10 Best Instagram Unfollow Apps That Still Work in 2024

The Best Instagram unfollow apps: Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms today, with more than one billion users worldwide. If you’re one of them, you’ve likely found yourself in a situation where someone you follow isn’t following you back, which can be quite frustrating.

If you have ever gone through a situation like this, you will undoubtedly like to know about the best apps to unfollow users on Instagram. Most of them can be used very easily on any smartphone or computer, regardless of the operating system you use.

10 Best Instagram Unfollow Apps That Still Work

To find out what they are and how to use them, keep reading our list of the Best Instagram Unfollow Apps That Still Work below!

Best Instagram Unfollow Apps That Still Work

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1. Followers Insight for Instagram, tracker, analyzer

This is one of the best alternatives on our list, Followers Insight for Instagram allows you to easily unfollow any user who does not follow you, so it guarantees that you will only be following people who are really interested in your content.


This Instagram unfollow app aims to verify who does not follow you and, with ease, unfollow these users. Through this Best Instagram unfollow app, you will be able to manage your account, see the “likes” and comments on each publication, as well as classify the most popular publications. Enter the Play Store to learn more!

2. Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram is another amazing option among apps to unfollow users on Instagram, and it’s ideal for anyone who wants to have better organic growth on their profile.


Through the Best Instagram unfollow apps, users have access to a lot of essential information about their followers, such as new, who do not follow you and even blocked you.

You can also see the deleted “likes” and a lot of information that is quite important for those who want to keep their current followers and increase the number of followers they have, all this while keeping them entertained with your publications. It is available for iOS in the App Store!

3. Followers Assistant

One of the most important features that this Instagram unfollow app offers is to verify which are the users who do not follow you, those who follow you and you do not follow, those who have recently unfollowed you, and even those who follow you but do not interact with you.


With just one touch on your screen, you can easily unfollow up to 200 users through the tool called “Quick Stop Follow “. You can also view and reply to all comments on recent posts through the tool called “View Comments.” Another exclusive iOS application that you can download from the App Store.

4. Reports +

Reports + is another of the Best Instagram unfollow apps to unfollow users on Instagram, and it is one that will allow you to easily see who does not follow you back, among other really good features, such as identifying who has blocked you, who are new to your profile and even who has stopped following you.


The app allows you to stop following those who do not follow you through the selection menu, in which you only have to click on unfollow. This application is available completely free of charge for both Android and iOS devices. Enter their website by clicking here.

5. Unfollow Users

If you are not really interested in knowing who does not follow you, and all you want is to unfollow all these people at once in a very easy way, this is the perfect application for you.


This app allows you to unfollow up to ten people at the same time with a single click. You can also create a whitelist with the users you don’t want to unfollow. It is an exclusive Android application available on the Play Store.

6. InsTrack for Instagra‪m‬

InsTrack definitely deserves to rank among the best apps to unfollow users on Instagram. The app offers its users a huge amount of options and tools to better manage their accounts.


In this application, users can see how many people are not following them back and having access to a lot of information about their account and functions for scheduling posts. However, to stop following users, it is necessary to use the paid version of the application, which also unlocks a large number of extra functions. It is exclusively available for iOS devices.

7. Analyzer Plus – Insta Tracke‪r

Another option that you can use to manage your account, this app offers you a lot of information about the performance of your account on the platform, such as the growth of your followers, those who unfollowed you, the users who do not follow you back, the ghost followers and much more.


It also allows you to see data about your posts, such as “likes” and comments, and even if someone has deleted a “like” or comment on any of your posts. Also, it shows you your most loyal followers, the ones who comment the most, among others. For more information, go to the App Store.

8. Followers Pro +

Followers Pro + is a free option that also offers a paid version. The app puts a lot of information about your followers at your disposal, including those who do not follow you back, thus facilitating the process of unfollowing them.


In addition, you can also see who started and who stopped following you, who you don’t follow back, search for new users and monitor interactions. In the paid version, there are many more options to manage your account. It is available for iOS on the App Store.

9. Unfollowers – Who stopped following me

Another great alternative among the Best Instagram unfollow apps to stop following users and with a name that reveals its main function.


This application allows you to easily find out who of those you follow does not follow you back. So, from that same window, you can easily unfollow them with a single tap! This application is exclusively available for Android devices. For more information, click here.

10. IGdm

To finish this article, we have this incredible option. IGdm is an application available only for computers, but it has versions for all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Through this application, you can easily manage your direct messages on Instagram, continue replying from the computer, deactivate the read mark, quote messages, check who does not follow you, and even save Instagram videos.

Everything we’ve mentioned so far is in the free version, which you can download by following this link. It also has a paid version with a free 14-day trial, in which you will find many more options, including managing multiple accounts, deleting sent messages, a dark theme, and much more. Click here to find out more.

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