Playsee App Review – How it works?

Playsee App Review – How it works? How Playsee works, a hybrid social network between Instagram, TikTok, and Google Maps.

Playsee App Review

Playsee App Review


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Playsee is a new social network that embraces the digital world as a hybrid platform that combines TikTok, Instagram, and Google Maps in just one – a concept that is different from what we are used to and which is a priori certainly difficult to imagine in terms of its action. However, it is a social network that is quite easy to use.

What does the Playsee App Do?

This platform is a social network focused on publishing “stories,” i.e., short videos, in the style of TikTok or Instagram Stories, but unlike them, it is location-specific, aimed mainly at those who want to learn more about different places on the planet, that is, for lovers of travel.


1. Google Maps-like navigation

This content is on a Google Maps-like navigation screen where it shows where the short video was recorded. Thus, users who want to visit can explore their city or any other place they want with content that has been recorded or shared by other people. It is a social network with great features, mainly focused on travel planning or knowing firsthand what some places in the world are like.

2. Playsee For Travel

In this way, you will be able to get a clearer idea of ​​the places worth visiting in a certain place, which will make it easier for those who are thinking about a trip and have doubts about any of the places worth visiting. Thanks to Playsee, If there is published content from this place, they will be able to check whether they are really interested in visiting it or, on the contrary, they prefer to choose another one that attracts them more.

3. Business accounts

Using the card, in addition to personal accounts targeted at users in general, you can create Business accounts. The latter is aimed at business owners who can upload content about their premises using social networks. This means that for companies, it can become more than an interesting social network, especially for those connected with tourism.

Apart from these features regarding its operation, how the platform is managed is similar to what we find in other social networks. That is, you can follow users, and profiles, like the content you like, or upload your content; both target your profile followers and other users who can access your content through the platform’s search section and who do not explore the location you uploaded the video.

4. Create collections Pinterest Like Feature 

This mix of social media has room for a similar feature to Pinterest and the ability to create collections of the videos you like the most. Hence, you have your own library of the most interesting content.

5. GPS geolocation

It’s important to note that to use Playsee, you need to have GPS geolocation enabled while the app is in use, which is completely normal, as this way, you can post content wherever you are and share it with other people on the platform.

In any case, you should know that the real-time location is not shared with other people, so you will always be in control of all the places you have been, and other people will not be able to know if you are there. Already or not.

6. How to Use Playsee From your phone

Unlike what happens with other social networks like Instagram or TikTok, where you’ll find videos related to people you follow or topics you like or are most interested in, in Playsee’s case, this content is organized and distributed on the world map.

So, to find the content you like, you will have to explore the map and navigate through it. So you can search for videos recorded in your city or environment related to food, pets, humor, and business, but also videos from other parts of the planet that you are interested in so that you can conduct research from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

7. Virtual trip

Through Playsee, you can take a virtual trip to the place that interests you the most through other people’s videos. Although it is not intended to be a travel guide in itself, it is very useful when it comes to being able to share experiences in a way that allows you to write down the most outstanding and interesting places before visiting a place. In addition, the ability to group videos into collections allows you to take various places that may interest you.

8. Advertising 

Premises and business accounts They can use this social network for advertising their products or services, which is a very good option for self-promotion. While it is not a social network that is very popular at the moment, it is important that if you have a business, you seriously consider creating content for Playsee.

This is because, as with any new application, it is impossible to determine its success, but if it manages to boom in the blink of an eye and become one of the favorites of users, you will always win. If you have more published and quality content than your competitors and for a longer time, in this case, you will have more relevance through the platform.


Therefore, if you have any hospitality or tourism-related business, or any other business that you may find interesting to be present in this network, we recommend that you create your account and start creating short videos for your business. -account. Where you can share aspects of your business with users.