeling tools and also allow you to save your work.

13. RoomStyler: Easy and intuitive blueprint design

RoomStyler is defined with a room planner. You can start the design by taking as a starting point a geometric shape which facilitates the design, has a friendly graphical interface. The design begins with the floor plan that presents some textures on the floor that can then be changed to the materials you choose.

The software uses a virtual camera inside the room plan that can be rotated in different angles and can see the details of the room in 3D as if you were inside the house.

14. Roomle: Design with step by step guides

Do you like speed ?, Roomle is a lightweight online software that allows you to make plans as if you were drawing with a pencil and paper, it is also easy to add some elements to the design such as doors and windows.

Roomle has evolved now. It is possible to see in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR), from an iOS or Android device, the mobile screen is placed in front of the spaces of the house that you are renovating. It is possible to visualize the equipment, see how it is staying, and eventually choose which furniture would be perfect for that room.

15. Amikasa: Download the software for free or use it online

It is online software that uses Flash to create the spaces of the house. The truth is that if you are looking for fun designing the plans you will like this, add that it has an excellent repository of interior equipment.

Amikasa currently works on Windows and iOS. We are looking forward to Android development

16. Tinkercad: Generate 3D drawings as playing

All the previous software helps us to make 2D and elevated 3D distribution plans automatically, now if you have a creative and innovative Einstein-style genius or have an idea of ​​your house that you want to materialize in 3D.

You can start to see it with The simple free tool Tinkercad and develop that genius that you have inside. You can also use SketchUp or even Blender for more complete results.


As you can see, designing the interior of your home or one of your environments can be an easy and fun experience, where you can express your creativity and see what you want. We invite you to leave us a comment telling us which one you would recommend.

We hope this guide has been useful to you. Choose the software that best suits your plans to make your home plans, as you know in The Soft Best we try to give you the necessary tools for responsible design and construction.