23 Best Note Taking App for Students of 2024

What is The Best note taking app for students: Now that tablets are common in schools, it is time to take full advantage of them in the classroom. We propose the best note taking app for students, available in various operating systems.

If you are a student and attend classes and conferences, you surely know how important it is to take notes regularly. If you make an effort to capture good ideas but you do not always ensure good access and organization of your writings, you have not found the best apps to take notes.

The 23 Best Note Taking App for Students

Best Note Taking App for Students

At first, most opt ​​for pencil and paper, but when you are looking for greater organization and quick access, the search for applications begins. And it is that only the best apps for taking notes will convince us that we get rid of the classic way and that we go to the digital instead.

In addition to the wide availability of mobile devices that allow them to be easily used anywhere, note apps have become an ideal element to record information for students around the world. For all this, we have selected five of the best applications and tools to take digital notes:

1. Word

Available for iOS and Android for a couple of years, it is one of the most downloaded apps in both stores.


In this case, it adapts to the tablet with a simpler interface than the classic desktop version. To have the documents available from anywhere, you can synchronize it with the cloud.

2. Squid


It is designed to take handwritten notes and designed for those who have a stylus and write as if it were on Paper. The user can mark PDF or images and perform simple tasks such as filling out forms, editing jobs, or signing documents.

3. Google Docs

A text editor and also the best note taking app for students with cloud synchronization.


It allows you to have notes in various types of formats and available from anywhere. As in your desktop version, there is the option to share documents with other people and add comments.

4. Jota Text Editor

For those who just want to read and edit simple text documents of any extension.

This editor has a large number of writing tools, such as searching for words, replacing words, word counters, or autosave.

5. DroidEdit (free code editor)

It allows you to undo changes without limit, search, and replace words.

It also offers keyboard shortcuts, integration with cloud services, or previewing HTML files in the browser. It includes customizable elements such as colors and themes to make the application more personal.

6. Textilus

Best Note Taking App for Students

Very complete as it allows you to add photos or drawings directly in the text. It has multiple options in terms of bold, font size or styles and also allows you to configure up to 25 shortcuts or shortcuts. It highlights the inclusion of a cursor that they have called ‘MagicCursor,’ and that moves with agility through the document and allows you to select easily.

7. Apple Notes

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Apple’s option included in both iOS and Mac computers: Apple Notes has cloud synchronization (with iCloud) and is simple as well as effective. Especially interesting is your organization within the app itself, which will show all the notes sorted according to the date on which we created them.

8. Quip

Although with a professional profile, Quip is the best note taking app for students as a collaborative professional tool that, among many other functions, allows you to create notes, share them and modify those of others.

Pure teamwork seasoned with many other tools, multiplatform and ‘universal’ version on the Web.

9. Laverna

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Laverna was born with the aim of being the ‘open-source’ competitor of Evernote, and the truth is that it has managed to position itself very well as software to make all kinds of notes. It will fulfill its mission perfectly for users looking for something simple or advanced and complex, with cloud synchronization (and encryption to keep them secure), cross-platform, and completely free.

10. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox bought Hackpad in 2014, and since then it has positioned itself as a great app to take notes, and even more so to do it collaboratively.


Several users will be able to access, edit, and modify the same note, something great for several students to elaborate the same notes, correcting or modifying those of their classmates. It has multiple versions, including Web and iOS.

Unlike the simple Dropbox, mentioned above, it has been built with the aim of creating a flexible workspace in which several people can work online, having the possibility to edit documents and chat in real-time. Its minimalist design allows you to master the application in a relatively short time.

11. SomNote – Beautiful note app for Students

SomNote allows you to write your own notes on your device (iOS, Android, or cross-platform via the Web) and store them in the system cloud.


It is free, although it has a premium model with additional options. Very visual, it is simple to use for all types of audiences.

12. Evernote – Organize Notes & To-Do Lists

It is one of the best note taking app for students and queens in this app to take notes, and that is that Evernote has it all.


Compatibility with multiple systems, synchronization with the cloud, collaboration, a good editor and is free, with a payment option for the most demanding users.

13. SimpleNote

Its name already indicates that Simplenote is a simple application to take notes.


Intuitive and simple, it is multiplatform (includes both desktop and mobile systems) and is also opensource; It has been designed by the people of Automattic, the same WordPress developers with the the goal of being simple but powerful.

14. Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Google includes, within its suite of Android applications, the so-called Google


Keep an app to take notes that is simple but can not. Text notes that are synchronized in the cloud through your account, and therefore can be shared between devices. A perfect solution for Android devices to create notes quickly and easily.

15. Notability

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Focused on Apple devices (iOS and OSX), Notability is committed to design and possibilities. It is more complex, but also more powerful and with many more possibilities to take advantage of it, including from written notes to drawings, illustrations and schemes, all synchronized between devices although with the goal of having a price.

16. Penultimate

Although its name does not indicate much, Penultimate is a part of the Evernote referred to earlier.


His idea is to offer an app to write with a digital pen, take notes by hand, and with the potential of Evernote (synchronization, collaboration, search, etc.) behind. Free and available for iPad.

17. Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes

Another essential that could not be missing in this list is what they do from Redmond, included in the Office suite.


Microsoft OneNote is the software responsible for creating simple notes, with a very wide variety of available platforms and many functionalities such as the digitization of written text. One of the complete options is also free.

18. FetchNotes


Another of the easiest to use is called FetchNotes, multiplatform (iOS, Android, Chrome, and Safari browsers) and with cloud synchronization. It is free and also has an interesting model to share between contacts, something that is the ideal best note taking app for students for both work teams and classrooms where students can send notes between them.

19. Paper by FiftyThree


And we finish with Paper, one of the most awarded and successful designs and illustration apps. It is more an editor for images than a notes app as such, but it can also be used for this purpose of taking advantage of some very interesting extra features to give an artistic touch to the notes.

20. Notebook

Available for iOS devices it allows you to perform all the basic tasks: add files, create task lists with verification, record audios.


All the notes and other documents attached to the application are automatically synchronized with the other devices through the cloud.

21. Audionote


Allows you to toggle the use of voice recordings with manual annotations. It also allows you to add excerpts of PDF documents and photographs, so it is very appropriate if what you are looking for is versatility and freedom to use any type of file.

22. AccessNote


The American Foundation for the has created it Blind. That is, it is designed for users looking for an efficient and complete a resource to take note through the use of voice, which offers the same possibilities as other applications of its nature.

23. Notes Plus


Designed for those who like to take notes manually, it offers manual writing to text conversion system. In addition, it allows you to import PDF or DOC documents on which you can make annotations, and also allows you to export your own notes and convert them to any format.


As we can see, the best note taking app for students have many options to meet almost all needs, at least in their free version. We encourage you to try them and share your opinion in the comments of this post.