9 Best Piano Learning App for Android of 2021

9 Best Piano Learning App for Android of 2021

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The best piano learning app for android Free Download: Technology not only offers us the opportunity to listen to music anywhere but offers us the best piano learning app for android or improve this ability.

best piano learning app for android

These best apps for playing piano will allow you to acquire the basic concepts or those advanced students will be able to practice this instrument without having to make a large outlay and take it on your cell phone.

If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument but never had the courage (or money) to enroll in a specialized school, there are some best piano learning software that can help you get started in the world of music or practice lessons you did not have a long time, without having to leave the house.

Some piano learning apps for android comes with well-explained video lessons and allow you to purchase extra tutorials within the app itself. You can even learn to play your favorite songs.

We have made a list of tools for you to learn music spending little and to have a notion of what it is like to play a certain instrument.

The Best Piano Learning App for Android

There are many benefits to learning to play the piano as a musical instrument. In addition to improving our coordination, learning music helps us relax, focus, improve our intellectual abilities as well as help us express emotions.

Learning to play piano and practice daily provides a sense of freedom and happiness, and can increase your intellectual performance according to the studies of the so-called “Mozart Effect”.

With the technology sweeping in all the issues there are no excuses to learn about a specific topic. Each area and subject of interest for each person has a high number of digital tools for their optimal learning. Learning to play the piano, for example, is a skill sought by countless people.

To exploit to the maximum any of these best piano learning apps for android that we present in this list, even if you are initiating in the subject, you will be able to increase your abilities and abilities of retentive when you play a musical note, in this way, at any moment, you will be playing at more similar and perfect Beethoven style.

Through the App Store and Google Play have been observed hundreds of comments (good and bad) of people who have benefited (and others who do not) of a large number of utilities that have these applications. Each Piano App has millions of downloads on iOS and Android devices, so you can take a look to see which one gets your most attention.

Best apps for Playing the Piano

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of playing the piano and want to start or continue your learning in your free time from the comfort of your cell phone. These are the best piano learning apps for android to play piano, with which you can develop all your musical skills back home from work, at lunchtime, or when you want to distract yourself and have a moment of relaxation.

1. Perfect Piano

The Perfect Piano App is compatible with all the keys of a piano: you can configure in a simple row, double row, and two players mode, in addition to configuring real piano sounds, music box, organ, Rhodes, and synthesizer.

You can record and play your tunes, since it is compatible with MIDI and audio, and you can share them with your friends or configure them as ringtones.

To learn to play the piano, this app has a “learn mode” that loads 70 sample songs, plus new songs are added every day.

2. Flowkey

The Flowkey app lets you learn to play music on the piano from scratch. You can choose from over 1000 songs and learn all about notes, chords, technique, and sheet music reading.

It works with any piano or acoustic or digital keyboard, which makes it ideal for beginners, intermediates, and even advanced pianists.

Its system is dynamic because as you play, it offers instant feedback, showing you on the screen if you play the right notes, and has video tutorials recorded by professional pianists.

To use it, you just have to place your smartphone on your instrument, choose the song you want to learn to take into account your level of learning. The app will listen to what you play through the microphone or a MIDI connection, and complete the courses to develop your skills at your own pace.

3. Real Piano

This Real Piano app helps you to develop your musical skills since apart from learning to play piano you also have access to flute, organ, and guitar lessons, with which you can learn chords and learn to play piano app free for pianists, musicians, amateurs, or beginners.

You can configure the size and type of piano with the keys 88 keys and 7 octaves with which the app counts.

4. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano app is presented as an easy and fun app to learn to play this instrument, be it beginner or professional. Works with any piano or keyboard and features fun and classic songs.

It includes courses for different levels of interpretation and with it, you can learn the basic concepts step by step from reading scores to playing with both hands.

Simply Piano is another of the great applications created by JoyTunes, a firm specialized in the development of educational tools to learn to play the instrument without so many requirements. On this occasion they present an App with an easy and simple design to learn to play piano, being able to use both the instrument in physical, as well as the virtual simulator.

Some of the most important features of Simply Piano are:

  • Provides feedback in real-time to improve the touch with both hands.
  • Practice with daily exercises and lessons.
  • Available to work with any piano or keyboard.
  • Reading scores step by step.
  • Thousands of songs for all tastes.
  • Available for all ages and levels.
  • Tips to know how to read a score.

Simply Piano is available for iOS and Android for free. Purchases are also offered within the app and a subscription paid to a membership.

Also, if you do not have a piano, you can try their tactile courses to turn your device into a virtual piano.

5. Real Piano Teacher

Another of the best piano learning apps for android to learn piano on your phone is a Professor of a real piano, which in addition to having a multi-touch learning system, also includes android games and a freestyle piano App, recording capabilities, and different lessons.

You can learn how to place your fingers on the piano, understanding the elements of the keyboard, groupings, and names of the different keys, even the keys, and chords., While in the game mode you can compete with your friends and break world records.

6. Piano Kids

Although its name indicates that it is an app suitable for children, its design and ease are ideal for anyone who wants to start their learning to play this instrument.

It has a simple keyboard with black and white notes as well as a pentagram to be able to learn the notes in the key of the sun and in the key of fa.

7. Pianist HD: Piano +

From Rubycell, Pianist HD: Piano+ is an Android application that has reached 40 million downloads on Google Play, important detail, and a strong step to accredit its presence on our list.

More than an application, Piano+ allows you to combine learning with the game, this could be partly because it is not obligatory to follow all the steps and instructions within a given lesson. In addition, it integrates an ample amount of instruments to touch them in any track and moment that is desired.

Main features of Pianist HD:

  • More than 50,000 songs and music tracks.
  • It has 128 MIDI instruments.
  • Option to adjust the volume.
  • Ability to modify the playback speed.
  • Lessons with help (according to your taste).

With all its current features, Rubycell has an important update between hands to achieve a further increase in the experience within the tool. You can download Pianist HD: Piano + on Google Play for free. Purchases are also offered within the application.

8. Yousician

We finish the list with Yousician. With more than 10 million users, for beginners and experts, this application listens through the microphone what you play on your instrument (piano, guitar, ukulele, and bass) and automatically shows you suggestions, all according to the way in which are you playing.

Designed with the help of some of the most important music teachers in the world, Yousician provides the comments and suggestions that are needed in the coordination to finish a musical track successfully. Despite not having a Spanish version, the application has a large number of downloads in Spain and Latin America, although it must be said that with the popularity and fame that it has acquired, it is already known as a version in this language.

Here are some of the most important characteristics of Yousician:

  • Step by step tutorials
  • Available for piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele.
  • For beginners, advanced musicians, teachers, and music experts.
  • More than 1500 exercises with different music tracks and lessons.
  • The weekly challenge for competition with any user of the App.
  • Teaches music theory
  • Entertaining an instant guide.
  • Constant monitoring of the student.

Yousician is available for free on Google Play and Play Store for devices with Android and iOS operating systems and also for PCs by entering their official website. In addition, it has some Premium packages for more demanding users.

9. iLearnPiano

ILearnPiano comes with 50 piano lessons for anyone who wants to learn to play the instrument or who have not played for a long time.

In the lessons, it is possible to find music tutorials, techniques, and a long content of music theory not to be left behind in the scores. Content is in English.


Now yes, zero excuses and learn to play the piano and other instruments. Now you know: you do not need much time and money to get the benefits of learning to play the piano. Download any of these best piano learning apps for android and become a true master of the keyboard.