16 Best Nose Editor Apps for Android & iPhone of 2022

16 Best Nose Editor Apps for Android & iPhone of 2022

Last Updated on May 10, 2022 by The Soft Best

The Best Nose Editor Apps for Android & iPhone: Check out these  Best nose editing apps that will make your Selfie even better! Who has never wanted to shrink their nose to make the image perfect? Not everyone is interested in permanently shrinking with rhinoplasty, and even those who don’t have a bulging nose can be pictured with that underrated area of ​​the face. The solution is to take advantage of the best nose editor apps and their capabilities.

16 Best Nose Editor Apps for Android & iPhone

Some best nose editor apps are of Asian origin, where the standard of beauty is to have a small chin, a small nose, large eyes, etc. But in most nose editor apps, you can get your nose in the desired shape with a simple drag of your finger!

Retouching faces in images is something that was reserved for professionals in the photographic world until not so long ago. The beauty mode of smartphones helps our face come out without some defects, but it is not enough for some.

Thanks to the Apps world, we have a good handful of Android and iPhone tools with which to retouch faces from your mobile easily and quickly.

Removing or adding more shine, getting rid of pimples or moles, and styling the features are some of the tools most used by those who touch their photos before sharing them with friends, family, or social networks. Many people think it is not very easy, but it is not at all. Check out our selection!

1. Facetune

Among all selfie-specific editing apps, Facetune is probably the best known and one of the simplest to use. Among the many tools it presents, one of the highlights is the feature that allows you to shorten the nose. The application is done automatically, but manual adjustments are also possible.

In addition to the nose, there are specific editing tools for the eyebrows, chin, eyes, and teeth. Even skin applications can be made, smoothing fine lines and removing wrinkles. Finally, makeup effects allow you to transform your look completely.

2. FaceU

FaceU is very famous in South Korea and Japan. You can shrink the nose, reshape the chin, soften the skin, and apply super cute 3D filters for rabbit ears and other animals. Also, you can make videos with stickers and put instrumental music in the background.

FaceU is available for Android & iOS.

3. Face Warp

Face Warp is known as a “plastic surgery app.” This means that its strength is the simple editing of images and the specific touches that can be done on parts of the face. You can completely transform your look, and, of course, that includes nose reduction.

The main advantage is that the app’s algorithm automatically detects faces and offers specific editing tools at each point. Select the part you want to modify and apply the suggested changes. If you prefer, manually edit each point, but be careful not to make your photos look artificial.

4. Ulike

With it, you finish your nose, eyes, and mouth giving a more youthful and beautiful appearance. Also, the best nose editor apps have filters of various styles, pose assistants, unique stickers to decorate photos, and much more.

Unlike is available for Android & iOS

5. Camera 360

Another of the most interesting options for editing faces is Camera 360. This App will allow us to achieve results close to the professionals if we dedicate some time to it.

It contains filters for selfies, a beautification camera to enlarge eyes or lips and stylize other parts such as the nose or face. It has a professional editing option in which you can play with the contrast, saturation, light, or shadows of the image.

6. WutaCam

WutaCam has beautifying tools for your nose, eyes, and other areas you want to touch up. You can also add stickers, 2D filters and make GIFs and videos from your selfies.

WutaCam is available for Android & iOS

7. Cymera

This Face Editing App achieves very decent results if we dedicate the necessary time to it. Slim and smooth faces, correct the face up to five levels of beauty and count with more than 130 different selfies filters.

The App performs facial recognition and allows you to enlarge your eyes, smile, and even whiten your skin. It has 200 types of natural hair and realistic makeup.

8. Sweet camera

Sweet Camera is a more traditional photo editor, and it features such successful features as a beautifying filter, makeup filter, body editor, and even filters for your pet photos.

The sweet camera is available for Android

9. YouCam Perfect – Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

One of our favorite options for editing faces is YouCam Perfect. This App has a good string of tools that range from slimming the face to changing the brightness or whitening the teeth. Once the edition is finished, some of its filters can be included before sharing.

Closing our list, another suggestion to reduce the nose in the photos is to resort to YouCam Perfect. It is a powerful selfie editor that provides features for retouching the face in multiple ways. The most effective functions are to fine-tune the nose, smooth out dark circles and smooth out wrinkles.

There are even extra features like stickers, collage frames, and fonts for applying text in addition to the editing effects. Users who want to use the premium version, available under a monthly subscription, receive new exclusive content for image editing every month.

10. InstaBeauty -Makeup Selfie Cam

In addition to more than 50 different makeups, Instabeauty is ideal for retouching the details of the face, such as removing pimples, thinning the face, shrinking the nose, removing blemishes, and enlarging the eyes, etc.

With it, you can also record video with real-time image enhancement and take quick selfies.

InstaBeauty is available for Android

11. Selfie Camera Editor

This app is packed with unique selfie features like makeup, filters, stickers, and a beautifying edit to smooth out face areas like the nose, chin, and eyes.

Selfie Camera Editor is available for Android

12. Beauty selfie

Great app to blush your cheeks, reshape your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin and make your face doll skin! Finally, you can apply filters that make the colors in the photo even more beautiful.

Beauty selfie is available for Android

13. Perfect Selfie

With this application and narrowing the nose, and adjusting other regions of the face, you can apply filters only in some areas. Perfect Selfie has unique effects and tools to blur specific locations in the image, remove blemishes, lift, brighten, and balance the colors in your photo!

Perfect Selfie is available for Android

14. Retouch Me – Body & Face editor. Skinny app

RetouchMe specializes in correcting body and face photos. This application allows you to remove pimples, increase lips and eyes, lower the nose, slim the face, cover gray hair, and more!

RetouchMe is available for Android iOS

15. Easysnap: Retouch Photo Editor

Fully selfie application with the retouch tool being your greatest strength Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the application helps you find the best light for your Selfie, the best angle, and symmetry. Also, you can control how much you want to shape and beautify simply by dragging the filter intensity bar.

EasySnap is available for Android and iOS.

16. Bright Camera

Bright Camera calls itself a “selfie editor.” Therefore, it works like a turbocharged camera, that is, with extra features to edit parts of the face. This includes reducing the nose as well as filter options to smooth the skin’s texture.

The results are satisfactory. The good news is that some effects can also be applied to videos and not just images. It weighs against the app that its interface is a bit confusing.

Less experienced users or those who are not willing to test one of the tools one by one may be a little lost without proper instructions.


Download as many apps as you want to take the quiz, take a selfie, and edit right now! Check out even more best nose editor apps to make your perfect Selfie!