5 Best Rain Prediction App in 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

Here is the best rain prediction app: Our current weather moves between heat and cold waves, so many of us download applications to know the best weather app for android. Above all, if we are going to do an outdoor activity, if we want to go to the beach or just to find out if we carry an umbrella that day. Choosing the best apps is not easy, as there are many to choose from.

The Best Rain Prediction App

There are some that do offer accurate information, and these are the best rain prediction app to know the time you will find in the Google Play Store.

Best Rain Prediction App

1. 1Weather, the Most Complete App

We start our tour with a very nice Best Rain Prediction App and fascinating design, and she is 1Weather. It is a simple app to use, offers different languages, is free, and the weather forecast is very accurate. It also offers various options and 12 widgets (interactive tools) that you can customize to your liking.

1Weather, the Most Complete App
1Weather, the Most Complete App

With 1Weather you will be able to know not only the weather of the day but also the wind speed, the humidity, the rain forecast, among other aspects of the weather. Its interface is very simple, and the best thing about the app is that the ads are almost non-existent. Another relevant feature is the configuration of the notifications that alert you when there are severe climatic changes (hurricanes, tornadoes, among others).

2. Yahoo Weather

If you want simplicity and precision, Yahoo Weather is your choice: Yahoo Weather is a very well designed, accurate, and easy to use application. In fact, if you swipe up the main screen, you can see the forecast of the day. With it, you can check the weather hour after hour, when it will rise and when the sun will hide, the thermal sensation, the humidity, the atmospheric pressure, among other details. You can also activate notifications to receive information in the morning and in the afternoon.

Yahoo Weather
Yahoo Weather

The information in this app is very accurate. Among its novelties is a section of notifications that tells you, both night and day, if there are important changes in temperature, if it rains or if it is very hot. Yahoo Weather allows you to control the amount of data you want to use daily and see the weather in other places in the world.

3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel, the Best Rain Prediction App on Android: For Android users, the favorite app to check the weather is The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

And it is not for less since it offers basic but important characteristics. For example, it will indicate the climatic situation of the road, pollen alert, mosquitoes, and dry skin index. In addition, it tells you precisely the weather and includes notifications of severe weather events.

One aspect that stands out in this app is the precise location to indicate the time according to the place where you are, with other additional features. However, the advertising that includes, and that appears in the lower strip is sometimes very invasive.

4. Accuweather

Accuweather, a very useful app: If you are looking for a complete Best Rain Prediction App, accurate, free, and easy to use an app, your best alternative is Accuweather. With it, you will get the information in real-time. It also offers a completely new feature called “MinuteCast,” which allows you to know the beginning and end of rainfall.


Accuweather is really useful for your notifications. You can configure them to let you know when you should wear an umbrella or a coat. The “Radar” section contains an icon that, when pressed, informs you of the weather changes during that hour. It is a very complete application that you can not miss.

5. Weather Live

In real-time with Weather Live: Finally, we show you the Weather Live app, one of the best for forecasting real-time weather conditions. It offers a beautiful, simple to use interface and its wallpapers reflect the weather of the moment. It also provides you with a forecast of the conditions of the week, the thermal sensation, and the humidity. It also allows you to interact between a compact and detailed format.

Weather Live
Weather Live

This app is fully functional, and you can customize it with the widgets to see what you want from the weather. Weather Live offers a wide configuration where you can choose notifications of alerts, hurricanes, and lightning. You can also limit the use of data and choose how often the system will update the weather conditions. This app is perfect.

How to predict the weather through the clouds?

To predict the weather in the hours to come, just look at the sky. This way you will know if it will be hot or cold or if the day will remain sunny or if a storm is coming. Knowing the different types of cloud is a very effective tool when drawing conclusions about the climate.


With these Best Rain Prediction App, you can know the weather conditions of the day and, if the weather is favorable, you can exercise with your mobile using these accessories.