4 Best Personal Finance Software for Mac in 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

The best personal finance software for mac: Free mac software to keep track of personal finances in your MAC. On several occasions, I have shared tools and financial software for windows (for example, ” ContaMoney ” and ” My Clear Accounts”). And at the request of some readers, here is a small selection of the utilities for personal and domestic financial control available for the system MAC OS X operating.

The Best Personal Finance Software for Mac

All applications are the best personal finance software for mac to keep your personal finance, and their license is completely free and free. Here is the list:

Best Personal Finance Software for Mac

1. GnuCash

GnuCash is a complete tool to keep your home and business accounts. It is probably the most complete tool listed, and its different options have significant benefits for inexperienced and professionals who wish to take control of their personal economy in addition to allowing you to control the finances of your small business.

2. Grisbi

Its simplicity makes Grisbi is the best personal finance software for mac for those who do not want to complicate the management of their personal finances too much.

It is only a matter of starting to add your income and expenses, and you will quickly have at your disposal different reports quite clear and configurable to be aware of what happens with your money.

3. Buddi

Buddi is designed for people with little knowledge and experience in personal finance management. Its simplicity of use is not synonymous with being incomplete, quite the opposite, Buddi incorporates all the necessary options to control our money.

With it, you can register the different financial movements you make (income and expenses), prepare budgets, register your bank accounts, etc.

4. Economix

Finally, Economix is a financial application that incorporates statistics (numerical and graphical) that will be of great help when making the right decisions to enjoy good financial health and avoid being in red balance.

It is also a relatively simple tool that is very easy to use with good configuration options to adapt it to your needs.

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If you know any other financial software available for MAC, do not hesitate to recommend it in the comments.