15 Best Free CRM App of 2021

15 Best Free CRM App of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

Like a super-powerful version of the contacts application of your Android or iOS, the CRM software manages all the information of your customers, suppliers, and all other people with whom your team interacts, from emails to the last conversation that they had with the company.

What is Contact Management (CRM)

There are many best free CRM app for start-ups, for small businesses, medium or large companies, or for commercial, promoters, or public relations.

When making our list of best free CRM app, we have based on the following criteria:

  • That has exclusive features that are worthwhile
  • Make them easy to use and install as fast as possible.
  • That works with Zapier to integrate the CRM application with other applications that are used at work.

The applications have been grouped into categories and have been ordered from lowest to highest according to the price:

The Best Free CRM App for You Mobile

Best Free CRM App

There is some free CRM app that focuses on conversations with customers and others on contacts. The difference between them is that the former works more like email applications, while the latter focuses more on contacts than on conversations.

If what interests you most is to know more about the clients with whom you are interacting, these CRMs are perfect since you can see all the information related to them at a glance.

They are valuable tools, and why not say so expensive. In a market-led by solutions such as Salesforce, CRMs may seem unattainable for SMEs.

It turns out that you can have a CRM solution at a great price, and even if you don’t need many features, for free. After trying several free CRM apps on Google Play and in the App Store, we present the best free CRM app for Android and iOS.

1. HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM app for Android. The best if you want to have a free CRM Software.

It offers all the usual functions in a CRM, and you can include in the team that you create as many members as you want, as long as you don’t have more than 1 million contacts.

It is powerful, but also very easy to use. Add contacts simply by entering their name and email address, HubSpot CRM will find the photo and show you the details of your company automatically. Track all contact information using custom fields and connect them to Gmail or Microsoft Outlook 365 to schedule emails.

As we have said with the free plan, you have all the main functions of a CRM to manage contact information, create offers and track sales, list tasks, and appointments with contacts.

2. Google Contacts

Google Contacts CRM Android. A simple way to have CRM within Gmail. The new design of Google Contacts includes many of the functions that one would expect from a CRM, more focused on personal use.

Google Contacts automatically tracks all the people you communicate with by email and adds them to your list of frequent contacts. You will find photos, work details, links to the web, city of birth, and much more data thanks to Google+. You can organize contacts in groups and add all the details you want, including notes.

We only see one problem: You cannot share your contact lists with others or emails without forwarding them. That is why we qualify it as a personal CRM in its basic version.

Google Contacts Price: Free with a personal Gmail account, with the G Suite Basic plan for custom domains that include features to share with teams.

3. Highrise

Imagine a folio with detailed information about your contacts: number, email, conversations, documents. That’s what Highrise is, a project management application with a design similar to Basecamp with which you’ll know more about your contacts.

Although it focuses its attention on contacts, it also includes tools to keep track of the agreements or negotiations underway, so it is a great application to take into account.

Price: Around $4 per month per user; Up to two free users.

4. Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 a best Free CRM app. with a good set of tools for teams. You need to keep track of your team, plan your next projects, share documents, and manage data. Bitrix24 offers you all this in its CRM.

With its toolset, you can easily add a contact, offer your services, turn it into a project, chat about the current project with your team, etc.

Bitrix24 price: Free with basic functions for 12 users, from $39 / month Plus Plan for 24 users.

5. Freshsales

Freshsales has a free CRM app that can be used completely free for basic contact management in the office, on iOS or Android phones.

Your calendar shows all tasks and appointments in one view, and you can make calls or send emails without leaving the application. Its low price and excellent features make Freshsales one of the best options if you want to have a good CRM on your Smartphone.

Freshsales Price: Free for 10 users with the ability to manage contacts on mobile phones. Additional features, including operations management and advanced analysis, are available in your payment plans, which start at $12 per user per month.

6. Clevertim

You may prefer to see your contact information at a glance without having to enter its pages. This is what Clevertim does. It shows you in the same contact list a summary version with all the information about them.

So if what you need is to see the email address or phone number of a particular contact, you can do it without clicking. You can also filter the lists by name, place, among other options, and also allows you to manage tasks, appointments, and meetings, all in the same application.

Price: Around $4 per month per user; Up to two free users.

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho App’s CRM Android. A set of desktop tools integrated into the app of your Smartphone. The Zoho Free CRM mobile app works with iOS or Android phones, but it is not as well programmed in its version for tablets.

It allows you to manage sales through online billing. It gives you access to customer information, information about offers, product prices, invoices, documents, voice memos, and activity records, which also include interactions in social networks. Zoho is, therefore, the best app for teams that want to manage their entire sales process through a single application.

Price of Zoho CRM: Free for 3 users in its basic edition; From $12/ month per user, you can access the Standard payment plan.

8. Streak CRM

Streak is a CRM created specifically for Gmail users. The Streak CRM Mobile app is designed as a complement to the Web version and makes it easier for you to access and update your customers’ data through the Smartphone. You can see the email, tasks, files, and share the information with your team.

It should be noted that the App for iOS performs much better than the Android version.

Streak CRM pricing: Free with the basic features of a CRM and tools to take advantage of Gmail; from $49/month Professional plan with full CRM functions and integrations.

9. Cloze Relationship Management

Cloze is a personal assistant that gives you all the information about the contacts you have in different free CRM app.

The Cloze App connects to the email inbox, check your messages and create a smart contact list with details about your conversations and the other people on your list who interacted.

Add data extracted from the call log, notes, and social networks and present them in a single organized view. This way, when someone contacts you, you will know exactly how to perfect your message and who else to include in the conversation.

Cloze Relationship Management: Free with your basic plan and from $13.3 per month for your pro plan that includes integration with Evernote, LinkedIn, etc.

10. Nutshell

CRMs don’t have to be boring. They are created to work, yes, but they can also make your workday a little more bearable.

Nutshell free CRM app does just that. It will enter your Gmail conversations and tell you what the most important or urgent thing of the day is. In addition to giving you extra information about your contacts. Such as your Twitter profile information or the weather and the time it is based on its location.

This is the best free CRM app that offers detailed contact information and simple tools to track potential customers and report on the performance of the company’s employees.

If you combine it with a beautiful user interface, you will give your CRM a touch of grace without sacrificing the power you need.

Nutshell Price: $15 per month per user.

11. OnePageCRM

If you want a really simple best free CRM app for your mobile, OnePage CRM is the best solution. This free CRM app shows you all the information on a single page, and you will be surprised how fast it is.

The contacts are listed on the main page next to their main data. If we select one, the information will be automatically loaded on a sheet to the right. There you can add notes, track emails, save tasks, or anything else you need.

OnePageCRM Price: Around $ 10 per month per user.

12. Act! Companion

The first version worked with the Dos operating system, and its name came from “activity control technology.”

Although Act can still be run on computers and servers, the latest version of Act Companion is available in the cloud and is integrated with social networks.

The new Act! Companion is an advanced contact manager that allows you to import contacts from your emails and from your Facebook and Linkedin accounts and quickly see when it was the last time you were in contact with them.

It is a fantastic way to keep track of conversations and know who is the next person you have to contact, especially if you are autonomous.

Act! Companion Price: $ 10 per month per user.

13. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive offers a cloud-based free CRM app starting at some payment per user per month. The mobile app includes recording notes with active sync, call tracking, mapping, and contact management leads. The view of the offers in the mobile version of Pipedrive facilitates the daily management of your commercials.

Price of Pipedrive: The Pipedrive mobile application can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android, but it requires you to have an active subscription in Pipedrive. Their plans range per user per month. Pipedrive offers a free trial version so you can thoroughly evaluate the software before purchasing it.

14. Copper CRM

Copper CRM App Android. A CRM for GSuite. Copper is the best free CRM app with an initial price of $19 per user per month.

Formerly known as ProsperWorks, Copper integrates with tools such as GSuite and Slack to give users access to recent documents and project updates, thus facilitating group collaboration. While other mobile applications also include team chat features, Copper is the best leading and backup solution for teams that work with G Suite and wish to integrate other third-party apps such as MailChimp.

Copper Prices: The download of the Copper App is free for Android and iOS, but it only works with a paid subscription to one of the CRM plans they have on the web. There are three pricing plans to choose from, ranging from $19 per user per month to $ 119. They offer a free trial period of 14 days.

15. Insightly CRM

Insightly a CRM APP based on monthly subscriptions that start with a price of $ 29. It works with iOS and Android devices.

Insightly’s mobile application allows you to manage customers, as well as relationships with suppliers, offers, and projects, all in one tool. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for those looking for complete contact management and the best free project management apps.

Insightly price: The Insightly mobile application is downloaded for free, but requires a subscription to any of its plans. Insightly offers a free plan for two users with access to basic functions. Payment plans cost between $29 and $ 49 per user per month in their professional editions and can be tested free for 14 days.


With all these best free CRM app at your disposal, it is time to use the one that best suits you. Depending on which one you choose, you can automatically import your clients from a spreadsheet or your conversations and contacts by synchronizing with Gmail or Outlook.

What is certain is that you will not have to do it manually or copy data from your CRM to other applications. That’s why Zapier allows you to link all your apps to your CRM.

Choosing the CRM application that best suits your company is a somewhat difficult decision, given the wide variety that exists. We hope the list above will help you make a decision.