17 Best Free Project Management App of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

Here is the best free project management app for you: Every year, IT professionals offer many new project management app. Some justify themselves: user-friendly interface, additional functions, modern solutions, and integration of different solutions in one application. Others are forgotten as soon as they leave.

TheSoftBest presents a selection of apps that became best in Recent years and will continue to be popular best free project management app with teams in This year.

Projects can live their own lives, draining the budget, and taking much more time than planned. Freely distributed project management software for the small team can help you tame them while not getting into your company’s pocket. So, Introducing the best free project management app for you all.

What makes Free project management apps?

To narrow the list of the best free apps for project management, we selected tools that meet the following criteria:

  • The software should be free for an unlimited number of projects.
  • Diversity: We have included options for various management methodologies – kanban, Gantt charts, to-do lists. And some applications were not included in our list simply because the best alternatives were available using the same methodologies.
  • Hosting: There are many great free project management apps you can install on your own, but it will take more time to set up. Therefore, we offer hosting applications in companies that provide these tools.

Best Free Project Management App for You

Best Free Project Management App

We have chosen the best free project management app that offers web applications (although many offers synchronized web, mobile, and desktop applications).


ProofHub is a universal free project management apps. A variety of functions are available in it, eliminating the need to have too many different tools for project management.

It acts as a centralized location for all your projects, with small teams, and communications. This makes it easy to create plans, collaborate with teams and customers, organize and execute projects on time.


MeisterTask is a fresh approach to kanban boards, with vibrant color lists and toolbar wallpapers. Also, with this tool, your team will become more productive thanks to automation, which starts when you manage tasks on your mobile to new lists.

You can send emails, change scheduled dates, and do much more just by moving tasks. On your personal toolbar, you can see all the tasks for which you are responsible for all the projects in which you participate.

If your projects spawn on brainstorming sessions using thought maps, you have one more reason to use MeisterTask: MindMeister integration. You can plan your project on a thought map and then drag it to MeisterTask to transform each idea into a task. This is one of the fastest ways to turn your team’s ideas into a plan ready to go.

MindMeister’s Basic plan is free. It includes an unlimited number of projects and users, two native application integrations, and file attachments up to 20MB. Pro plan for $8+ per user per month includes an unlimited number of integrations, investments up to 200MB, and an archive of tasks with the ability to search on it.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is an instant messenger app for the phone that works well for both small and large businesses. You can participate in productive team communication without even leaving your place.

There are audio and video calls, screen sharing, group chats, and other functions. The application integrates seamlessly with popular third-party apps.


Provide your team with a visual way to track work, share ideas, and measure performance with Taskworld. It is a dynamic project and task management app that simplifies planning, delegation, and collaboration for users.


Are you curious how long does it take you to complete tasks? KanbanFlow is another kanban board application that includes a timer.

This timer keeps logs of how much time you spend on each task and how much time it remains in a specific list. The timer also has a Pomodoro mode that helps your team sprint and reminds everyone to take breaks to maintain productivity throughout the day.

Timer Pomodoro in KanbanFlow also asks team members to write down exactly what caused the interruption of work, when they have to put a session timer is paused. Together, these tools help you find and eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow while pushing your projects to completion.

KanbanFlow Price: The free plan includes an unlimited number of tasks and boards, a Pomodoro timer, and productivity reports. A premium plan for $5 per user per month includes the ability to attach files, support for priorities, and third-party integration.

If you want to plan, organize, track projects in one collaboration space, may be the best free project management app for this.

Manage any workflow and get ready to solve any problems, from simple to not very simple and absolutely simple. Keep up to date with where everything is and plan future assignments.


Asana is an effective tool for tracking and managing team projects. Unlike other project management tools, Asana has an intuitive and simple user interface. Task prioritization helps teams to be more productive and efficient, and all changes are updated in real-time.

Your to-do list is not bad, just need a little more functionality to manage team projects? This is what Asana offers. This is a project management app that allows you to split a project into sections and sub-lists, and also provides a toolbar where you can see which part of the project has already been completed.

You will add, move, and close tasks just like you would in any other similar application, but you will have additional functions for cooperation and organization if you need to work in a team.

For your personal tasks (or work, but not related to the project) in Asana, you can create additional lists. They can be shared with individuals. The tasks that you must personally perform will be shown in the My Tasks view – this will allow you to see everything you need to take care of quickly.

Price Asana: a free plan includes an unlimited number of projects, the number of users – up to 15, basic search functions. A premium plan for $9.99 per user per month includes a project schedule, improved search, and task dependencies.


Freedcamp gives you space to manage your tasks and also provides a calendar and timestamp tools for scheduling your project. Tasks can be organized into a standard to-do list app for iPhone and android or kanban board.

The most important dates can be broken down between the timestamps on the calendar – this helps to carry out short-term and long-term planning. Freedcamp can easily become the hub of your project, collecting everything you need to complete the work.

Put your files in it and lead discussions on projects in it, or upgrade and add additional software for accounting, CRM, etc. – in this case, you will need to check only one application every day to successfully complete all the tasks.

Price of Freedcamp: a free plan includes an unlimited number of users and projects, investments up to 10MB. The next tariff plan, Minimalist, for $1.49 per user per month, includes premium support, file attachments of up to 25MB, and unlimited nesting of tasks.

Genius project

Best Free Project Management App

The Genius project has a wide range of powerful features: from project planning to resource management, Gantt charts, time tracking, team collaboration, and Personal Finance.


Scoro is a comprehensive software solution designed for professional and creative services that helps optimize performance and eliminate routine tasks.

Leading companies, such as Newton, Grant Thornton, WSI, and many others, use Scoro to do work, organize, and control.


Paymo is the best free project management app and time tracker. It makes it much easier for freelancers to plan and track work done for multiple clients and projects.

Add clients, then add projects for these clients, and then tasks to projects. For each task, you can assign a date, set a priority, add a description, and an attachment. You have two options for the type of tasks – a list or kanban board. You can also apply a filter and sort all tasks for each client and project by status, date, priority, etc.

When you are ready to start working on a specific task, simply select this task in the Paymo time tracker and click on the button to start monitoring the time. When the timer stops, the application adds time to the table, indicating the task, client, and project.

When it comes time to bill customers, use the time reports to retrieve the data you need. Export, print, or share your report with customers in the form of a detailed list or chart. You can also simply take the data and use it to create a branded account directly in Paymo. You can even set up your accounts for online payments through Stripe or PayPal.

Paymo Price: A free plan for one user and an unlimited number of projects, 1GB of space, and up to three accounts. The Small Office plan for $9.56 per user per month includes an unlimited number of accounts, 50GB of space, and project templates.


Basecamp is one of the most reliable best free project management app and collaboration tools trusted by hundreds of people.

It not only helps you get the job done in one place but also offers a relaxed and organized way to manage projects and other work obligations. Communicating around tasks and sharing new ideas is easier, more transparent, and faster.


Be it a major project, a business report, planning your next vacation, Trello allows you to organize something interesting and flexible.

The application is incredibly easy to use and tracks everything from the big picture to the smallest detail. Trello integrates seamlessly with a variety of powerful best free project management app to help you stay productive and up to date.


This is a huge knowledge base, and its unique feature is that it can be used to manage projects. You can create to-do lists and save all kinds of information about your projects, including files, notes, and ideas.

Evernote is convenient for those who already use it to store their data. In addition, Evernote can be supplemented with other tools for PM.


If you like to work with to-do lists and break down tasks into goals, try Quire. This is the best best free project management app designed to separate goals in hierarchical lists.

In Quire, you can easily launch a target by selecting critical tasks, visualizing and completing them on the Kanban board, without losing the overall picture.


Wrike is a leading Free project management app that simplifies planning, provides full transparency, and streamlines workflow.

Centralize communication with stakeholders while maintaining a complete context, and turn the strategy into an actionable plan for success. Wrike lets you set priorities and goals clearly. You can also customize your dashboards so that you can only see what you want to see.


One of the most popular free project management app. This is primarily a tool for organizing lists, but it can also be adapted for PM purposes.

Its main advantages are that it works on all devices (Windows, Mac, mobile devices, the web) and is quite popular. In addition to tasks, you can write notes, send emails, tag, and schedule sub-tasks.


If it is not essential for you that your best free project management app is available online, you can also pay attention to Projectlibre and GanttProject in addition to the best free project management app listed below. Both of these best apps are powerful desktop applications created as an alternative to Microsoft Project.