12 Best Project Management App for Android of 2021

12 Best Project Management App for Android of 2021

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Here is the list of the best project management app for android: Sometimes organizing your tasks and all the projects you have pending can be very tedious and difficult to manage, and more in times of holidays and family meals.

More and more employees bring their mobile devices to work, so the most popular project management software inevitably develops and integrates versions of their best project management app for android (or iPad and iPhone).

List of the Best Project Management App for Android

Best Project Management App for Android

It is obvious: Business is no longer done only in the office, the best project management app for android of its own devices are the order of the day, and mobile phones are always at hand. This article contains some of the best project management app for android that will allow you to be aware of everything when you are not in the office.

What Are the Best Project Management App Android

We have already discussed the best Free Project Management App beforeYou can organize all your projects in a much more efficient way and manage your workload to keep your tasks up to date. If you want to know what tools we are talking about, read on!

1. Smart Sheet

One of the easiest-to-use and most familiar management apps is a spreadsheet, right? This is why SmartSheet is one of the best project management app for android. The basis of your organization are spreadsheets with a very sophisticated design and a very easy to use format. The smart sheet has a lot of templates to choose from to create your documents.

Your server allows you to collaborate with other team members to track the progress of the project. You can set daily reminders or important dates on the calendar and also give administrative permissions to your teammates, in case they have to access edit and make changes. SmartSheet is a mobile app with which you can access your device data from anywhere.

If you are more traditional and prefer to organize your projects in spreadsheets, Smartsheet for Android is the best project management app for android you need. Smartsheet user experience in project management or monitoring is similar to that in spreadsheets.

With different visualizations for lists, spreadsheets, or Gantt charts, it is flexible enough to show the information of each project at a glance. You can create a new sheet in the application using a predefined project template, a task sheet, or a blank sheet and then share it with team members.

2. Asana

How much time do you spend sending emails? Real-time communication or messaging to each other is a great advantage, and it can help us connect with others and accelerate production processes. Asana is a project management platform in which all project data is kept in one place.

Famous for its ability to perfectly balance project management and team collaboration, Asana is a solution highly valued by Android users.

Its task management app allows you to organize, add, and complete tasks from an Android device. It also offers project management functionalities, perfect for collaborating with other team members on tasks or shared projects. Also, it is possible to add photos and files to each task to ensure that everyone receives the necessary information. Its comments, announcements, and question functions facilitate the communication of the team.

Therefore, instead of having to toggle screens and look in your inbox for the latest update on the project, you will be able to see the specific task in Asana and get all the updates. Team members can easily write their notes (instead of sending emails) and create updates, so you can access everything in one place.

You also have the ability to assign tasks to your team members, set reminders on the calendar, and check their progress by searching for a specific project task. These options are free, but you can also buy a premium account and get more complex and detailed features.

3. Wrike

Wrike includes many of its acclaimed features in its mobile version for Android. In addition to the usual task management apps, detailed Gantt charts, and dynamic task lists.

Wrike in best project management app for android incorporates options that take advantage of the device’s features, such as the camera, the function to attach photos, and simplified file management.

Your mobile app for Android also handles complicated things, such as using Gantt charts. Another advantage? The Wrike application is also optimized for tablets.

If you feel comfortable with Excel, you will enjoy this App, since it is like a spreadsheet but with many more details in its structure. You can control access to the information of your team members. Some may need access to the calendar and to-do list through iPhone or Android, but not to any financial information or budget, and Wrike allows you that kind of control.

Their reports are very detailed, and with them, you can identify the best places to cut expenses or reduce the extent of human potential in a particular segment of the project. Wrike can also sync with your email account.

Wrike has many more useful features for managing your projects. If you have 15 users (administrators) or less, you can have the free version of this tool. If your device is larger than that size, the price will be $ 49 per month.

4. Basecamp

We’ve talked about her before, but we couldn’t leave her off the list. This project management software is another excellent example of process rationalization, thus reducing the time for each task.

You can create a new project and invite people from your team and offer information about its details. From there, anyone invited to the project can leave comments or updates for you.

The collaboration features of Basecamp are very successful among Android users. The application panel shows the team conversations, task lists, events, and much more, all in one place. It also allows you to embed images for texting, comment directly on task lists, attach code samples, etc.

Besides, it is possible to send important emails to Basecamp to share them with team members. Google Play reviews warn that Basecamp is not the best solution for software projects created under specific methods, such as Scrum or Kanban. Still, the application is very useful for team collaboration in almost any field.

As the project manager, you can create new tasks, update the calendar, ask for comments, and much more. You can upload and share images and PDF files instead of sending them by email to each team member. Basecamp is a fantastic scorecard to use when managing any project. As a new member of Basecamp, you have the first two months free. If it ends up convincing you, you can have it from $20 per month.

5. Trello

Have you ever used Pinterest? Think of Trello as something similar, an online notepad oriented to task management. This tool is ideal for a single user but also has the option to invite others to your task board so they can be aware of your project.

Trello is a completely free best project management app for android and works well for anyone who likes lists. The projects are represented by tables, which contain lists that, in turn, contain the cards that correspond to the tasks.

The popular Trello card solution, which facilitates the organization of equipment and tasks, is also available for Android. The application allows access to all Trello boards, move cards to prioritize tasks, add task lists, and mark them when they are completed.

Besides, it is possible to attach files from backup solutions such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Finally, Trello also has an Android Wear application that will allow you to work even faster. It includes options to create cards or respond to comments from your Android-compatible smartwatch.

Cards must pass from one list to another, thus reflecting the flow of a project. From the idea to the execution. You can add extra data, such as the name of the users that can be assigned to the tasks. The cards accept comments, attachments, votes, dates, and labels with different colors.

6. Campfire

This best project management app for android is a product of Basecamp. With this program, you have a secure server to communicate with your team members and with your clients. But don’t think that it’s an anonymous chat app.

You have a password-protected chat. From that chat room, you can start a conference call. Calls have a specific phone number and access code for each member and can be recorded for future review.

You do not have to download anything on your computer, and you have a free version to assess whether it is a good option for you.

7. Monday. Com

Monday.com (formerly known as dapulse) allows users to plan and work on projects from the same space. The solution has been designed to help in the management of projects of all kinds. From advertising campaigns to error tracking.

Best of all, you can access it from your computer or from the Android application; You will see that Monday.Com has excellent reviews in the Google Play store. Users love the simple user interface, task synchronization, vendor tracking, and much more. It also allows you to manage, plan, schedule, and follow tasks, as well as see the hours used in each project.

8. Project bubble

It is a tool that allows you to manage an unlimited number of projects in its free version. You can share information with the rest of your team members and send invoices to your customers. You can also create very complete reports to send to your clients and teammates to keep them up to date on the projects.

9. Wave

If you manage your personal finances, or simply want to make your accountant’s life easier, use this best project management app for android that focuses on finance and billing. The program is designed for small businesses, especially those with fewer than 9 employees or team members. Wave is designed to help you create professional-looking invoices.

You can choose between several different formats. Wave can send reminders about the due dates of the invoices, or when you should send them. Each month shows you what you have billed, paid, or what has been pending. This tool simply does the hard work for you.

10. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects are simple to learn and user-friendly best project management app for android, as indicated by GetApp users.

Teamwork Projects helps to manage different large projects at the same time and has functions such as schedule tracking, task management, Gantt charts, and others. Its Android application allows, among other functions, to respond to messages, share notes and ideas, assign tasks to users, and check project milestones.

11. Pivotal Tracker

This tool is similar to some of the other best project management app for android listed here. However, it is specifically oriented towards software development.

There are calendars apps and to-do lists apps to help manage the workload and to help project managers monitor the state as a whole. It also has a “support community” that each user can access, regardless of team members. Pivotal offers a free 60-day trial, from there, plans vary depending on the number of members and storage space you need.

12. Evernote

If you still don’t have Evernote, what are you waiting for? Evernote is a place to collect all your ideas, organize your tasks, and save the resources you want to read later. You can adapt your lists to meet your needs and create different labels to help you keep everything organized.

Evernote offers a place to store and store everything you need. This is a perfect application for people who have a lot of ideas and cannot take care of that task at the same time. It is completely free to open an account; all you need is your email.

Recently the company has launched Evernote Business, a project management app that allows collaboration with members of your team and gives you the ability to share information with your customers.


Project management app for Android is here to stay Every day, more native mobile apps of project management for Android appears. It’s great to have so many options to choose from, but it’s also difficult to choose the best project management app for android and most appropriate one.

If you need project management software with a mobile application for Android, this list presents several solutions so you can organize your projects on the go. So, Get organized better this with some of the best project management app for android we recommend, do you know any other? We would love to hear your opinion!