11 Best No Crop App for Instagram of 2024 – (Android & iOS)

The Best No Crop App for Instagram: In the world of modern technology, our phone is an indispensable assistant. With it, we can receive a lot of useful information and share moments of life with our friends. One of the most popular applications around the world is Instagram. Here you can share your photos and videos.

Unfortunately, this application has some drawbacks. The most annoying is the automatic photo cropping. Sometimes we want to post a large-format photo to show the beauty of the view.

As a result of this challenge, a huge number of applications have been developed. They help maintain the size and format of photos and videos for successful publication. The most common and used feature of Instagram is the posting of stories. With their help, you can share moments of your life.

Top 11 Best No Crop App for Instagram

The reporting of the story also has a similar flaw. The application automatically cuts the video and photos when they are published. Automatic content cropping reduces image quality. You can even cut out important parts. These Best No Crop App for Instagram are also suitable for solving this problem.

Best No Crop App for Instagram

So what applications are best suited to solve these problems? This list contains the Best No Crop App for Instagram. This will help you save time on your search and spend it on posting the best photos and videos.

1. Squaready

Squaready is one of the best applications created to help users of the social network Instagram. It allows you to publish photos and videos in full size without cropping.


The application has an excellent design and useful functionality. A photo and video editor, as well as different filters and effects, are included. Make your postings more distinctive and appealing.

Squaready App Features:

  • Instant publication of finished photos and videos without cropping
  • Resize, rotate, and mirror photos and videos
  • Collage templates
  • Large selection of filters
  • A large number of background images
  • Stickers will make your posts more impressive.
  • Possibility of publishing your materials not only on Instagram but also on other social networks
  • Ability to add text
  • Free
  • Lack of publicity

This is the easiest no-crop app to use. You can resize a photo or video with one click.

It has the best features. With their help, you can decorate your posts. There is a nice bonus for the girls. Add makeup to your photo. Change the color of the eyes, add a new lip color or change the contour of the face. You can also whiten your teeth or even change your skin tone.

Here you will also find many different effects for photos. They are divided into: “light”, “bokeh”, “edge”, “texture” and “art”. For each effect, you can select an overlay mode. Change the hue and transparency, as well as the location of the effect itself.

A unique application option is the erase function at all stages of editing. A simple touch is enough to erase the unnecessary, and the painting is ready. The Squaready app allows users to create their own galleries. Share photos with friends and create new masterpieces with them.

Make collages of your photos and videos. Add a variety of filters and creative backgrounds. Create a mirror effect of your photo. Adjusts the edges of the image.

Also, in the application are available various skins for your photos and videos. Decorate your posts with different stickers and stickers. Take videos and post them in real-time. Save the size of the post with this app.

2. Instasize: Photo Editor + Picture Collage Maker

Instasize photo editor is a very popular application that combines several functions at once. First of all, it acts as a mobile photo editor with a lot of features.


And secondly, it helps your posting on various services. For example, it will be used to upload an image to Instagram in an uncircumcised way.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at this app’s capabilities. The developers highlight the following advantages:

  • A wide range of tools for editing and retouching images
  • Automatic photo enhancement
  • Natural retouch
  • Intuitive handling
  • Creating collages
  • Personalized in-app collage
  • Rich filter library
  • Publish images without cropping, in full format
  • The ability to rotate photos
  • Presence of backgrounds and frames
  • Add tags
  • Ability to publish the changed images on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and similar services

How do you use this application? First, open it on your phone or tablet. Now click on the plus icon. The first time you will be asked to accept the privacy policy, it will not be necessary for the future. Then select a format for future publication. 4 options are presented:

  • Photo – select a photo from the device memory
  • Cloud – download a photo from cloud storage, if tied to your phone or tablet
  • Collage – combine many images in a specific way.
  • Camera – device snapshot

You will now have access to the main editing elements and perform all the desired actions with the image. Then click on the Share icon. Customize the nuances of the post.

In this with the basics of using the whole application. Download the free Instasize Photo Editor app and post photos to Instagram without cropping.

3. No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop & Square for Instagram helps you post your photos and videos on Instagram without cropping. Here you can edit the photos as you like. This is the most necessary and free app.


The application has many different filters. They will make your posts more beautiful and special. Also, here you will find interesting templates for collages. Resize photos and videos, rotate or reshape them. Use free wallpapers.

Also, here is the add text function. You can change the location, font, and size. Add interesting stickers that will decorate your photos.

The No Crop & Square application for Instagram contains 4 sets of brushes according to the following modes of use. “Normal”, “dotted”, “dotted” and “figurative”.

With the first three modes, you can create beautiful photos with the effect of the picture on the picture. The figurative brush includes the most varied modes. This type of brush can also be used to create a single shaped item. You just have to touch the screen.

Here you can post your materials not only on Instagram but also on other social networks.

How do you use this application? If you wish to share numerous photos at the same time, you must first select up to 10 photos or videos from the gallery. All selected materials will be available for publication in the full-size version. You can edit all the photos together by selecting the filter or the background.

The main advantages of the No Crop & Square application for Instagram:

  • Post many life-size photos and videos at once
  • Filters and funds
  • Change the shape, size, or orientation of photos and videos
  • Ability to edit all posts at once or each one separately
  • Post photos and videos on Instagram and other various social networks

This is an absolutely free app that you will definitely like. It has no ads and useless features. Just what you need

4. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Download Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker app to post full-size photos and videos to Instagram. The application supports all types of publications.


After clicking the “download” button, the program will ask you to select a photo or video. Immediately after this, you can start editing and publishing.

All materials are stored unpruned and in high quality. The application has a built-in editor. With it, you can enhance your photos and videos and make them more attractive.

There is also a function to add text and various stickers. You can choose the font, design, color, and size.

After editing, the application asks you to preview the result. The design of the application is quite interesting. You can choose different themes—for example, day or night.

With the Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker app, you can:

  • Save your images and videos in the highest possible resolution.
  • Edit your content.
  • Share messages with friends.
  • Publish photos and videos on a large scale.
  • Change video.
  • Share interesting videos with friends.
  • Use the image resize function.
  • Rotate or flip your photos.

The application will save the final result in high quality in the gallery of your phone. If you use the phone on the Android platform, you can save videos and photos directly to the SD card.

You can share posts with your friends on Instagram and other social networks. Add your account from any social network or email.

Change the video. You can crop it or apply a filter. You can also change the volume, brightness, and speed of the video. With this program, you will enjoy your publications without the need for pruning. The unique editor will make your photos and videos unique and inimitable.

This Square InPic: Photo Editor & Collage Maker application is in free access. It has a great design and useful functionality.

5. Square Quick – Photo Editor

Square Quick: Photo Editor is a great application to save the size of your photos and videos. It has an interesting built-in photo and video editor.


Download the desired snapshot or video from your phone gallery. You can take the photo without leaving the application. You can also upload a file from any cloud service.

Now you can change your materials. You can resize the image, flip it, crop it, and even give it a standard square look. The application also helps to change the background of the photo, add a frame or a sticker. Change your photo or video beyond recognition.

To edit a snapshot, click the corresponding button in the center of the bottom panel. This will open the edit mode. The first thing you’ll notice is a list of filters. Simply click on a specific filter to apply it. If you wish to change the filter’s intensity, click on it again.

Square Quick: Photo Editor app contains one of the best collections of filters. The edited images are very atmospheric, and each filter has its own unique characteristics.

In addition to filters, the app has standard photo settings—brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. You can also crop or align the photo. To go to them, simply select the appropriate button in edit mode.

The original photo is stored in the gallery of the program. You can revert to the original version of the snapshot at any time. In addition, the application maintains a complete history of changes. You can return to the desired stage at any time.

All photos and videos are saved in full size. Directly from the Square Quick – Photo Editor app, you can post your materials on Instagram without cropping.

6. Square Fit Size -Photo Editor & Photo Collage Maker

Square Fit Size: Collage Maker Photo Editor is a simple photo editor for Instagram. Allows you to avoid cropped photos by making the photos square.

You can add a frame of any size or color and rotate the photo. Send the publication to Instagram or share it through any other social network.


Save all the details of your photos. This app does not ruin the quality of your posts. You can choose the format and quality of the image.

Also, this application saves the photo in the highest resolution possible. The application uses a beautiful theme. It gives the application an elegant and clear look. Therefore, the application allows you to make a square photo by adding a square frame of any color and size.

Square Fit Size – Collage Maker Photo Editor App Main Features:

  • You can select a photo from the gallery
  • You can take a photo directly in the application
  • Editing photos and videos
  • Publish your photos and videos on Instagram without leaving the application
  • Rotate, crop, or flip selected images
  • Customize the size and color of the frame that was added to make the photo square
  • Select frame color
  • elegant theme

The application has a comfortable gallery. You can adjust the number of images displayed on the top panel. In the same place, you can choose which photos to show: all marked, edited, or not edited.

There is also a sync feature between your devices. Now you can start processing a snapshot on one device and continue on another. Square Fit Size – Collage Maker Photo Editor app is absolutely free and has no built-in advertising.

7. Whitagram – Square framing

Using the Whitagram app is pretty easy. After opening the application, it will ask you to select a photo from the gallery.


They will proceed to edit the snapshot, where they will see three tabs: Styles, Tools, and Export. When you have the finished image, you can post it to Instagram in full size without cropping.

Styles are a collection of filters that can be applied to your image. Also, here you can customize the styles manually or create new ones. You just have to edit the image and select the “Save settings” function.

To find it, just go to the end of the list of styles and click on the icon with the plus sign. After that, you can apply a new filter to any image.

If you want to share your style, use the QR code. After scanning, the device automatically overlays the saved style on the image. This function is found in the Edit Filter Set menu.

The Whitagram app saves the size of the photo. So now you can’t be upset about Instagram cutting your post again. After all, because of this photo or video, you may lose important parts.

Before processing the image, be sure to check the settings. There you can choose a dark theme and change the settings for exporting and publishing. When saving a snapshot, don’t forget to choose PNG or JPG if you want the highest quality.

The Whitagram app has everything you need for basic image correction. Crop, rotate an image, double exposure, add text, and more. Each tool has its own parameters. You need to change the brightness, contrast, light balance, and light areas to adjust the image.

After editing a photo or video, you can post it on Instagram. Forget cropped photos. Now your subscribers will see all the details.

8. NoCrop for Instagram Story

NoCrop for Instagram Story is a complete photo and video editor. The main feature is the posting of full-size photos and videos on Instagram. You need to select one or more materials from the gallery on your mobile device to get started.


Click the checkmark when you are ready to proceed with image editing. Many application tools have ready-made filters that already have their own autotuning.

For example, open the Curves tool and go to the style window. Look at everything and find the most suitable one.

The same can be done with the coarse grit tool. This is where all the most beautiful filters are. Just zero the grain and select a style.

If you want to correct a step, use the “Edit filter set” button in the upper right corner. In the “View changes” menu, you can edit all your actions, repeat certain effects or delete them.

The mask overlay is a very cool feature. Allows you to remove or enhance any effect in a specific place in the image.

From the Edit Filter Set menu, select the desired action and click the Mask Overlay button. Next, you need to adjust the power of your instrument and select the places where the mask is required.

All these features will help you improve the quality of your posts. Instagram will no longer be able to post cropped photo. Your posts will save all the details that you would like to share. This is an excellent app for posting and editing full-size photos and videos.

9. Take

Cymera is a great application to save the size of your photos and videos. Instagram cuts the posts. It is very distressing for the users of the social network.


Now, this is not a problem. This wonderful application will help you publish your photos without cropping them. You can do it without exiting the program.

A distinctive feature of the application is the ability to process your portrait. This is sure to please all the girls who love to post their photos on Instagram.

This application offers you five tools. The first is called “Portrait.” There are several styles of facial lighting. You can also change the correction of light and shadow, smoothing the skin and brightening the eyes.

Use the tool and the “head position.” All you have to do is slowly move your finger across the device’s screen, and you can choose the perfect angle. And in this tool, you can change the size of the pupils and the tips of the mouth. Ideal for those who want to decorate the image with a smile.

Blurring will hide unnecessary details in the image. The Cymera app detects the area around the face and leaves it intact. With the help of Point Correction, you can get rid of small blemishes on the face or cover an extra piece. The Brush tool will make your image brighter or darker.

In the “Export” menu, you can save a copy of the image and select the appropriate folder. You can also share the image through any application on your device.

Tired of clipping your post by posting it on Instagram? Does this feature take away important details? This Cymera app is the perfect solution for this problem. Now you can publish your most beautiful photos in full size, so you don’t lose important details.

10. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best photo and video editing apps. It helps you to post them on Instagram in full size. This application combines professional tools and simple operations.


You can select the required option and specify the parameter using simple gestures. The app will then do everything on its own. By clicking the “Frame” icon, you can crop, rotate or mirror the photo.

Also, here you can add any text. Just choose the tool of the same name and write on the keyboard that you want to see in your photo.

There are quite a few styles and fonts, so take a look at everything and choose the right one. In the same place, go to select the color of your text.

Mask Overlay will allow you to hide part of the text or put it in the background. Just put the effect of the “Text” tool at number 0. Then carefully mask the part that should be in front.

Collection, perspective, and expansion. Each of these tools will allow you to change the size or format of the image and hide unnecessary elements. Use drag and zoom gestures. The Snapseed app will automatically fill in the blank edges of the image.

The extension tool automatically enlarges your photo and aligns the horizon. In it, you can choose three fill modes: “Smart,” “White,” and “Black.”

Also, this application will help you save the size of the photo. You can turn any rectangular photo into a square photo. For this, the application has the function of adding a background. In the background, you can choose one of the proposed colors or images. You can also add any other photo from your mobile device there.

The free Snapseed app has a good design and an intuitive interface. There is no embedded advertising—life-size post photos on Instagram without cropping them.

11. No Crop – Square Video & Photo

No Crop: Square Video & Photo helps you post full-size photos and videos to Instagram.

Tired of cropping images? Losing important items from posts? Then download this app and improve the quality of your content. Also, the application has a multifunctional photo editor.


The main menu of the app consists of 4 main functions. “Editing”, “collage”, “drawing” and “camera”. The “editing” section includes 15 tools, among which there are unique settings.


The tab features 15 tools for adjusting and editing photos using effects.

  • “Dispersion.” The effect allows you to divide the selected area into geometric shapes. They can be adjusted in size and distance between them. The tool is useful for creating the original abstraction of movement.
  • “Free Cut.” With this tool, you can cut out the desired area and apply it to another photo.
  • “Clone.” A tool that helps eliminate defects, bumps, and other unnecessary details.
  • “Tilt-Shift.” The effect of the so-called “miniature” or “false miniature” due to the small depth of field. Photos with this effect become like toys. To make the changes more noticeable, you can add a bit of contrast.
  • “Stretch” or plastic. Allows you to reduce or expand multiple volumes. There is a “freeze” function. It will not allow the stretch to affect areas that do not need to be adjusted.


This section presents filters by topic groups.

  • “Effects.” HDR, black and white, dimming and backlighting, sharpness, retro, sepia, and many others.
  • “Magic” – art filters, starting with a pencil imitation, a pop sketch, and ending with a neo-pop style. Turn your photo into a painting.
  • “Blot.” It is a group of filters that represents various variations of image blur.
  • “Art.” 22 filters with various “painting” effects: watercolor, contour, oil, sketch, stamping, and others.
  • “Pop Art” – 12 filters. Along with the color filters, there are solutions in the style of pop art and the gradient.
  • “Paper” – 8 filters that can be used for the style.
  • Colors – 5 color filters. Using the “compensation” tool, you can change the color of the object.

Also, If you wish to make your images square, you may also use different backdrops. Use the special Instagram editor to share full-size photographs!