30+ Best Video Editing App for YouTube of 2024

Meet the best video editing app for youtube to create free videos on your phone easily and quickly! Did you know that, until this year, 82% of Internet traffic will be generated by videos? And that, for the same year, the consumption of online videos is expected to exceed TV?

The Best Video Editing App for Youtube

Including videos in your marketing strategy is not just an option. It is essential to invest in this content format to attract and get the engagement of your audience.

Best App to Edit Videos for YouTube

Contrary to what many believe, making free videos is not an impossible task. It can even be said that having a well-defined strategy and production planning are points that should be considered as essential.

Ready, now that you know how to build your strategy and plan your videos, the next step is to start, in fact, to produce them.

But How to Do That?

You have many options! You can invest in a more professional recording studio or buy a camera.  However, a more accessible and accessible way is to make videos with a cell phone. Thinking about that possibility, we made a list of the best video editing app for youtube to create free videos.

Choose the one you like best, download it and take advantage of its features!

1. Splice or Quik

Splice (iOS) or Quick (Android) is an easy and good apps to edit videos for youtube developed by GoPro. Simply select the photos, videos, and music that the app makes montages and transitions.

2. Magisto

This best apps for editing videos for youtube allows you to create videos from the selected photos in your gallery. It is possible to add music and transition effects to the worked contents.


3. Adobe Premiere Rush

This is an app for editing videos for youtube developed by Adobe, one of the greatest references in graphic editing in the world. The app has an incredible interface and allows you to record, mount, and cut videos, apart from adding soundtracks and some other resources.

This is another best video editing app for youtube of the giant Adobe, it was introduced in the market a short time ago, in 2018. Apart from having some more professional functions, it also allows the editing of different devices.

4. Vintage Retro Camera

With this best app to edit youtube videos on iPhone and Android, it is possible to create videos with retro effect, as if they had been made with analog recorders, with characteristic noises.

5. iMovie

iMovie has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Upload videos and create cuts and transitions!


6. Studio Stop Motion

As the name suggests, this application was created with the aim of producing stop motion videos. It also allows the apps to edit youtube videos for free of filters and sound effects.

7. Action Movie FX

Do you like action videos? Do you need to create videos with special effects? Action Movie FX allows you to place explosions, monsters, and other resources inspired by the world of Star Wars or X-Men, for example.


8. Action Movie FX Maker

His proposal looks like the previous apps to edit your videos for youtube, but it was developed for Android devices.


9. KineMaster

It is the perfect app to edit your videos for youtube to create differentiating videos! It allows editing videos in several layers, also using images and texts, applying music, apart from regulating the image with brightness, contrast, and filters. It is also possible to export videos in Full HD.

10. VideoShow

A user-friendly best video editing app for youtube that allows a variety of resources. Apart from creating the video, it is possible to add a legend, designs with your pen and stickers. There is no time limit for videos.

11. Lapse It

Time-lapse is a great technique to use as a visual resource in the construction of interesting videos. She gathers several photos taken in sequence with very short intervals, creating a unique and striking style.

12. VivaVideo

This is one of the best video editing app for youtube in the ranking of video and photo video editors. Apart from its outstanding evaluations, it has fantastic updates such as voice filters and the possibility of inserting animated designs into the frames.

13. Boomerang

Popular thanks to Instagram, this application records short looped videos and, like Vine, is an optimal option to create gifs.


14. Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

With this application, you will be able to edit your videos using functions such as cutting, grouping, applying effects and filters, among other resources.

15. VidTrim

It is simple, more practical, and quick for those who want to make edits by phone. It offers all the necessary basic resources.


16. Videorama

The application has a friendly interface and allows you to combine photos and videos, cutting, accelerating, and using special effects.


17. Vlog Star

This application was developed thinking, especially, of YouTubers and vloggers. In this way, it was created with the objective that the user can make all the videos in the application itself. From the recording, through the editing, and, finally, publishing on YouTube.


This is a fantastic resource to create videos and incorporate them into your Digital Marketing strategy.

If you are looking for more information on YouTube to improve your channel, get more visits, and achieve user engagement, complete guide on marketing on YouTube.

18. YouNow

YouNow is an application dedicated to online transmissions. When using it, you can create interaction groups (chats) in each transmission, bringing the experience between users closer together.


19. Instagram

Although this is a social network, Instagram incorporates new editing resources every day. As a result, it becomes a much more complete application.


Beyond photo editing, it also allows you to edit short videos (up to a minute) with your filters. You can even record videos with the Stories, but these cannot take more than 10 seconds.

To these short contents, it is possible to add filters, texts, and stickers.


This application allows you to change faces or put masks on selfie videos, such as Snapchat. The only difference is that MSQRD allows live streaming on Facebook.


21. VUE

Vue allows the assembly of videos, but its great differential is in the stickers and filters that can be used.


22. Viddy

With an interface reminiscent of Instagram, Viddy allows you to edit your videos, cutting and applying effects, colors, and filters.


23. AndroVid

This application allows you to cut and mix video clips, apply filters, and some effects, such as slow-motion or sepia.

24. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is very intuitive and allows you to group several videos, make cuts, insert transition effects, music, and make image adjustments.

25. Perfect Video Cutter

With this application, you access cutting resources, effects, and transitions. Its only flaw is that to remove the watermark, it is necessary to buy the pro version. Except for this detail, she is free.


26. Camcorder


This application simulates a VHS recorder, applying effects, noise, and characteristic signals.

27. Efectum

Efectum allows you to create videos in slow, fast, or reverse motion, allowing different effects to be applied to various parts of the video.


28. Mobcrush

This application is for gamers who love competition! With this application, you can make live streaming of the games.

29. Stream

This is another application for live broadcasts. Its most interesting feature is to allow you and other users with access to live to record small parts of the transmission and then compile and make the “best moments”.


30. VideoShop

Allow you to mount the video in the way you like, cutting, grouping, selecting the best moments, and applying music, sound effects.


31. VidLab

You have several interesting filters available. It offers image correction resources, as well as allows you to add texts in specific parts of the video.


32. PowerDirector

With this application, you can see your video in a detailed storyboard, on which you can work different aspects in specific points such as volume, speed, texting, cut, mirror effect, among others.

33. CuteCUT

Show your video on a storyboard. In it, you can add montages, texts and gather your videos and photos to form just content.


34. Cameo

It is an application developed by Vimeo, one of the largest references in video worldwide. Easy to use, it allows you to cut and combine videos recorded with the camera with just a few clicks and then select effects to improve the image and the soundtrack.


35. MovieMaker

It is one of the video applications with the friendliest interface. It allows you to mount the video, but its most interesting resource is the fonts, which can vary in color and size and are very creative.


36. SlideShow Movie Maker

As the name suggests, the idea is to create a presentation with your photos and videos and apply music. It is practical and simple to use.


27. Slideshow Creator

This application has the same objective as the previous one, but it was developed for use on Android devices.

Bonus: Best Paid Apps to Create Videos for Youtube

I think that presenting you with some paid apps to edit videos for youtube alternatives is a very useful idea, that’s why I selected two interesting options.

The 8mm application is the favorite of those who like to record videos in vintage style, with characteristic effects and noises. This is not in vain: a curiosity is that this best app to edit videos for youtube was used by Malik Bendjelloul to record the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” Oscar winner.

FilMic Pro is a semi-professional best video editing app for youtube that allows different settings in your videos. It is very complete because it allows you to create a video the way you want, focusing, selecting colors, timing, and much more.

Unlike the other best video editing app for youtube, this app is a bit more expensive, priced on the App Store. To download the iOS version, click on this link. It is also available for the Android system.

Did you see how it is possible to create incredible content using just the cell phone, creativity, and a lot of strategies?


If you liked this list and want to know more details about making videos and how to use them in your marketing strategy, download the material that we have on the subject. Update yourself and use the videos to optimize your contact with the audience!