21 Best To-Do List Apps for Android in 2021

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They are the best to-do list apps for android mobile devices that allow us to save notes and create a to-do list. Each best to-do list apps for android has its distinctive approach and characteristic, so it is worth analyzing which one best suits your needs to be more organized. To manage your tasks quickly, you can use a series of applications that follow the method of the typical “shopping list.” This way, you list the things you have to do one after the other, just as you list the products you need to buy to fill your fridge.

Best To-Do List Apps for Android

Some of these apps include only a list of tasks. Others come with additional features such as notes or due dates. But its main mission is simply to remind you of the things you have to do every day.

Best To Do List Apps for Android

1. Microsoft To-Do

Very similar to Todoist is Microsoft To-Do, the Microsoft To-Do application that we can download on iOS, Android, and Windows (no extension or App for macOS this time), and that has a structure very similar to that of the previous App mentioned.

The design is somewhat friendlier, and it is very easy to add categories and to-do lists. Besides, it is a free app that allows us to add reminders, something that is very useful and that in some of these apps, we only find in the payment method.

It’s intuitive, and the bad thing is that if you work with Mac, you don’t have the possibility of having a desktop application. However, it is compatible with others, such as Todoist.

In my case, for example, I use Microsoft To-Do to organize daily tasks or items that I have to buy, places to eat, or movies to watch, using Todoist only for the professional field.

It is a task management app that Microsoft recently launched capable of integrating and communicating with our Office 365 account.

  • Attach files within the notes.
  • Section my Day (Today’s tasks) and smart planning to prioritize tasks.
  • Create tasks with reminding us and due dates.
  • Create projects that include small tasks.
  • Multiplatform support: iOS, Mac, Android, Web, and Windows.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the best to-do list apps for Android for organizing tasks, and this one is on all platforms. Although it can be used to organize solo tasks, it is best to use it to organize group work.

The operation of Trello is very simple. Simply, we have a series of “blackboards”, which are nothing more than columns ordered by the theme we want, in which we can add cards.

These cards can move from one to another very easily and, in addition, in each of the cards (tasks), we can select the type of task that is, the due date, and the person responsible for the task.

3. Asana

Asana is designed to manage your team’s tasks, but it can also help you create your personal tasks list. It is a simple application but full of features that will help you stay productive.

Simply write your tasks in simple project lists, and create new teams to organize your work and personal projects separately, for example. You can also mark the tasks according to their priority: high, medium, or low.

Price:  With a Premium Plan for unlimited members and private projects.

4. Google Keep

We arrived at two To-Do List Apps for Android developed by two of the computer giants. Google Keep is an app that you all have on your Android terminals since it comes preinstalled. Of course, it can also be downloaded on iOS, and we have extensions for Chrome, so it is very easy always to have our tasks at hand and synchronized.

Google Keep is not an app in which there are only lists of things to do. It works as if it were several posts, allowing you to upload images, audio notes, and create task lists very easily. We can customize the color of each task, and the best thing about the application is that it is free and the synchronization, as mentioned above, between devices.

The good thing is that in a single app, we have reminders, lists of things we want to do, and lists of tasks.

5. Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done

Google Tasks has received an important redesign in its Material Design 2 style interface where you can quickly capture notes, add details, and even create a task from your email.

  • Synchronization on all devices with your Google account.
  • Create tasks by list and subtasks up to one level.
  • Add notes and due dates to each task.
  • Create tasks directly from Gmail.

6. OneNote

Very similar is OneNote. This is a veteran Microsoft application that has been reinvented with the latest Office suites. It is integrated into the Office suite so that we can have it on mobile, desktop, or on the web, and it is very useful for creating notes.

A priori, it is a very simple Best To-Do List Apps for Android that allows us to create notes, but if we get more into it and go deeper, we find some options that are present in Word, and that allows us to create lists of functional tasks quite completely.

[appbox googleplay]

The negative point is that we need a learning time, since it is not as simple, nor intuitive, like other Best To-Do List Apps for Android. However, it does deserve a place in this list of the Best To-Do List Apps for Android.

7. TickTick – Everything & Task List

A multiplatform application to manage tasks that have to do with a project or with your daily tasks.

  • Synchronization with several devices.
  • Create a list of collaborative tasks.
  • Set recurring dates, priorities, attach files.
  • Sort tasks by tabs and sort by dates, names, or priority.
  • Integration with calendar apps and email.

8.HabitNow – Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List

HabitNow is one of the Best To-Do List Apps for Android to organize tasks since it is one of those tasks that are designed to motivate us to achieve objectives. The premium version of Todoist has its karma system, but Habitica goes much further.

Actually, it is a game, a kind of asymmetric RPG that shows us missions, level points (and statistics such as health, mana, or shield). It is very easy to add both work and everyday notes, and it is an app that, as we say, helps us stay motivated while doing tasks.

That “gamification” is one of the key points of Habitica, one of the Best To-Do List Apps for Android to organize tasks that is available for iOS and Android, and that helps us achieve our goals in a fun way.

9. Actions by Moleskine

This App turns your calendar into a to-do list. Instead of listing your tasks, it will schedule everything you need to do and create a detailed work plan for your week.

But it doesn’t just focus on your tasks. Moleskine Timepage shows you the weather, the traffic, the different time zones, and tells you when you have to leave to get to your next meeting early. It also helps you plan your day efficiently, so you don’t overload it with tasks.

10. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is another of the Best To-Do List Apps for Android. It is a multi-device and very similar to Todoist, and using one or the other depends solely on your tastes.

It is the easiest to use. It has folders, reminders, a simple but attractive design, and a system that allows us to mark favorite tasks. We can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web, and on Windows Phone (if you still have one of these phones), and it is perfectly integrated into the device.

However, we do not have a Chrome extension as such, and this is something that some can take back and push to install Todoist. Despite this, it is undeniable that Wunderlsit is one of the Best To-Do List Apps for Android for organizing tasks.

Wunderlist has always existed and is an app of the to-do list. This is available on almost every imaginable platform, even desktop.

Wunderlist will synchronize your tasks between your smartphone, tablet, and your computer, making it easier to stay aware of your tasks. Also, you can attach PDF photo files and other attachments to the items on the list.

11. Memorigi: Todo List, Task List

It has the potential to become the Best To-Do List Apps for Android to manage tasks: It is different and has a beautiful design with exciting features:

  • Organize the task list categories by icons and colors.
  • Control gestures: for example, swipe right to complete.
  • Add dates, priority, color, list to each task.
  • Smart reminders with recurring patterns.
  • Reminders by location.
  • Synchronization between multiple devices.
  • Views: List, Priority, and calendar.
  • Seven days of a free trial.

12. Color Note

Color Note is another exciting application to organize tasks. Of course, this app is exclusive to Android, something essential to keep in mind if you are looking for maximum productivity in other types of devices and operating systems.

The interesting thing about Color Note is that it is a system of posts that we can place in the dash of the phone, or getting into the App, and that allows us to create lists of tasks, reminders, and everything that was having a virtual board with stickers implies.

The application is very intuitive, and we can modify, as in Google Keep, the color of each tab to have a visual organization that works excellent.

Simply, we add the deadlines of each task, select the users involved, and the App is responsible for sending notices to the mail to remember that it is there. There is an application for iOS and Android, in addition to the web version. Of course, Asana is a paid app, although we have 30 free days to try.

13. Due

The most important part of organizing your tasks may be the due date. With this tool, you can assign a time and a delivery date to each task to organize them according to their priority. Due will show you all your tasks in a timeline where you can take a look at what you should do today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week.

You can also add recurring tasks such as rent payment. And if you also need help remembering how much time it takes to boil an egg, you can use Due’s default timers instead of setting a new timer on your phone every time.

14. Google Calendar

It was clear that this moment was coming. Google Calendar does not give us the possibility to create lists of tasks, but if what you want is to manage deadlines, it is an application that, with some effort on our part, gives us something similar to Asana. And free.

The good thing about Google Calendar is that it is multi-device, and it is very easy to work both alone and in groups. All we have to do is create the desired scenario (an account for us, or joint for more than one user) and start adding homework dates.

As we say, it is something free that gives us experience similar to Asana.

15. Evernote

And we finish with Evernote, another classic when we talk about task management. With Evernote, we can create lists of tasks (maybe not as visually as in other applications), but the best thing is that it is a diary and built-in notebook.

It allows us to save photos, audio files, documents, and synchronize up to two devices in the free slope. It has reminders and is an excellent application for if, for example, you work with the mobile and a PC.

16. Carrot

Carrot is perfect for those who need a push to complete their tasks as it rewards you when you finish them with new features.

As for the management of current tasks, Carrot is extremely simple. There are no lists or subtasks, just a list of pending tasks of type “pencil and paper.” After reaching level 18, you will unlock the possibility of adding due dates and reminders to your tasks, which will facilitate the practical management of tasks.

17. SomTodo

SomTodo makes sure that you don’t forget to perform the simplest tasks while helping you keep track of your projects. You can organize your tasks in different folders that you can name as you see fit. You can also add notes, reminders, and due dates.

And if you need to make sure that you don’t forget any of those tasks in a folder, just add a star, and it will be displayed on the main screen.

18. TeuxDeux

TeuxDeux is a simple to-do list that helps you organize your work all week. You just have to write the task or tasks that you have to perform on the day you have to do it, that simple.

And if you haven’t been able to do that day, don’t worry. You just have to drag the task to the next day column. Or, you can add the text “every day” to any task, and it will automatically become a repetitive task.

19. Swipes

You may spend more time adding tasks to your list than checking them, but not with Swipes. This list of Evernote and Gmail tasks allows you to import your Evernote notes with attached reminders and convert your Gmail emails into tasks. Or, you can write your own notes as normal.

It is possible that each of these tasks is not detailed enough; You may need to search for information before replying to a Gmail email, and your Evernote reminder could be for a more complete project. Simply add subtasks to the page of any task in Swipes to track everything in one place. This App makes each task look like a mini project that you can section in different steps.

Swipes, allows you to collect all the tasks you have to do automatically. It has everything organized so you can have everything ready when you need it in a beautiful and simple interface. A simple act of turning right to complete it. You can also postpone tasks for another time of day or even another day.

20. MinimaList

Do you want a simple app to list the things you have to do? With MinimaList, you can add tasks with just one click and include an expiration date to receive notifications about that task.

MinimaList also helps you focus on your most important tasks. You just have to click on a task, and you will get a full-screen Pomodoro timer so you can continue working on that one thing and take a break every so often.

Price: Free

21. Reminder with Alarm

The simple reminder app that comes with Android, iPhones, iPads, and Macs could be the easiest way to keep up with the tasks you have to do. You can add tasks, classify them in lists, drag and drop them in the order you want, and see them on any of your devices or on the play store and ios store. You can even add tasks through Siri when you’re in a hurry.

You can also add an expiration date to tasks or make reminders arrive by location, so you don’t forget to pick up or buy something at a specific store. Activate the calendar from the menu and drag the tasks to their due date. There is even a field of notes and the option to share task lists with other users.

Price: Free with Apple devices.


These are the Best To-Do List Apps for Android to organize tasks. There is plenty for all tastes, and we have only put some of them. If you have trouble organizing your day, you have no excuse.