10 Best Battery Saving App for Android in 2021

10 Best Battery Saving App for Android in 2021

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The Best Battery Saving App for Android: battery-saving apps that actually work. Most modern Android smartphones have a dedicated app designed to save power, clear background processes, and speed up the device. Which Best Battery Saving App for Android will be in a particular smartphone is decided by the manufacturer by downloading a specific firmware to the device.

The 10 Best Battery Saving App for Android that actually works

For example, in Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 (Android 8 and higher), the “Device Maintenance” section is available. Having entered it, you can go to the “Battery” section. It displays the statistics of battery consumption by Best Battery Saving App for Android (power consumption), power mode.

App Android iOS Review
1. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster app Yes Yes
2. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) Yes Yes
3. GO Battery Pro – Battery Saver Yes No
4. Greenify Yes No
5. Avast Battery Saver Yes Yes
6. AccuBattery Yes No
7. GSam Battery Monitor Yes No
8. Servicely Yes No
9. Wakelock detector Yes No
10. DU Battery Saver Yes No

Best Battery Saving App for Android

In “Power Mode,” the battery operation is regulated. By choosing a profile, you can quickly optimize battery consumption and extend battery life without connecting to a charger.

Nevertheless, almost all Android system applications perform only basic functions that are enough for the average user. If you need more detailed power saving settings, it is better to choose one of the specialized Best Battery Saving App for Android.

We’ll take a look at the following battery-saving and battery optimization apps:

1. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster app

Kaspersky, known for its antivirus products, has released a small (about 15 MB in the device’s memory), but effective battery saver app that helps save the smartphone battery – Kaspersky Battery Life.

Battery Optimizer is completely free and doesn’t have any advanced versions. The functionality is modest, but it is enough for undemanding users:

  • Analysis of running battery saver app and identification of the most power-hungry;
  • Monitoring all programs and drawing up an approximate scenario of their work. If an application suddenly starts consuming significantly more energy than usual, Kaspersky Battery Life notifies the user about this;
  • Measures the time required to fully charge the battery and displays information about the remaining battery life at the average system load.

According to the developers, the battery saver app itself uses about 1% of the battery to complete its tasks. There are no operating modes in Kaspersky Battery Life – the optimizer either works or not; there are no other options.

2. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery Doctor is a complex of programs for cleaning and optimizing a smartphone’s operation, combined in one convenient interface. For example, the function of cleaning “trash” and unused best battery saver apps are performed by Clean Master.

System optimization is performed with one button displayed on the main screen. After starting the process, the application will display the collected information on the display and offer to uncheck the necessary applications – all the rest will be cleared from the phone’s RAM during the Battery Doctor operation.

There are several standard operating modes in the application, and it is possible to customize your own profile.

Application statistics and battery consumption can be displayed in the form of diagrams. In addition, this section also displays information about the battery status.

In the additional settings, you can specify:

  • whether to display notifications for certain events;
  • whether to show the application in the active list;
  • whether to add a widget or a shortcut to the desktop to make the optimization faster and more convenient.

The Battery Doctor app takes up about 5 MB of device storage and is distributed absolutely free.

3. GO Battery Pro – Battery Saver

GO Battery Pro offers various exciting features in addition to the already familiar battery-saving apps:

  • Accelerated charging of the device by disabling all unnecessary functions and unloading background applications;
  • Tracking the work of all applications in the system during the day and displaying it in a report;
  • Convenient interface for turning on and off various communication methods of the device with the outside world (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3/4G)

GO Battery has several built-in operating modes to suit different situations. You cannot customize your own modes, as well as change those already available in the program.

In the basic version of GO Battery, ads can appear, and there are practically no automation capabilities – in the paid Pro version, these disadvantages are absent.

4. Greenify

A distinctive feature of the Greenify application is the presence of modes that extremely reduce battery consumption. For example, the program provides for the Aggressive Doze operating mode, which puts the smartphone into sleep-mode after just a few minutes of inactivity.

The Greenify app is easy to use – it doesn’t have a lot of settings, so you won’t be capable of personalizing it to the maximum.

But, on the other hand, to fully save energy, you will not need practically anything – just launch the application, open root access for it (it works without it, but it is better with it), and allow control of background processes.

For greater automation, there is a paid, extended version of the program.

5. Avast Battery Saver

Another well-known manufacturer of antivirus software Avast has created an application for Android smartphones that allows you to optimize the device’s power consumption.

The following features of Avast Battery Saver can be distinguished:

  • Fine-tuning the power saving mode and the ability to create your own profiles;
  • Automation – all application functions related to setting the automatic on/off of various options are available in the free version of the program. Moreover, the paid version simply does not exist;
  • Smart management of applications on the device – depending on the battery level, Avast Battery Saver will turn off all unnecessary and save Internet traffic.

6. AccuBattery

The AccuBattery application provides maximum information about the charging and discharging of the battery in your device. The program knows this or that application spent everything.

How many mA, the charge consumption per hour (in percentage), how quickly the battery is charged with separate adapters and wires, and how much energy the battery is smartphone consumes in different operating modes.

In addition, AccuBattery estimates battery wear and tear and adjusts its performance to extend battery life. And finally, the program has a History section that allows you to compare the results of work on different days, weeks, and months.

AccuBattery is distributed free of charge and does not provide any additional features.

7. GSam Battery Monitor

Price: Free / $ 2.49

GSam Battery Monitor is another popular battery saver app. It won’t help you save battery life. However, GSam Battery Monitor will provide you with information about applications that drain your mobile device’s battery. You can utilize this information to increase your battery life. 

The application displays detailed information about wake-up time, processor, and sensor data. If you don’t have root access, there may be some difficulties with Android’s latest versions. There is, however, a root version of the application that will provide additional information. 

8. Servicely

Price: Free / up to $ 13.99

Servicely is one of the Best Battery Saving App for Android. It stops services that are running in the background. This helps to pacify annoying apps and prevents them from syncing. This saving method is suitable for applications that you use but does not want to sync them. 

Using Servicely can pause notifications on Android, so use this tool carefully. The app is highly customizable, has enough options to save battery, and it’s easy to get it to work. The professional version of Servicely (no ads) costs $ 3.49.

9. Wakelock detector

Price: Free / $ 1.99

Wakelock Detector is one of the most effective Best Battery Saving App for Android. As the name suggests, it helps detect wake-ups for applications and services – both partial and full. You can also see a listing of all the apps that wake up by themselves. Then you can take steps to remove applications, find an alternative. 

Wakelock Detector only works with root access to Android. 

10.DU Battery Saver

The DU Battery Saver app has a simple interface and a wide range of optimization and acceleration options for your smartphone. If you give the program all the access levels required for full operation, it will also be able to:

  • Increase the charging speed of the device,
  • Change processor frequency,
  • Monitor the temperature of your smartphone.

The optimization itself is launched with one button and does not require additional configuration.

There are 3 operating modes in the application: basic, sleeping, and energy saving. Smart control allows you to switch between these modes depending on external factors and battery level, without user intervention.

Convenient monitoring allows you to display information on the battery consumption in the form of a diagram on the screen. It also helps to keep track of how much power a particular application consumes during operation.

The main disadvantage of the DU Battery Saver app is the limited functionality of the free version. In general, it is enough for basic battery saving, but, for example, almost all automation is available only in the paid version (PRO).


Choose and install one of these Best Battery Saving App for Android. In Google Play, you can find more of these tools, but many of them offer partial functionality when for increasing the operating time of the phone will need all the features.