9 Best iPhone Apps for Running of 2022

9 Best iPhone Apps for Running of 2022

The Best iPhone Apps for Running: Are you one of those who goes for a run with your iPhone to, among other things, be able to measure your evolution as a runner? Many of you are sure that you do, but many others may not have taken the step yet; that is why, below, we present the iPhone running applications: the Best iPhone Apps for Running.

What are the best apps to run with your iPhone?

For all of us who like to go out for a run, both in the morning and in the afternoon, but get a bit heavy at times, we have something that will help you lean towards going out and getting a little exercise. Next, we will introduce you to a series of the best iPhone apps for running designed to make running a more personable sport, exclusively for iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps for Running

With the passage of time, it could be said without any doubt that the world of Running is evolving so that runners enjoy without limits every time they go running. That is why, as with running shoes or heart rate monitors, the rest of the accessories are improving to make each race a unique experience.

The 9 Best iPhone Apps for Running

That said, and before we dive into this article, we remind you that in Thesoftbest.com, we recently published an article with the best iPhone apps for running, so do not hesitate to take a look if your smartphone has that operating system.

1. Strava Running

This app for iOS monitors your runs and walks thanks to its precise GPS, allows you to join various challenges and compete with your friends.

Strava Running

Strava running records speed, distance traveled, time spent, cadence, heart rate, number of calories burned, etc. to later combine it and draw leaderboards, detail the achievements, and propose challenges.

The application will offer you the possibility to share your activities on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club gives you the option to compete against your friends, track your running sessions in detail, as well as other types of workouts. The Nike Run Club app for iPhone, Apple Watch & iMessage allows you to choose the kind of runner you are so that you progress and reach the next level.

Nike Run Club
Nike Run Club App

This application records your pace, distance traveled, and time, whether you are running on a treadmill or exercising outdoors, in which case it adds a map of the route. It includes an interesting feature called ‘Power song’ for those moments when you need a song that gives you extra energy.

3. Map My Run by Under Armour

Under Armor, this application brand will monitor your pace, cadence, and stride length, among other things. Also, it will allow you to synchronize your Under Armor shoes with it.

In the same way, you can follow any sport using only your phone or one of your favorite devices, such as Garmin or Apple Watch.

It is a running app for iPhone and Apple watch aimed at the great community of runners of the American brand with which you will have access to compete with other runners through challenges for you and your friends.

4. Pumatrac

Pumatrac is a really intuitive running app that has been designed to motivate these athletes to go out for a run and obtain the maximum performance in a training session while having fun on their route.

This app provides information about weather conditions, records your sessions by memorizing the day of the week and the location.

But it is also capable of remembering musical preferences based on your behavior when exercising. Thanks to it, you will discover if you perform more on Monday or another day of the week.

5. Runkeeper – GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper lets you track your pace, distance, time spent, number of calories burned, and other useful metrics. All of this while taking pictures on the go. With this app, you can check how you progress and analyze the history of your training sessions.

Also, it allows you to set very different objectives and later check if you have achieved it or not. It is compatible with many other similar best iPhone apps for running so that you can view more detailed reports of your activity.

Runkeeper, one of the most compatible iPhone apps for running This is one of the best iPhone apps for running that we can find when running, indeed, for the vast majority, it is by far the best.

It has all the good of the above; monitor your heart rate, your speed, the number of calories we have burned, etc. It gives you the option to set a daily goal and check how you progress in it, analyze your training sessions.

It is also compatible with a large number of the best iPhone apps for running in this category, which will allow you to have a more detailed and accurate report of your exercise.

6. Runtastic – adidas Training by Runtastic

Runtastic app for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV & Apple Watch, uses the GPS built into your iPhone to monitor the time, speed, and distance you complete in your training sessions, as well as plotting your route on a map in real-time.

This app offers you the possibility to buy motivational stories to listen to while you run.

A customizable dashboard, detailed graphics based on the information obtained from your exercises, and numerous training plan complete this wonderful application.

7. Run Trainer – Running app

Run Trainer is an app aimed at both the best iPhone running apps for beginner runners and those who already have some experience in the world of running.

This application will allow you to listen to music and will offer you a voice commands while you run.

It will also analyze your race and provide you with a summary of statistics from your training session. All these data will be what you can share through Facebook.

8. RunGo – The Best Routes to Run

The RunGo running app will allow you to record and see how long your race has lasted. In the same way, it will offer you data about the pace and the distance you have traveled.

This iPhone app for running will also allow you to listen to music while you run and will give you the option to share the results of your sessions through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email.

And will even offer you the possibility that other people can follow your races in real-time. From your computer or smartphone.

9. iSmoothRun Pro – Ultimate app for Runners

Another exclusive application for iOS, which will give us the ability to fully monitor our sports routine, not only running but also cycling or any activity related to fitness.

It is one of the most advanced best iPhone apps for running for this purpose that you can have on your iPhone.

Like some that we have mentioned above, iSmoothRun Pro will allow you to set a daily goal or objective and also gives you the option to compete with other times or your own marks.

What is the Best App to Go for a Run?

Thesoftbest has made a selection of those that may be interesting for users of Android devices for those who want to start getting in shape and using one of these best iPhone apps for running. Among the best known are, for example, Runtastic.

How Do I Measure The Distance I Ran on My iPhone?

Long press anywhere on the map. A red marker will appear. At the bottom, tap the name of the place. On the location page, scroll down and select Measure Distance.

10 Keys to How to Run Without Getting Tired

Fatigue is the rival and, at the same time, fear of many when facing a race. When starting a section of competition or training, the uncertainty about the limit of physical resistance that can be sustained during the journey haunts the mind and raises doubts, especially in those who do not have much experience.

So that discouragement does not take over the moment, there are some tricks and tips to run without getting tired suddenly. In the small details is the key to postpone the onset of fatigue.

For experts, after a correct warm-up, simply adopting simple habits improves performance, making exercise much more pleasant.

1. Shorten your stride

Taking more steps per minute (180, the ideal number) by reducing your extension can help you run more efficiently. This saves the energy that would be spent trying to cover more ground with each step.

2. Relax your arms

The arms play a vital role in long-distance events, as they serve to coordinate and balance the body. But straining your shoulders and bending your elbows too much will require more effort.

The technique is essential: taking care of the oscillation and displacement helps to optimize energy consumption. The arms must have a bending at the elbow’s height to form an angle as close to 90 degrees.

3. Look and tilt

Keeping your eyes fixed on a front goal and not to the sides can make the distance to travel feel shorter and easier, it promotes a feeling of closeness to the imposed goal.

And another data referring to the technical question is related to the inclination, which, being from the ankles – and not from the hip – facilitates the help of gravity, reducing the workload on the legs.

4. Consume carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are broken down into small units of sugars that enter the bloodstream. Glucose that is not used immediately is stored in the liver and skeletal muscles as glycogen.

Sugar stores are essential, as the body depends on glucose for energy. The Iowa State University recommends a dense carbohydrate meal, such as bran bread and cheese cream or fruit and yogurt, two to four hours before running.

5. Wear appropriate footwear

The shoes, the essential running tool, have to be comfortable, with several kilometers of use so that they are molded to the foot at the time of the activity, although without exceeding their useful life, mainly reflected in the sole.

“Each brand has an estimate of duration, but speaking of a light training shoe, they last between 700 and 800 kilometers of useful life. After that period, they are impeccable on the outside, but their sole, their comfort, and their safety protection they are already nearing the end.

6. Dress in comfortable clothes

As with footwear, clothing must be comfortable. The clothing must be comfortable and according to the room temperature and time of year in which the activity is carried out, in addition to the surface. Use sports and light clothing.

7. Divide the distance

In training, distances should be divided into equal parts. For example, to tackle a 10-kilometer stage, the task can be divided into three kilometers of warm-up, another four of race, and the remaining three to slow down. Over time, the length of tours can gradually increase.

8. Stay hydrated

During and after physical activity, hydration is essential to avoid the harmful effects of dehydration in the body: thirst, incoordination of movement, dizziness, among the less serious. It is usually suggested to consume water up to twenty minutes before starting the race.

Then, every twenty minutes of continuous activity, take a few sips, and finally, after 40 to 60 minutes of activity, accompany the hydration with sports drinks to replace salts, carbohydrates, and minerals that are lost during exercise.

9. Running in company

Choosing a rival allows you to run faster without realizing it. According to a New York University study, those who compete with a partner improve their times considerably.

But it should not only be confronted, since running as a couple or joining a group is distracting and avoids thinking about fatigue. Another way to entertain yourself is to use music, which also works as a motivator.

10. Rest and recovery

Before a race, try to meet eight hours of sleep a day. Meanwhile, for later, the muscles will take time to regenerate. Moments of recovery and rest should be scheduled on the agenda.


And you, what apps do you use to go running? You can tell us in the comment box.

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