5 Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits of 2021

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The Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits: Software for NGOs, Associations, and Foundations. Guide and best accounting software for nonprofits Associations and Foundations.

The Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits

With a wide variety of the best Software for NGOs, associations, and nonprofit foundations available in the market, they have more options than ever to grow, manage, and streamline their organizations efficiently. From individual and independent applications to manage donations to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. Now NGOs can manage their essential daily functions more easily and profitably.

This includes marketing and promotion campaigns by mail, accounting, reporting, and component management. However, the challenge of NGO management software is to determine which one can best meet the needs of an organization. This software guide for .net It provides an overview of the Software for associations, foundations, and NGOs with the aim of helping you make the best decision.

What is Software for NGOs, Associations, and Foundations?

Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits

The best accounting software for nonprofits foundations, associations, or NGOs includes a wide range of independent applications and comprehensive programs that help manage the various facets of their administrative, fundraising, donor relations, monitoring, and presentation functions. From reports. Therefore, regardless of size or budget, all nonprofit associations benefit from the use of these management solutions.

Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits, NGOs, and Foundations

Most systems offer similar basic offers. Here is some best management software from NGOs, associations, and foundations that we think may be useful.


NeonCRM helps NGOs, nonprofit associations, and foundations to manage, streamline and automate fundraising and membership needs. We are facing a cloud-based system with built-in communication tools and donation forms.

Thanks to NeonCRM, we can manage in a single place a multitude of fields related to our NGO, such as committees, contacts, donors. The different events we organize, fundraising, all memberships. Grants received from organizations, As well as a control regarding all the volunteers who are involved in the project.

It also has a special module dedicated to email marketing, with which we can organize newsletters and all kinds of content. In addition, the Neon CRM NGO software has full integration into social networks.


NGO Management Software: Unit4

Unit 4 is the best accounting software for nonprofits associations that manages the organization to enhance operations by improving the most important assets, workers, and volunteers.

This Software is aimed at people who are involved in the association, offering tools to unleash their potential and organize their time, thus achieving greater efficiency of the whole group.

In fact, Unit4 not only offers management software for NGOs and foundations but is also widely used in other fields such as universities, professional services companies, administrations, as well as public sector companies.

With regard to the ERP accounting software for nonprofits associations, we find a whole series of functions and modules aimed at improving and making the work of all the collaborators much more efficient.

Thanks to programs such as Unit4, you can save a lot of time in data entry and other tasks that can be performed directly by the Software, so that volunteers and workers have more time to devote to other more important purposes.


Software for Associations: Quonext

The Enterprise Resource Planning system for Quonext associations has been programmed using Microsoft dynamics as a basis. This system unifies all the processes that occur in an NGO in a single program. With the advantage of being able to cross the data and obtain analyzes that allow observing the development of the project.

The objectives of Quonext’s the best accounting software for nonprofits Software, like the rest of CRM’s in the market, is to improve the management of relationships, both for clients or members and for workers and volunteers. In this way, it is much easier to scale the organization, optimize the work of the volunteers, increase the number of memberships and automate all the processes so that they can be carried out by the program, thus leaving much more time for the rest of the workers.

Among the functions offered by Quonext, the most important are contact management, optimization of relations with members, improvement in the recruitment of new volunteers and collaborators, or the automation of marketing processes.

CentralStation CRM

Nonprofit Foundation Software: CentralStation

This Software for associations will allow us to manage all the people involved in the organization, offering specific modules for each type of profile. In this way, we will be able to have all the contacts sorted, knowing at all times the number of volunteers, workers, and members that we have in our NGO.

Among the most interesting functions is the possibility of categorizing and filtering members according to various criteria and contrast data, sending emails to all these contacts, organizing all the tasks and appointments related to the association, managing projects, etc.

In addition, in this case, we will also have direct online access via a web browser from any device practically and simply.

WEB: CentralStation CRM


Nonprofit Software: GONG

GONG (Management for NGOs) is a free software application for cooperation NGOs. It is specially oriented to project management integrating technical and financial management.

GONG allows us to order and standardize the information and all the processes that are carried out in the organization. In this way, we save time in reporting by making all the work much more efficient.

On the other hand, the Software is based on a centralized system, in which various areas of the organization itself are integrated, thus avoiding any important information being lost along the way.

In addition, with the best accounting software for nonprofits of Gong, we will have direct access through the web, without the need to install any kind of extra Software.

Common Features of the Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits

All modules and tools are fully customizable so that we can adapt the Software to our own needs without any problem.

Accounting software

Check critical financial data to verify that donated money is budgeted, allocated, tracked, and reported easily. Its functions include budget control, anticipating future expenses, grant management, payroll processing, and reporting and analysis.

Money collection and donor administration

It allows NGOs, foundations, or associations to request securely, receive and track individual, planned, recurring, or major donations. Features include auctions, design, and management of campaigns, donations through the Internet, personalized donation forms, generation of receipts and reports.

Partner Management

Membership administration contains contact information for partners and helps to record interactions, establish membership levels, manage benefits, and track renewals and fees.

Volunteer Management

It facilitates the interactions of a nonprofit association or foundation with its volunteers. This software stores contact information, employee history, availability, and much more. It also provides extensive tools to contact those who have volunteered for upcoming events.

Publicity and Promotion

Generate personalized direct marketing, email marketing, and online campaigns. Its functions include contact management, personalized treatment, mail segmentation, message logging, and elaboration of detailed reports.


Centralize all the information of all the people involved in any NGO project. It includes volunteers, partners, ex-participants of programs, and corporations. Features include campaign/fund management, advanced consultations, lead generation, accounting integration, donation processing and management, reports, and analysis.

Event Management

It serves as a support to the NGO to prepare or organize any type of event or meeting. It offers the possibility of registering online, obtaining event listings, email notifications, payment admission, etc.

Grant Management

It allows foundations, associations, and NGOs to follow any type of subsidy or public tender. It also manages the amount granted and distributes it to the target audience of the project. Features include application status notices and indication of the phase in which the process is.

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

It allows participants to carry out individual and team campaigns to raise funds on their behalf. Its functions include campaign creation, event management, donation acceptance, and updates.

What Kind of Customer Are You?

Before buying Software for NGOs, foundations, or associations, you must understand the needs of your organization and how a system could help meet those requirements now and for years to come.

Small Local or Regional Nonprofit Associations

Generating donor support from each nonprofit organization is essential. It is even more important for small associations to obtain donations and grants to finance their programs. Individual email marketing and fundraising systems for small nonprofit organizations can be an effective and economical way for these organizations to create social commitment and track the donations they receive.

Organizations and associations, including museums, clubs, and commercial organizations, have special requirements. In addition to fundraising and event planning activities, they must establish membership levels, collect fees and renewals, administer committees, and track the progress of members in certification programs.

Medium-sized Nonprofit Foundations

These foundations foster relationships to transform occasional donors into recurring donors. Medium-sized organizations focused on long-term growth generally look for Software for foundations with email marketing and financial management applications that offer centralized control, high levels of security, and robust reporting and auditing functionality.

Large / National Non-profit Organizations

Like any large company, NGOs need to plan, create strategies, and act precisely to help people. These nonprofit organizations are looking for business resource planning solutions that can help expedite back-end operations, as well as component management, fundraising, and email marketing capabilities that can handle large volumes of operations and all kinds of donations.

Faith-based Churches and Ministries

These organizations operate differently than NGOs. Instead of raising funds intensely, they collect contributions from members. They manage complex relationships and track attendance and participation of members in multiple groups and activities. Large churches and faith-based ministries often require special systems of registration and security. Specific Software for Iglesias offers the tools and features that these consumers are looking for.

Partner Management

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Software for Foundations, Associations, and NGOs

NGOs, associations, and foundations that adopt the most appropriate types of Software for your organization can benefit in many ways. For example:

  • Secure online donations with tracking, processing, and reporting of donations for audit and regulatory purposes.
  • Monitoring of grants, fundraising, and donor activities for accurate budget planning, forecasting, and allocation.
  • Encourage the participation of members through promotional campaigns, events, and regular communication.
  • Capture, management, and safe selection of critical component data.
  • Finally, reduce data redundancy for more efficient marketing, event planning, and continuous announcements.

NGOs that do not realize some of these basic benefits often do so because:

  • They do not plan, budget, or prepare strategically for their changing needs and growth.
  • They overlook essential accounting, compliance, or regulation issues.
  • The infrastructure is not adequate to support the integration of software systems from different vendors.
  • The staff is not prepared for the adoption of new Software.
  • They do not adequately train staff/volunteers on how to take advantage of all the features and functionality of the Software.

Market Trends to Consider

As a nonprofit organization, you know that budget, donations, and compliance are ongoing issues that affect the ability to help communities. Here are some other issues to consider when exploring software solutions for NGOs, associations, or Software for foundations:

Social networks

The Return on Investment (ROI) is being replaced by an essential metric: Return on Commitment (ROE). To boost the continuous commitment with their partners, organizations of all sizes are using social media tools (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to strengthen relationships, share information, and generate support. It is essential that email marketing, promotion, and events campaigns easily connect your potential partners with your social media channels and offer users the possibility to opt for that communication in the future.

Mobile apps

Nonprofit organizations are “mobilizing.” Mobile applications are the tool that NGOs are taking advantage of to boost donor engagement and support.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

For many nonprofit organizations, the Software as a service (SaaS) model offers an excellent way to implement and maintain cutting-edge software solutions. SaaS is ideal because applications can be modified and updated quickly to support the growth of new users. NGOs that prefer this model will want to evaluate service providers based on issues such as data security standards, maintenance, and updates, connectivity rates, support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The week, uptime, and future scalability.