14 Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone of 2024

The Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone: Today we have proposed to list eight fundamental mobile applications for every good cyclist. There are not all of them, but there are a little of each type.

14 Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone

Riding a bike has become an increasingly practiced sport by Spaniards, an activity that, whether you are a professional or not, is increasingly linked to technology every day, not only to be able to see your progress in detail but because you allow you to explore countless alternative routes. We present the Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone on the market.

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Cycling apps and the digital world

If smartphones have revolutionized the world as we knew it, Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone have become those little gadgets that are capable of doing almost everything. There is an application for everything: training, eating, planning your season, adjusting your bike, or checking the latest cycling news.

For all this, we propose this summarized list with the most useful Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone for a cyclist with a smartphone. That is, for any cyclist.

1. Strava

We will not follow the order of importance, or downloads, or anything similar. But in the list that we intend to do, without a doubt, the first one we have thought of has been Strava. When it comes to registering your routes, it is the most used, and it has arguments to be so.


It is free (although it has premium modes), it has many options, and it provides very well-constructed and intuitive data. If it still falls short, you can always pay a little a month and enter Strava Summit. If you want to know how to squeeze it, here we tell you how to do it.

Advanced metrics, segments, and KOM to find competitiveness, personal heat maps, and a thousand ways to record your bike ride and then analyze it in detail. An essential.

2. E-Tube

E-tube is the latest in added technology from the Japanese brand Shimano. With this app, you can control third-party devices. Specifically, the mountain user will be able to exchange the gear levers’ functions thanks to the customization of Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence).


Which can be connected via Bluetooth with other mobile devices such as tablets or other smartphones. This app allows you to manage and configure the speed of change or the multiple change options from “settings.”

3. Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps

If you are not looking for an app for outings but rather an app for “the” way out, Komoot is yours. It has its similarities to Strava, but also its differences. Komoot’s philosophy is to provide authentic outdoor adventures through more leisurely and detailed planning. Before starting to pedal, in Komoot, you can build your route and plan your itinerary because it helps you to personalize it based on topographic data.


The good thing about Komoot is that it almost always specifies the type of terrain you are going to ride: asphalt, trail, or greenway. And then, you can create authentic adventure games of your route. It is very good if you are adventurous, without a doubt. And it is also free.

4. Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker

This app is free and is available for both the apple and android systems. One of the biggest attractions of this application is that it is easy to pair with Bluetooth sensors for heart rate monitoring. It contains a speed sensor and has power meters and GPS.


And for data lovers, the application offers detailed displays of numbers, with up to eight customizable pages that allow you to see data of speed, power, heart rate. This app contains one of the main features that a good bike riding app should have, and these are the ones that help in training. “This app, in particular, is very good in the sense that it measures heart rate and power, and therefore physical effort and performance,” he says.

5. Zwift

If it was already a great option before the coronavirus, its arrival has caused it to grow abysmally. Zwift is undoubtedly the application for indoor cycling that has been exploited the most during these months, so much so that it will even organize the first Virtual Cycling World Championship and that it is even thought that it will launch its own roller soon. Everything about Zwift and how to take advantage of it you have in Compass Bike, we have written at length about Zwift.


Beyond this current news, Zwift allows you to connect with your trainer and record all your activity in a simulator that at the same time acts as a second reality. In it, you can compete, circulate in a group, do individual training, achieve challenges and objectives: a thousand things, all free and with Premium plans. If you have a roller, it is a must.

6. Runtastic Road Bike

This application provides information about your physical condition, your location, and your abilities, and it offers different routes to do both alone, as with friends or strangers.


Carlos assures that another of the peculiarities that a good app must-have is a wide selection of routes that help orientation. “A good selection of routes for orientation and monitoring is important, especially for mountain bike users,” he says.

7. Bike Citizens – Cycling App: Cycle Maps & GPS


This application is the most recent Apple has released on the market. It is an improved version of BikeCityGuide, an app specially dedicated to city bikes. Calculate routes in real-time and discover attractive routes to travel by bike.

It contains a voice guide that indicates the routes, an odometer and creates personalized lists to create your own tours. For Carlos, an application that wants to be successful, an application that wants to be successful, must collect, analyze and delve into the values ​​that his potentiometer throws up, whatever it may be.

“This app, if its features have been improved to ride around the city and they are good, it will be successful,” he says.

8. Trailforks

This only if you are a mountain bike. Because Trailforks is about that, trails, trails, trails, and mountain bike routes. Comments, photos, unknown routes, and emergency notice. This does Trailforks. Come on, everything a good biker asks for.


It is free and includes more than 300,000 mountain bike routes, more than 82,000 eBike routes, or almost 8,000 trails. They are all very detailed so as not to get lost and know their profiles and the effort they are going to suppose. It recently added the emergency option, which even geolocates you and sends your coordinates in case of need. A wonder for most outsiders.

9. MapMyRide

MapMyRide allows you to track your activity in detail by recording your pace, distance, calories burned, and time traveled, among other things.


It allows you to listen to a voice, like GPS, that informs about route maps or statistics in real-time and one of its most interesting peculiarities is that it offers the possibility of synchronizing power and cadence sensors, a good feature that professional cyclists normally use.

“Professional cyclists usually carry potentiometers, cadence detectors, heart bands and, therefore, the Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone that are capable of collecting this data are quite attractive and are the ones that are used the most, explains Ricardo.

10. Citymapper: Directions For All Your Transportation

This app, winner of the MWC 2014 award for the Best Mobile Application in the world, plans regular and new routes, updates in real-time all the information of each transport service, and informs about arrivals, departures, or interruptions of services.


Also, it offers weather information and a calorie and kilometer counter for both walking and cycling. It is considered a complete application for bike lovers, as it has practically all the features that a good app should have.

11. Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer

There are several of this style, about adjusting your saddle or controlling your damping. In this segment, we want to highlight Saddle Adjust for its simplicity and for being something totally transversal. We all need to adjust our saddle at some point. In fact, it is often the cause of other related problems, such as joint pain or loss of efficiency in pedaling.


Saddle Adjust works very simply: using the gyroscope on your smartphone to tell you step by step how to adjust your saddle. Open the app, place your mobile on your saddle, and tell you what you are doing wrong. The latest updates have caused problems, but it will still be essential if they can correct them and make it work as before.

12. Bkool

An app that was presented last year at a meeting organized by ‘The App Date’ at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid in which the company offered an innovative experience for the bicycle in which an exercise bike is mixed with a simulation of cycling routes.


Bkool is a cycling application that simulates the most recognized cycling routes to experience them from home without having to leave and being able to see the routes that other people generate.

What is different about this app is that it is attached to an exercise bike and includes a virtual reality helmet that stimulates all the details. Without a doubt, a different experience than even recreates the inclement weather in order to make it as real as possible.

13. TrainingPeaks

This is your cycling agenda, your personal trainer, your to-do list. TrainingPeaks is yet another data collection application, with the big difference that it establishes your training plans and your goals so that you gradually train accordingly.


In your plan, you will be able to make revisions, variations, establish your peaks of form, your calendar of phases in the season, but even your meals during training. During this time, you can connect the application to your computer and analyze more thoroughly if all this information fits. A very complete application to become your own manager. One tip: it works great on a tablet too.

14. Moovit

Moovit is an application very similar to Citymapper but with the difference that it offers greater coverage of cities both nationally and internationally.


Moovit establishes different routes and makes public transport information more accessible to users with maps, schedules, and alerts. However, for Ricardo, the less additional data that is not strictly for cycling, the better. Suppose you are an occasional user, the less complex data that does not provide much-added value, the better.


We hope these Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone serve you and are useful to you. Download them if you don’t have them, try them, and tell us.