7 Best Hotel Management Software of 2021

7 Best Hotel Management Software of 2021

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Here is the best hotel management software: In the hotel sector, there is currently a great competition that demands to be always up to date with the advances in management technology.

It is for this reason that effective tools are needed that are capable of controlling the large flow of information necessary for the management of a hotel.

While it is true, adopting updated technological systems and programs that meet the needs of the establishments, regardless of their size, the facilities available, or the number of guests staying, can make a difference at the hotel.

It is necessary to know how to choose the best hotel management software because there are currently many offers. And if you are not used to technology, it can be a problem. The opinions are diverse in this field since each hotel has its own “needs configuration,” and it is difficult to find this configuration in a “standard.”

Choosing the right reception software for your hotel is a crucial step. If you want information about PMS, here is a post loaded with relevant information about the most used hotel management software so that in one way or another.

You can get the best hotel management software you are looking for for your hotel, and if you do not know the PMS operation, here we also explain it step by step, so do not forget to read this great post that we bring for you.

What are the Hotel Management Programs (PMS)

This Best hotel management software is computer applications that integrate a wide variety of hotel functions, which range from expediting the administrative tasks of hotel operators and owners, to increasing their reservations both in the short and long term.

They allow you to easily manage information on all the operational areas of the hotel, characterized by the ability they have to be configured according to the requirements of each hotel, based on extensions that extend their utilities.

This hotel management software is truly important not only for everyday operations but also for a fundamental part of the overall guest experience.

Since the guests make the reservation online, they complete their stay and send their comments when they return home. It is necessary that your hotel management software improves their experience with your brand.

How Hotel Management Software Works?

You must get the best hotel management software that gives you the services that your hotel requires so that you can manage your hotel efficiently.

  • A good hotel management software should be easy to use.
  • It must incorporate updates that include extra features that you can acquire or not according to your needs.
  • It must be adapted to any hotel modality or to any product marketing and distribution model.
  • Possibility of adjusting to the evolution of the business without difficulties.
  • Compatibility with other computer programs, own or third parties.
  • Quick integration between the different sectors of the hotel, such as the front desk, Channel Manager, back office, shopping, warehouse, restaurant, among others, through an integrated and manageable from a single point, which requires few resources.
  • The program must be powerful in its integration of various functionalities, such as “CRM” customer management, “CRS” reservation centers, and check-in and check-out systems so that they can exchange data automatically. This will not only favor management but also provide valuable information to the company so that it can adopt commercial policies that will take them to the top in the hotel market.

What Are the Best Hotel Management Systems?

Hotel management software has multiple functionalities both for hotel operators that manage large chains and for independent hoteliers. This Hotel management software is largely responsible for:

Manage reservations

They help manage reserves efficiently and effectively. In other words, they automate the reservation process, so that you save administrative tasks and can concentrate more on interacting with your guests.

They help you significantly reduce the risk of overbooking in your rooms, which directly improves the experience of guests in your property.

Get direct reservations

They allow you to get direct reservations on your active website since most travelers are now more likely to book through the web than to call to complete their reservations or register with a travel agency. This will maximize revenue generated by reserves.

Manage channels

They facilitate the implementation of your distribution strategy because to survive in a competitive and globalized environment to travel, and it is necessary that you associate with different types of agents in the sector, such as online travel agencies and global distribution systems.

These programs will help you create and implement a diversified distribution strategy that attracts continuous reserves.

Improve your presence on the hotel website.

They help you improve your online presence, remember that your hotel management system will only be effective if your guests can reach your brand.

Thanks to these programs, you can create a clean, attractive, and easy-to-use website, so that you encourage guests to book a stay at your property.

Most used hotel management programs

For you to select a good hotel management program, you must first identify the services you want and need. Still, in all cases, it is recommended that you look for a solution that integrates all the services so that you can optimize the efficiency of your hotel and increase your profitability.

The best way to know if you have found the ideal Hotel management software is to use the free package so that you can discover all the services. And if they are easy to use, making it possible to optimize your daily responsibilities while focusing on the big picture.

The Best Hotel Management Software for You

Best Hotel Management Software

Here is a list of the Bes Hotel management software so you can choose among them the one that best suits your needs and the needs of your hotel.

1.CTM Software

Best Hotel Management Software

CTM Software is ideal for you to grow in this world of hospitality as you need it. They are experts in the computerization of hotels with more than 18 years of experience so that you will have great features in a single tool.

With this program, you can:

  • Use ERP without any initial investment, only paying the service the months you use it.
  • Have timely and accurate information on each area of ​​the hotel to facilitate decision making.
  • Enjoy advice from CTM during the time of use of the service, on best practices, and use of ERP.
  • Have an operational interface, easy and intuitive.
  • Reduce errors in daily work.
  • Having ease of work, in addition to providing a quick response to customers and avoiding bottlenecks.
  • Enjoy support offered by highly qualified personnel both in the use of ERP and in the knowledge of the hotel sector.

2.Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property is a flexible and free hotel management software for its public, which adapts to all the requirements of any particular establishment, regardless of whether they are small boutique hotels or hotel chains.

Best Hotel Management Software

It has a large number of certified interconnections with sector applications, which are external and help integrate Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property with its business systems, to obtain connected technological processes and without setbacks. It has a large capacity for expansion that allows adopting and expanding capabilities as the business evolves.

3. Sirvoy

Best Hotel Management Software

Sirvoy is a program that has all the functionalities that a hotelier needs. Such as Channel manager, reservation management and reception, hotel maintenance including daily cleaning management, among other features, So it is a very suitable program for hotels, apartments, a hostel, or any type of accommodation, from 1 to +100 rooms.

4. Newhotel

Best Hotel Management Software

Newhotel offers you the complete hotel management in the Cloud With the Cloud PMS, which allows you to:

  • The definition of multiple rates.
  • Define the services or products that will be charged in different currencies and with any tax system.
  • Reconnect multiple users of the system at the same time.
  • Change all day-to-day reception activities such as input and output data, transactions, cancellations, and payments.
  • See the entire management panel with the graphics.
  • Observe some income management techniques.
  • Make reservation management simple and intuitive.

5. Tesipro

With tesipro, you can manage all reservations, all rates, and all guests of one or more properties from the same platform, obtaining all the data in a consolidated manner.

Best Hotel Management Software

With this platform, you will have the following functionalities at hand:

  • Advanced Reporting Accounting Method.
  • Powerful dashboard to have a vision of the current activity of each of your properties.
  • Quickly access the most important reservations.
  • Get an idea of ​​the price evolution quickly.
  • Know the status of all rooms.

6. Kymboo

Kymboo provides a wide variety of tools for the integral management, price distribution and availability of your hotel establishment, also, you can optimize your resources to be as visible as possible and receive direct reservations through your own website.

Best Hotel Management Software

With thi hotel management software, you will enjoy:

  • Hotel management program.
  • Visibility on all reservation pages.
  • Booking planning.
  • Responsive web with reservation system.
  • Customer tracking and loyalty.
  • Receiving system via Ipad.
  • Channel Manager with all portals.
  • User management by role.
  • Offer settings.

7. WinHotel

Best Hotel Management Software

Winhotel is an easy and intuitive tool that will be quickly adopted by all hotel staff since it has two technologies combined perfectly to make it a very solid product: NET and Microsoft SQL.

In this program you will have a wide gallery of reports, you will improve your analysis and control capacity, you will have the widest selection of reports on the market, and you will have another large number of integrations.


Do not leave here without first choosing one of these best hotel management software that will facilitate many tasks within your property.