17 Best Free Ringtone App for Android of 2021

17 Best Free Ringtone App for Android of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

The top Best Free Ringtone App for Android: Nowadays there are no limits to the imagination when choosing your own ringtone – regardless of whether it is a current chart hit, futuristic worlds of sound, hard guitar sounds, classical themes, or language.

Best Free Ringtone App for Android

With the apps presented here, you can create your own ringtones, create ringtone playlists or download finished ringtones from a large collection. Together they make up our selection of the best ringtone apps for Android.

Android Ringtones: the Best Free Ringtone App for Android

Basically, any MP3 file can be used as a ringtone on Android devices. However, in the streaming times of Spotify & Co., not everyone saved their music collection locally on their smartphone.

To get new sounds for notifications and calls, you don’t necessarily have to consult your own media library: We present three apps with which you can find a number of new ringtones and prepare them perfectly.

1. Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

A collection of more than 500,000 ringtones provides Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers. The collection can be searched for keywords.

Suitable ringtones can either be saved as favorites or downloaded directly to the Android smartphone. As the name Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers already suggests, wallpapers are also offered. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Songify

The most individual ringtones can be created with Songify. Because Songify automatically converts your own language into music.

Simply speak into your smartphone and listen to the magical result. Songify can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

3. Ringdroid- RingMaker MP3Cutter

With Ringdroid, you can create notification tones of all kinds from existing songs in MP3 format. This includes ringtones, SMS notifications, and alarm tones.

The editing function allows the user to limit himself to certain parts of a song. Alternatively, your own ringtones can be recorded. Ringdroid can also be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

4. Group Ringtones

Android smartphones offer the option of dividing existing contacts in the address book into different groups (e.g., friends, family, or work).

With the free Group Ringtones, it is possible to assign your own ringtones to these groups. So you know immediately with every call whether someone from your circle of friends is answering or just calling work.

5. ShuffleTone

If you always want a bit of variety on your smartphone, you can use the free ShuffleTone to create your own playlists with several ring tones.

These are then played mixed together as soon as a call comes in. ShuffleTone can also be used for notification tones of incoming SMS messages.

6. Myxer

As with Ringdroid, you can use Myxer to process your own MP3 files into ring tones.

If you are still looking for the right song, Myxer offers you access to several thousand free MP3s. The app itself is also available free of charge from the Google Play Store.

7. Cowboy ringtones

With selected sounds and sounds from the most popular Wild West films, this app creates a cowboy atmosphere for every call.

  • In the free Best Free Ringtone App for Android Cowboy Ringtones, you will find a small but coherent selection of perhaps the best-known Wild West melodies from film and television.
  • With around 22 sounds, the selection is quite manageable, but the tones and melodies can not only be used as ringtone via the app; alarms or notifications also receive the sounds of the Wild West at the touch of a button.
  • A simple media player is also on board so that users can play the songs on offer one after the other (randomly using the shuffle function).

There is praise for the often nostalgic titles; with genre fans, the melodies should evoke some memories.

8. Anime ringtone

Attention anime fans: With this sound collection, lots of melodies, sounds, and quotes from many different animes are waiting to be used on the Android device.

At Anime Ringtone, You can expect a generous selection of diverse sounds and ring tones that originate from much well-known anime series.

  • The app scores with an elaborate interface, including a category filter, numerous beautiful drawings, and, last but not least, it’s smooth handling.
  • Even five anime radio stations are available for free, but their programs are, as expected, of a rather restless nature.
  • The app separates offline, and online categories, offer numerous SFX sounds for alarms or notifications, and (for whatever reason) also has a category with Eurobeat music in its repertoire.
  • All in all, around 8000 quotes from the most famous anime series are waiting to be used on the Android device.
  • There is even a news area for anime news on board.
  • Free app with full-screen advertising
  • A premium version of the app was as little available at the test time as was a translation.

Unfortunately, users of the extensive free collection cannot avoid regular full-screen advertising. The offline mode can help, but then some network-based content is no longer available.

9. Best Galaxy S9 Plus Ringtones

New sounds even on old devices: Here, you will find a selection of over 100 high-quality, modern ring tones as well as alarm sounds for devices from Android version 5.0.

  • New sound can also be heard from old devices with this app: The New Galaxy S9 Ringtones Free comes with a free and commendably extensive selection of fresh and modern alarms and ringtones on Android devices.
  • All of them are available in a simple but quite long list for listening to and can simply be played through in sequence in this playlist.
  • So you can do other things while waiting in the background for a new favorite sound. The sound quality is exemplary, but no sorting can be seen in the somewhat chaotic collection.
  • After all, a favorites function helps to summarize the most popular sounds. In addition to the acoustics, the interface also makes a good impression here: With a modern design and intuitive operation.
  • The translation of this app is sketchy at best, but there is a timer on board. This allows you to play through the entire sound collection for up to five hours at a time if that’s what you want.

The Best Free Ringtone App for Android is financed by advertising, but unfortunately, a pro version is not available. Regular interruptions in the form of full-screen commercials are unfortunately a must. Our tip: The app is ad-free in offline mode.

10. Old Phone Ringtones and Alarms

Compact sound collection for nostalgics and time travelers: With this Best Free Ringtone App for Android, the simple but also functional ringtones of the first telephones and mobile devices come onto smartphones.

  • Old Phone Ringtones Free is a free Best Free Ringtone App for Android that comes with a modest selection of just eleven entries on your Android device.
  • They all fit into a list on just one page – the app’s interface doesn’t provide any more: Options, settings, or even a ringtone cutter are nowhere to be found.
  • The download is still worth it, especially if you don’t feel like listening to the somewhat strange standard sounds that often sound like a UFO is calling home somewhere.

It’s classic and down-to-earth here: As with the early telephones, short and loud bells, bells, or bells ring out from the speakers. 

11. Classical music ringtones

Sounds better: With this Best Free Ringtone App for Android, you can expect excerpts from more than 300 classical music pieces by the most famous composers.

  • Anyone looking for an appealing ringtone beyond chart hits, pop songs, or silly computer voices will find Classical Music ringtones. Find it quickly.
  • The stylish collection comes with around 300 different classical music pieces by some of the world’s most famous composers.
  • Of course, this is a shortened selection; the full 90 minutes of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony cannot be listened to here – but only very few callers bring that much patience with them.
  • Here you can easily download ring tones in packages for individual composers from Tchaikovsky to Chopin to Franz Schubert.
  • You can then use the classical pieces of music directly as an alarm, ringtone, or notifications, and you can easily attach them to individual contacts directly via the app.
  • The beautiful and atmospheric music pieces in this app can also be played comfortably on the home screen using a widget.

The Best Free Ringtone App for Android also wants to try its hand at a jukebox but then suffers from the short cut lengths: the music snippets do not run longer than two minutes. You also have to create a separate widget for each track, and there are no playlists – In its current form, the function is hardly useful.

12. Loud Ringtones

Never miss a call even when there are noisy surroundings: This sound collection offers a selection of extra loud ringtones and varied content scores.

  • After downloading loud ringtones, you can no longer excuse yourself by not having heard a caller: the app brings extra loud ringtones to the Android device, which can also be heard in bars, at parties, or at 180 km / h in a small car.
  • Even dormice are happy about the noise: The extra loud sounds and melodies give off good alarms for the morning alarm clock, in case you fail to hear it in a deep sleep.
  • With more than 100 ringtones, the selection is satisfactory but manageable.
  • All songs come as compact MP3 snippets with a typical length of ten to 30 seconds and can also be played with a snooze function in an endless loop – if someone wants that.
  • No ringtones for individual contacts

All ringtones are available in this app in a simple list with playback is possible without detours at the push of a button.

Unfortunately, sounds cannot be easily downloaded for your own post-processing, and it is also not possible to assign ringtones to individual contacts via the app: users have to go through their own address book after downloading individual sounds.

13. Animals: ringtones

Animals: Ringtones delivers exactly what the title promises: Weird, funny, and martial calls and screams from the animal kingdom.

  • With the Animals ringtones app, the term “smartphone monkey” gets a whole new and maybe finally positive meaning.
  • Among the more than 100 voices from forest, meadow, and jungle, you will also find one or the other fervent monkey scream.
  • With Komodo dragons, lynxes, bats, pumas, and even a chameleon, the selection is commendably varied.
  • Cute guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and meerkats have also made it onto this audio ark for animal lovers.
  • You can connect the animal signaling devices to individual contacts directly via the app, use them as an alarm tone, or customize SMS and system messages.
  • A simple local download is unfortunately not supported, but that’s the only drawback of the app.

The app’s alarm tones are neatly listed in a simple horizontal list; a logical sorting cannot be recognized. The sounds come in exemplary sound quality and identify associated animals with appealing HD photos and names. Operation is a child’s play.

14. Popular Ringtones Free

Funny or musical: Popular Ringtones Free offers acoustic personalization for Android users of different tastes.

  • If you can slowly no longer hear your smartphone’s standard sounds, then use this app: Popular Ringtones Free comes with some popular alarm tones and sounds on your Android device and doesn’t cost a cent.
  • Unfortunately, the selection is not particularly extensive; there are not more than a few dozen audio files. But they can be heard; variety is also required. From activating alarm tones, musically staged police sirens or end-of-time nuclear strike warnings to Beethoven’s For Elise, relaxed guitar tunes or phone sounds from the 80s, the proverbial spice is probably in the brevity. All tones come in acoustically perfect quality and can be activated directly via the app or used as a timer.

You cannot expect more than a simple collection and listing of different ringtones from this Free Ringtone App for android. If you are looking for options, a favorite function, or even categories, you will not find it.

Not even a search function is on board. The app has to convince with what it has: varied sounds and praiseworthy ease of use.

15. Scary ringtones

Horrible sounds for everyone who knows no fear: Scary Ringtones creates a gloomy atmosphere on Android devices with creepy alarm and ring tones.

  • Acoustic horror cabinet for the smartphone: With this app, the pulse rises when callers answer. 
  • Scary ringtones come with 95 “scary” ring tones; the selection is varied and gives the impression that the developers have used some horror films.
  • With creepy melodies, sound effects from a haunted house, and various soundtracks that hardly remind us of the horror hit “Silent Hill,” this sound archive in the app store is unparalleled.
  • All entries can be activated as ringtone directly via the app, forwarded to friends, or set as a notification sound or alarm clock.
  • There is also space for a favorites function with which you can save the most gruesome ringtones for later use. You can also individually attach the sounds to individual contacts.

Scary Ringtones does not come with many functions: A simple scrolling list, a volume control, an alternative favorites window, and a very practical search function are everything.

At least small extras can be found: Newly downloaded sounds are marked, symbols indicate the soundtracks’ character, and the playing time is also given.

16. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

With the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker, you can easily create your own ringtones from your saved favorite music.

  • Anyone who has ever wanted to use their own favorite song as a ringtone knows the problem: Of course, the best part only comes in the middle of the song, and no caller will ring the bell for that long.
  • There are two possible solutions: Either you call yourself from now on or install the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker.
  • The app graphically records music pieces and allows beautiful passages to be packed into a separate MP3 file using simple sliders. To do this, move the start or end mark to the desired position with swiping gestures and assign a new name – done.
  • You can then use the freshly created soundtrack-like any other signal tone. When you save the file, you just have to select the appropriate category: callsign, alarm clock, notification, or music.

With this app, not everyone becomes a DJ straight away, but the operation is child’s play and does not pose problems for those who previously had no idea about audio editing.

This is mainly due to the tidy interface with large buttons and few opportunities to go wrong with the simple process. The app finds music independently on the smartphone, and there is also a recording function on board.

17. Techno ringtones

The title gives it away: This app has techno ringtones to wave off. Fans of the genre won’t want to miss the collection anymore.

  • While some scooter fans are still wondering what the fish actually costs, others have already made further progress and do not dwell on supposed questions of meaning.
  • The wisdom may not be found in techno – but a remedy for boring silence is. Fans of electronic dance music can use the Techno app to get ringtones a decent selection of real techno beats on your smartphone.
  • The list called “Best Of” probably offers a kind of favorite hits of the developer but knows how to convince with variety.
  • Around 50 samples are on board, behind names such as “Trumpet Techno,” “Wobbly Street,” or “Nice Mood” are classic techno compositions with decent sound quality.

This app’s user interface is a bit colorful and almost psychedelic; the providers probably want to stay true to their genre. Operation is praiseworthy: Links to core functions such as sharing, favorites, or setting as a ringtone are always available. Individual linking of ringtones with contacts is also allowed. 


If you are just looking for a tool to cut your audio files to size, we can recommend Ringdroid. The Android app scans your device for music files, which you can then shape to fit perfectly. For example, this is useful if the song of your choice has a long intro that doesn’t really work as a ringtone.