Best Writing App of 2021

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The best writing app: Writing texts is not an easy task. You already probably already understood this. Writing text consists of a lot of steps, including collecting ideas, choosing the best apps for writing, and technical issues like proofreading and editing. The whole process can quickly become confusing or even start to seem hopeless. But there is a solution to this problem.

Best Writing App for Your Mobile

On the Internet, you can find a lot of services that help with writing texts. From simple and affordable apps for everyday routine tasks to multifunctional programs used by professional writers.

Best Writing App

We have prepared a list of the best writing app that will be useful in:

  • Writing texts
  • Creative process organization
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Checking and editing texts
  • Learning topics
  • Finding inspiration

Microsoft Word

Agree, it is impossible to write high-quality text without the best writing apps. Microsoft Word (part of the Microsoft Office family of programs) offers the most extensive feature set for any writer — spell checking, image tools, templates, and more.

[appbox googleplay]

Word Online is an alternative version of the program for working on the network, allowing you to view, edit, format, and create documents that are compatible with Office applications.

Like Google Docs, it has a minimal set of features that can satisfy the basic needs of most professionals, amateurs, or students. The service allows you to share documents on the Internet and work on editing them to several people at the same time. But the most important thing is that this application is free.


LibreOffice is the main competitor of Microsoft Office. This open-source program has many similar features. But the main difference is that it is free! LibreOffice will be useful as a free text editor, a best writing tool for creating presentations, or when you just need to open a spreadsheet.

[appbox googleplay org.documentfoundation.libreoffice]

Google Docs

One of the best text writing apps. Despite fewer functions, the service attracts with its simple and convenient interface and excellent network capabilities. You will have access to your documents wherever there is an Internet. Also, you can send texts to friends for viewing or editing.

[appbox googleplay]


If you are working on a scientific publication or writing a text with many graphs, sooner or later you may get the feeling that you are not able to make the work accessible to perception.

[appbox googleplay verbosus.verbtex]

VerbTeX is a free application that takes care of the look of your work for you, allowing you to focus on the content of the text completely. The program is absolutely free.


Efficient text editor combining LaTeX functionality with amazing simplicity. The straightforward interface of this program allows you to create sophisticated presentations without putting a lot of effort.


Scrivener is most suitable for large and long-term projects because it combines a text editor and a tool for organizing information.

[appbox appstore id972387337]

If your project requires the use of many documents and templates, as well as planning for each stage of work, Scrivener will help you to complete these and other tasks.


Instead of focusing on the practicality and simplicity of the material, ZenWriter offers a wide selection of tools to make you feel comfortable while writing.

The best writing apps for writers allow you to customize the sounds and music that accompanies your work process and create a background that will inspire or customize you in the right way.


This great writing apps ios is also aimed at improving the spiritual condition of the writer in order to obtain successful results. The program has a simple interface that will not distract you from work.

[appbox appstore id412347921]

In addition, OmmWriter provides a range of soothing sounds and visual elements to inspire inspiration and help you focus.

Final Draft

This best writing app for iPhone is an important item on our list for professional screenwriters. It helps to organize the text so that it conforms to generally accepted standards.

[appbox appstore id526135686]

The app also give tips and advice for the development of the plot.


This is one of the best writing apps for ios and also the most popular programs used by fiction authors and screenwriters. This includes formatting and organization features.

[appbox appstore id1423912340]

In addition, the app allows you to track key characters and storylines and gives tips on how to improve the writing style.


This content marketing service allows you to collect all the information you need for research in one place. Feedly guarantees the security of personal data, and also makes it possible to share selected content with colleagues.

[appbox googleplay com.devhd.feedly]


If you have ever studied a topic before writing work, you know how easy it is to get confused in a large flow of information. Evernote is the best writing app that helps you avoid this. Here you can store all the notes that you make during the study.

[appbox googleplay com.evernote]

All records are indexed; they are easy to search and can be viewed on different devices.

Event Countdown Lite

Event Countdown, in fact, is a program for organizing time. It tracks the completion dates of your tasks so that you are sure that you are writing work and completing all tasks on time.

[appbox appstore id873279955]


Organization of the workflow is one of the most important stages on the path to successful best writing apps for text writing. Todoist is a powerful task scheduler with a minimalist design and extensive functionality.

[appbox googleplay com.todoist]

With him, you will always be sure that you have not forgotten about your affairs.


This is one of the most versatile writing apps on our list. Trello will help get rid of outdated and inappropriate information, putting text writing in priority.

[appbox googleplay com.trello]


Perhaps the most minimalistic Internet application for creating and managing task lists without having to understand the menus and settings.

Perhaps some features that are in other programs are missing here. Nevertheless, Todokyo is an excellent choice if you prefer the utmost simplicity in organizing your work.


A small but best writing app for authors that allows you to visually divide your text into chapters and, if necessary, rebuild it.

[appbox googleplay com.spacejock.ywriter]


This is a set of tools to help organize and simplify your workflow. With their help, you can track and manage the schedule, as well as save your progress.

Cold Turkey

A multifunctional application that can block sites that distract you from work, track the time spent on vacation, keep a record of the best writing app that interfere with you, and help draw up a work schedule.

[appbox googleplay com.felixlogic.coldturkey]


An extension for the browser that allows you to control access to sites that distract you from work. The plugin can be configured so that it completely blocks the resource, restricts functionality, or denies access for a certain time.

[appbox googleplay com.stayfocused]


Another browser add-on to help organize your workflow. Thanks to the fine-tuning, you will know that you are not wasting your time, but writing high-quality texts.

[appbox chromewebstore blaaajhemilngeeffpbfkdjjoefldkok]


This small application enhances the readability of texts on which you are studying a topic and makes it easier to understand.

A best writing app can remove inappropriate information, highlight important details, and generally give the text a readable look.

Typing is an important skill that we rarely find time to develop. will keep track of how you type, and step by step will give you tips for improvement. It will also allow you to compare your results with other users to compete for the championship. This will serve as an impetus to improve productivity.


Have you ever wondered how you can improve your writing skills and still not die of boredom? Habitica is a playful way, will help develop good habits and increase productivity through rewards and punishments. As a result, this can contribute to a more confident achievement of goals.

[appbox googleplay]

// get unstuck

Some may have previously encountered this problem: you write the text, suddenly stop, and it is difficult for you to squeeze at least one word out of yourself. Unstuck will help to overcome this obstacle and will tell you how to act in such situations.

[appbox googleplay com.massinflux.getunstuck]

750 Words

Writing 750-word texts daily is a great way to develop the skills of a professional writer. You can even share your results to introduce an element of competition.

Write or Die

In addition to the rewards that similar best writing app offer for developing writing skills, this program also has punishment options: from unpleasant sounds to the removal of random words.


If you want to improve your knowledge of English grammar – this service is for you. It is available as a standalone application and plugin for a text editor. LanguageTool boasts impressive grammar and spelling features.

[appbox googleplay org.softcatala.corrector]

Plus, the service works in several languages. And most importantly: it is completely free.

Meriam Webster Online

Being one of the most prominent and authoritative resources on the Internet, Meriam Webster Online provides comprehensive information about words and phrases, including examples of their use, pronunciation, and a list of English synonyms.

[appbox googleplay com.merriamwebster]

Dictionary Pro

This is the main competitor of Webster’s dictionary. In addition to a number of identical functions, there is also a wide selection of specialized dictionaries, the most notable of which are legal, medical, and financial.

[appbox googleplay thefreedictionary.dictionary]


Relatively recently launched service has already managed to gain popularity among users around the world. It does a great job of finding bugs.

[appbox googleplay]

Moreover, Grammarly will suggest options for improving the writing work and analyze the context to identify errors that such applications miss.


A great tool for those who decide to join poetry and want to improve their skills in this field. Rhymezone provides a list of rhymes for any word you enter, in addition to showing examples from literary works by famous authors.


Professional writers mainly use this writing app. Autocrit analyzes the text and advises what can be improved. It is most suitable for fiction, but it can also be customized to work with other types of texts, including academic works.


An online service that can find such common mistakes in a letter as duplicate words and unreasonably long sentences.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the best-known academic search tool and best writing app with a wide range of research publications.

online writing app

He can also compile a bibliography of work in the most common formats and show the reliability of sources by counting the number of links in each text.

Data Elixir

Although not entirely a program for writers, it can nonetheless enhance your scientific literacy. In fact, it is a newsletter service that will keep you updated on the latest developments from the world of science.


This service provides a more straightforward approach to scientific research. Instead of using traditional algorithms, Scizzle will provide you with the latest news from the selected field of science.


The best way to improve your writing and grammar skills is to show your work to others. MyScienceWork is a platform where you can publish your texts, view others, take part in discussions and improve your professionalism.

online writing app

Lazy Scholar

Lazy Scholar is a simple browser extension with impressive functionality. The service will make your written work better by providing information and statistics from authoritative resources.

[appbox chromewebstore fpbdcofpbclblalghaepibbagkkgpkak]

He can also create source lists for your texts.

Cite This for Me

Cite This for Me – a tool for working with quotes that are universally recognized on the Internet. The service supports a large number of citation styles and updates them regularly.

[appbox chromewebstore nnnmhgkokpalnmbeighfomegjfkklkle]

In addition, it is possible to store data and manage source lists.

Citation Maker

This is another powerful source citation writing app that you can use to write text. The app is suitable for those who are experiencing technical difficulties with Cite This for Me, as it is less demanding on system resources.

[appbox googleplay com.graytapps.citationcreator]


online writing app
online writing app

A simple citation tool. Useful if you are working with books, not magazines.

Purdue OWL

online writing app

This is a comprehensive and constantly updated resource for cases where application assistance is not enough.

The Story Starter

Due to its simplicity, The Story Starter has become one of the best free app for writers. He creates the first line of the work in order to awaken your creativity.

best writing app online
Writing app online

Imagination Prompt Generator

This vast database contains ideas and provocative questions aimed at enhancing inspiration for writing and stimulating the imagination.

best writing app online

Creative Writing Solutions

All writers use this resource regardless of their experience. This is a whole directory of practical advice and solutions to pressing problems of writers.

best writing app

Simple writing app that will submit creative ideas and help them save in a simple and accessible form.

best writing app

Write 2 Lite

A small program for those whose mind is full of ideas. It will help maintain fleeting thoughts that have the greatest potential for further development.

[appbox appstore id426875254]


This is an incredibly simple minimalistic best writing app for those who urgently need a piece of paper. Yes, yes, there is nothing else here: you just open the program and write.

[appbox googleplay com.jamesmc.writer]

On one sheet, without the ability to save in the usual format and import the note somewhere. There is no unnecessary “noise,” but also there is no particular benefit without synchronization.

Just Write

an application from the same series; only here the pages are arranged horizontally (allows you to scroll through notes, like a book).

[appbox googleplay com.eightdawns.JustWrite]

If desired, you can photograph a piece of written text. In general, for pampering will do.


Unlike previous applications, this has advanced functionality: it’s easy to create folders and customize the style of your notes (“essay,” “project,” “newspaper,” “story”). Clean design and beautiful decoration.

[appbox googleplay com.jotterpad.x]

For complete happiness, you can save documents in TXT format and instantly send them to Dropbox. The extended version allows the use of universal Markdown markup and beautiful media effects.

iA Writer

This writing app is not an editor, but a real writing austerity without any functions and settings: only you and a white sheet with a rough texture.

[appbox appstore id775737590]

Almost like 100 years ago. Strictly. Concisely. Assembled. Saves entries to Dropbox. The Android version also appeared a couple of years ago.

DubScript Screenplay Writer

DubScript Screenplay Writer is very specific and, at the same time, a very simple editor for screenwriters with special fields for individual replicas, fonts for remarks, and a simple style.

[appbox googleplay com.dubscript.dubscript]

You are a playwright. You don’t need more. Saves scripts in PDF, Fountain, Final Draft (FDX), and HTML. Records can be imported into Google Drive.

Are You Looking for Some Diary Apps?

In the era of computers and total automation, a person is more than ever far from the image of a domesticated sybarite, no matter what field of activity he belongs to: information is spreading at a hitherto unknown speed and we, of course, need to keep up with this information. Constant roads, fleeting meetings, short calls, and SMS, hastily viewed news on the phone. We almost lost ground under our feet, became light and weightless: drifting ships in infinite reality, lonely comets in silent space, chaotic particles of the universe.

However, together with the constant loneliness that modern technologies have provided us with, we have been given unheard of wealth. The freedom to live and work anywhere in the world (good, there is the Internet), the ability to receive a lot of information from a wide variety of fields, rethink it and process it creatively. We need only suitable tools to help record observations or record thoughts that visit each of us at the most inopportune moment when our troubled mind wanders between the subconscious and the consciousness.

Actually, for this, we decided to make a selection of tools that support the creative process. And we will begin, of course, with applications for writers and those who just like to fix their feelings and thoughts.

What can a talented person do without a notebook and pen? That’s right – nothing. If you reformulate Ranevskaya a little, “the idea passed and did not bow, like an evil neighbor.” In addition, quickly forgotten. However, a paper notebook and a restaurant napkin have many alternatives in the Play Market and App Store. Using these applications, you can easily record any text on the go, and if you wish, combine it with actual photos, pictures, and other media files, without which today they say, nowhere.

Just for these purposes, you can use common notebooks and diaries. Here they are:

  • Evernote
  • GoodNotes
  • Google Keep
  • MomentDiary
  • FreeNote

These best writing apps are ideal for quick notes, saving contacts, media files with comments, and, of course, creating reminders. Unless they differ in design and usability. For example, MomentDiary is far from the restrained style of Evernote and is more suitable for expressive natures, although the functions are not too different. The notorious FreeNote notebook stands out here. In addition to its rich functionality, there are a huge number of visual settings and the ability to take notes by hand.


The ability to write is very important in the modern world. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing research, writing an essay, or just an email to a friend – the quality of this text will determine your success. It is very easy to get confused among the many tips and lose control over your work. It is not surprising that sometimes writers feel helpless in front of another task. Fortunately, the abundance of various writing tools can help overcome all obstacles.

Which conclusion follows from this? It has never been so easy to master the art of writing. You just need to find the right apps. And this list will help you.