12 Best Weather App for Android in 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

The best weather app for android: Our smartphones accompany us wherever we go and are a virtually infinite source of information. We can be in constant communication with anyone and have any data at our disposal with just a few touches on the screen.

Even, sometimes it seems that the weather app for android phones cover 50% of the Play Store. However, what are the best weather app for android and the most downloaded?

What is the Best Weather App for Android?

If you need to know if you need to leave home with an umbrella for the day or if you are planning a quick holiday for the weekend, here we present the best and most reliable best weather apps to know the weather on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Best Weather App for Android

Although if you do not want to give more thought to the matter and what you want to know is which is the app of the most downloaded time, we leave it on a tray before analyzing the others.

Hundreds of weather apps for android allow us to do very different things, from really complex tasks to very simple things. Why not take advantage of them to check time easily? We bring you the best apps so that you never leave home without an umbrella.


One of the veterans, one of the experts. AccuWeather carries out weather forecasts worldwide and is the source of information for much other best weather app for android that can be found in the Google Play Store.

You will have all the information you may need in a single weather app for android, with the certainty that you deal with the experts, so their forecasts are almost always accurate. It also has extras like real-time radar and minute-by-minute forecasts.

Best Weather App for Android

AccuWeather is another weather app for android that has been in the Play Store for a long time and is one of the most reliable best weather app for android. It comes with all the basic elements: current conditions extended forecasts, radar, alerts, and more. One of the most striking features of the application is MinuteCast, which tracks precipitation in a minute-by-minute database. If you wonder what the application of the most downloaded time is, it is possible that this is a candidate — also a candidate for the Best Weather App for Europe.

Google Weather

Google is practically for everything, and your weather card is the fastest way you can check the weather forecast. Do not complicate, and you have everything at your fingertips, and thanks to your default location, Google will notify you of any changes you should know.

Best Weather App for Android

You can check the forecast for this afternoon, for tomorrow, or for 10 days. You will also have graphs about the temperature, the probability of precipitation, the wind, the sunrise time — everything you would find in a much more complex application in a simple way.

You may not have heard about this, but the Google application has a time application within its application portfolio. You can even place it on your home screen. It is one of the apps with the best weather widget.

You will see the weather application appear every time you perform a weather-related search. The app offers daily and hourly forecasts, weekly predictions, air quality, rainfall, and more.

Yahoo Weather

It is one of the most visual applications, with many different images of the area in which you consult. It has a worked aesthetic and full of details so that asking the weather forecast is anything but boring.

Best Weather App for Android

Hourly details, for each day and up to 10 days view. You will have all the information you need, all the details. From interactive temperature, rain, and wind map to radiation rates through weather alerts and widgets for your desktop.

NOAA Weather

This is a meteorological application that obtains information from the national meteorological service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Best Weather App for Android

If you like to take the climate issue seriously, this application has a lot to offer. You can get forecasts, animated radar, hourly forecast, and current conditions.


We are facing an application that takes much less time than the previous ones, but that has won good reviews for having a beautiful design and being really useful. You will have at your disposal all kinds of forecasts in great detail.

Klara is based on all kinds of graphics, thanks to which you can know everything just by taking a look. Precipitation, wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and even humidity, all shown in a very visual way.

You will not leave home without being prepared, thanks to these applications. Find the one that best suits your needs and start downloading!

Dark Sky

Dark Sky was very well received since its launch for Android. The application, in principle, is completely free, but the Premium features are priced.

Best Weather App for Android

These Premium features include even the most detailed forecasts, rain radar, summaries, and widgets. An app of time more than reliable.


Weather is a weather application for Android that has a lot of positive comments. It has everything you can expect from an application of this type: current conditions, daily and daily forecasts, live radar, alerts, and much more.

Best Weather App for Android

The weather has a beautiful design and is very easy to use. Without a doubt, one of the most reliable weather app. So if you are looking for a free weather application, check out this option, it will not disappoint you.


WeatherBug has been around for quite a while and stays probably the best application to know the climate. It incorporates gauges, serious climate alarms, traffic cams, and cautions.

Best Weather App for Android

One of the advantages of WeatherBug is that it is a complete application since you started it. It is not necessary to purchase a Premium license in the app to access special content.

The Weather Channel

Surely you will have heard about The Weather Channel. The application has all the features that can be expected from an application of its kind. Forecasts, current climate, dust tally, recordings, radar, and significantly more.

Much more. The app has been equipped with features, which can be disconcerting for more than one and spectacular for others.

Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is one of those weather applications in the Play Store that have a great design. Weather forecasts are organized in a timeline view.

Best Weather App for Android

It is easy to move through the hours and days to know in detail the weather situation.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground provides forecasts with a great forecast. Weather Underground gets a lot of information from other users.

Best Weather App for Android

By installing this application, you immediately get an interactive radar, satellite maps, severe weather alerts, and live data from weather stations. This is an excellent time application from multiple sources.

Weather Wiz

Weather Wiz was launched in 2017. However, it is already one of the best weather applications for Android. It has all the basics and ingredients: forecasts, radar, UV index, widgets, and a wide variety of beautiful themes. The application is mostly available unless you want to buy themes.