11 Best Meditation App for Beginners of 2021

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The best meditation app for beginners: Meditation is less and less perceived as a mystical sacrament, and it is becoming, as at one time a yoga, a popular way to maintain physical health and mental balance.

It is not surprising that many apps have appeared on the best meditation app for beginners market that help in the development and application of this practice.

Best Meditation App for Beginners

Studies of scientists from leading universities have shown that even a very simplified form of meditation has a steady positive effect on the change in heart rate, improves metabolism and respiratory rate.

best meditation app for beginners
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The editors of Natur Product selected 11 of the most popular meditation app for beginners in English. They can be useful for both experienced practitioners and those who are just starting to engage in meditation.

1. Simple Habit – Guided Meditation and Relaxation

“Simple Habit – Guided Meditation and Relaxation” is a new product on the market. This is a convenient way to calm down and relieve stress without outside help and in a short time.

For example, to increase the effect of massage, relax after a stressful workout, and get out of stressful situations. The best meditation app for beginners is quite easy to execute. When working with him, not just imagination is used, but ideomotor actions.

“Not every person can imagine, especially when under stress, but almost everyone can mentally clench his fist and relax him,” the creators say.

The application is a digital product that controls the progressive muscle relaxation procedure. “Feeling of peace” uses an audio file with instructions, following which a person calms down. However, the qualitative differences of this application are orientation to a person, adjustment to his rhythm, pace, and speed of thinking.

2. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is an application with short videos about meditation. The starter pack includes 10 lessons of 10 minutes to help you understand how to meditate. Andy Paddicomb, the consultant in clinical meditation, came up with the most popular and, what to hide, the most convenient best meditation app for beginners. It is his voice that sounds during all sessions in the app.

Headspace is, in many ways, a training app, and if you have never meditated, then it makes sense to start with it. Each session is voice-driven meditation, and it consists of a simple algorithm. First, there is an explanation of the principle to which the session is devoted, then instructions for implementation (“sit more comfortably,” “close your eyes”), time for meditation, and in the end – homework.

There is also a statistics page that counts the time spent in meditation. The presence of statistics helps to visualize progress and motivates to continue classes.

The application allows you to communicate with other practitioners, a system of rewards for completed meditation, or completing the course is provided.

Additional meditation apps – to relieve stress, improve sleep, increase alertness, for work, sports, and others, are available for a paid subscription.

3. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

In the Calm meditation app for beginners, you can choose meditations aimed at managing stress, improving sleep, working with emotions, and others. There are 10-minute apps to help you tune in for a new day or prepare for bed.

The best meditation app for beginners with the talking name Calm consists of three main sections: “Music,” “Meditation,” and “Sleep.” The sections “Music” and “Meditation” are divided into categories by purpose, and the “Sleep” tab consists of audio tales for the night, just like in childhood. In free mode, 13 meditation apps, 21 tracks, and 5 fairy tales are available, but you can unlock and get all the content. To do this, you need to pay premium access.

Features: regulation of the duration of one session – from 3 to 25 minutes; 7- and 21-day training apps for beginners and professionals; special breathing exercises. Setting the alarm to remind you of meditation.

Also, the application allows using the timer to set the duration of meditation and control breathing – sets the length of inspiration, breath-holding, and expiration.

There are also various soothing sounds, audio stories, progress tracking. Reminders on your phone will help you practice regularly.

4. Insight Timer – Meditation, Sleep, Music

Insight Timer is the largest free collection of meditations of various kinds in several languages ​​- more than eight thousand in all.

The home page is a map of the world with marks where today they meditated. The map shows who is meditating right now.

Features: this is not only a meditation application but also a social network. With it, you can not only meditate but also communicate with people around the world, consult with teachers. Synchronization on multiple devices.

Besides, the application has 1000 Free music tracks for meditation, a timer with various calls (Tibetan bowls, sticks) the ability to configure intermediate calls to track the duration of meditation and background sounds.

Insight Timer keeps statistics of classes and allows you to communicate with practitioners around the world. Customizable reminders are also present.

5. MyLife Meditation by Stop. Breathe. Think

Stop, Breathe & Think includes more than 30 different meditations, a timer, and a breathing control function. Meditations are accompanied by instructions that help in the fight against stress, improve attention, sleep, etc.

Free, access to additional packages, and longer versions of meditation.

This best meditation app for beginners offers users more than 30 free types of exercises, including meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and acupressure (massage, which is carried out by pressing fingers on specific points on the body). On the initial page, the application offers to fix your emotional state (the same survey can / must be completed after meditation). The app was rated by Webby People’s Voice Award experts and awarded in the Best Health App 2017 nomination.

Features: a page with statistics of your emotional and physical condition and the total number of meditations. A nice bonus: a textual theoretical part with illustrations on how to meditate and how it affects the body.

Some of the recommendations for meditation are based on your emotional and physical state. Based on the statistics of moods before and after meditation.

More guided meditations of various topics and options for their duration are available on a paid subscription.

6. Smiling Mind

In Smiling Mind, meditations are grouped by different age groups (from 7 years old) and topics: sports and meditations in the workplace and others.

You can create collaborative accounts so that you can manage them in one account. There is also a section for classroom meditation teachers.

7. Ensō | Meditation Timer & Bell

Ensō is a simple and elegant meditation timer. The sound of a gong reminds of its beginning, end, or passage of a certain interval. The latter may be useful for those who combine several alternating techniques in one session.

The minimum set of functions and design of this application allows you to focus on the most important thing – your attention.

8. Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression

Pacifica for Stress & Anxiety is an application primarily aimed at combating stress and excitement.

It helps to remember emotions and analyze them. Based on this information, you can give yourself an attitude or use meditation to exhale and calm down.

This application aims to combat stress, anxiety, and depression through meditation. It is based on the recommendations of psychologists and the principles of cognitive behavior therapy.

In the beginning, the application asks you to determine why you want to meditate, what time of day, and what mood you are in now. After that, you can choose one of the sessions and pick up natural background sounds (noise of waves, wind, fire, etc.). There are also lengthy apps, backed up by the advice of a psychologist.

Features: statistics of your progress towards the goal; chat rooms for communication. If you chose health as the goal of meditation, the app also offers to fill in the amount of sleep, physical activity, how much time you spent with your family, and many other items that affect the quality of life.

9. Zenify – Meditation and Mindfulness Training Techniques for peace of mind, stress

Zenify helps you switch from “autopilot” mode when we are doing everything thoughtlessly, to a more conscious mode through various exercises. On the smartphone during the day come tasks that are divided into 10 levels – 7 tasks each.

The first level is free, and for levels two through ten, a fee is charged. Tasks affect various aspects of life: thoughts, emotions, sensory perception, relationships with parents and friends, love, sex, childhood memories, and much more.

In addition to assignments, reminders will also come to help you stay conscious throughout the day.

10. Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga

Intuitive timer. You choose a melody from the list, additional sounds, if necessary, volume, and duration of meditation.

You will not be distracted by anything else in this application, except for unobtrusive advertising at the bottom of the screen. Clear sounds and beautiful pictures.

There is no meditation reminder function.

11. Samadhi meditation

Very concise application. There is only a timer, volume control of the gong, signaling the end of the session, a reminder of meditation that comes on the phone, and synchronization with Apple’s HealhtKit app, which helps to monitor health.

The application has all kinds of meditations: on the go, at bedtime, even while cooking and eating. You can also choose meditation according to its purpose – whether you want to become calmer, more attentive, more creative, or even happier.

A set of audio, video, and cartoon lessons to invite your friends to – and share achievements with them.

Singles are solo classes that are not part of the training system. If you want to meditate here and now just to increase your productivity and awareness, without being tied to learning.


Of course, these are far from all the best meditation app for beginners that can be found on the App Store and Google Play. We selected those that seemed to us the most convenient and functional.

Of course, there is no “better” meditation app for beginners – everyone chooses the best meditation app for beginners according to his needs. We hope that on this list, you will find something that will help your meditation practice.