13 Best Autism Apps for Android & iPhone of 2021

13 Best Autism Apps for Android & iPhone of 2021

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The Best autism apps for Autistic Kids: New technologies, and especially applications, can become a very useful tool for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families. In fact, they offer a support system for communication in those little ones who have a delay in language development or who cannot speak.

Besides, some of these Best Autism Apps can also help children handle different social situations that can be stressful while allowing them to exercise; they are excellent motor skills, control their movements and manipulate small or delicate objects.

The most exciting thing is that most of these Best Autism Apps have a very simple and easy to use design, so they are suitable for any age. In addition, they are usually interactive, intuitive, and attractive, so they capture the attention of the little ones with ease. In fact, many are fun, have a flexible design, and have content that easily adapts to different evolutionary levels. Now we show you three of the best autism apps for children with autism.

The Best Autism Apps for Autistic Kids

Best Autism Apps

Given the imminent technological proliferation of content focused on children with ASD. In this post, I intend to make a selection of some of the best autism apps that have been validated in one way or another by the Orange Foundation.

They are the best autism apps for children with autism with very interesting content, and since they are free to download, they are suitable for both PC, tablets, and mobile phones. We found some apps for children with autism that can help them organize and plan their activities, work on emotions, anticipate a visit to the doctor, etc.

1. Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children (MITA)

This is an early intervention app for children with autism, maturity delay, and learning difficulties. It has games and language exercises that can be used by children with language delay, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), generalized development disorder (PDD), intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), and Down syndrome, among others.

Best Autism Apps

Language and Cognitive works as a simple calendar in which we can save and review all daily activities in a visual and structured way. In addition to photographs, it also supports video and the recording of those recurring activities always to have them available and be able to work them in advance. We can configure activities at various times of the day and associate the activity with specific people, everyday places, etc.

2. Talk Up! Communicator – Autism

Best Autism Apps

According to Google Play, this application represents a very fast and practical way to teach autistic children the basic elements of communication, which is the most important element for their independence and progress. To that end, this app uses the basic needs of the child to stimulate him to communicate.

3. Phonemic Awareness Bubbles

Best Autism Apps

This app allows children to acquire the ability to recognize and use sounds in spoken language, which is basic for learning to read. For this, he uses games like joining and matching words, matching tiles, separating sentences, and ordering sentences with images. It is very useful for children with learning difficulties.

4. PictoTEA

Best Autism Apps

This free application uses technology to include people with autism, thus facilitating communication with their environment using digital pictograms instead of physical cards.

Also, the app can be customized according to five stages with different degrees of difficulty. It allows you to add your own pictograms for the user to personalize their catalog as they see fit.

5. Autastico

Best Autism Apps

Although it is an educational game developed for children with autism, it can be played by any child up to eight years old.

It is in English, has fantastic graphics, and can be used on both phones and tablets. It has fun puzzles that improve the motor coordination of the little ones, as well as different facial expressions. On the other hand, music and sounds help reinforce learning.


It is an application developed by the Planeta Imaginario Foundation, a clinical and research center dedicated to designing early intervention programs for children with autism.

Best Autism Apps

Its essential purpose is to stimulate learning in children with autism and to achieve this, and it is based on 100 previously programmed scenes that refer to the child’s autonomy habits, the social situations in which they are usually involved, daily activities, and expression emotional.

In this way, it allows developing sequential and creative thinking, improving the structure of language, internalizing habits and routines, understanding the cause-effect relationship, and enhancing socio-emotional understanding. This application has an extensive repertoire of activities and exercises that require the child to execute them step by step.

In addition, one of its most interesting features is that it offers positive reinforcement and support for the child while providing different customization options. iSequences has different configuration options and is also available in several languages.

In this application, children with ASD will learn to work in sequences. That is, they will be shown different possibilities to continue the drawing with the intention that they learn autonomy and social habits. It will also teach them to behave in everyday events and situations. To make matters worse, the mobile application also teaches them about their emotions and how to control them.

7. AbaPlanet

It is the second application developed by the Planeta Imaginario Foundation, aimed at children with autism. Basically, it is an application designed to stimulate the learning of these children from the “Applied Behavior Analysis” method.

Best Autism Apps

This therapeutic strategy has been shown to be effective in working with children with autism. This application is aimed at stimulating language, improving vocabulary, fine and gross motor skills, and developing a higher level of autonomy.

Its design includes an expert system capable of adapting to the level of development of each child and gradually making it more complicated as each level is overcome while offering prizes and maintaining a registration system.

It includes receptive designation and matching activities, in which the child must select the image or images that correspond to the word they see or hear. In contrast, they must move images to place them on top of other similar ones. Like the iSequences version, it includes different configuration options and is available in several languages.

The ABA method (Applied behavior analysis or Applied Behavior Analysis), this application offers various exercises for children with ASD to learn by playing. We can find Receptive Language Exercises, where the application shows them various images and asks them to associate them with a particular word as well as Pairing Exercises, where children must find similar images.

In addition to giving them prizes to motivate them. The application notes all activities and progress to offer a document to parents and doctors. As well as to offer exercises according to their achievements.

8. TobyPlaypad

Tamana, a non-governmental organization working with children with autism, in collaboration with Deakin University in Australia, launched TobyPlayPad, an iPad application designed for the early intervention of children with autism.

Best Autism Apps

It has been designed, basically, to monitor the performance of children. At the same time, they carry out their daily activities, so it is aimed at stimulating their social skills, sensory discrimination, and cognitive and language skills.

This autism apps has various tasks that you and your child can carry out together and progress as the child does. Pathology specialists and psychologists designed these tasks.

The application can capture the child’s level of interaction and automatically adjust their exercises to their development while offering detailed progress reports to parents and therapists. Includes oral imitation exercises, object identification, following instructions, social interaction, and motor activities.

Moreover, it is anything but difficult to utilize, making it a valuable device for guardians who need to invigorate the capacities of their kids at an early age.

9. DictaPicto

DictaPicto allows us to pass the voice information to images immediately. The translation of speech to pictograms occurs automatically from a spoken phrase of the user, initially converting it into text and, hence, into the pictograms/images that represent the words.

Best Autism Apps

They are intended to help individuals with mental imbalance or the individuals who utilize pictographic frameworks to improve their correspondence. Its objective is to improve access to information and facilitate understanding of the environment. Regardless of whether the people around the person with ASD know about these systems. Of augmentative and alternative communication.

10. EmoPLAY

Regarding the recognition of emotions, the Orange Foundation, together with the CTIC Technological Center and as a Scientific Committee, the Research Group on Disability (GID) of the University of Oviedo, developed EmoPlay.

Best Autism Apps

It is an application that uses either a webcam or an integrated camera to work with different emotions such as joy, sadness, or anger, in a simple way. After choosing the emotion to work, and an explanation of both the associated facial expression and a situation in which to apply it.

The user must perform the gestures that determine that emotion, for example, smile to express joy, and EmoPLAY will automatically analyze their image, indicating whether the expression is appropriate or not.

11. Happy Geese

Best Autism Apps

The Classic Game of the Goose is presented in this application adapted for children with ASD. In addition, it can also be used with children with ADHD. It allows you to select different boards and different levels of difficulty. In an entertaining way, the children will exercise excellent motor skills, and they will learn to wait for their turn and to know and respect rules. It also has the Stairs and Snakes game, with the same characteristics.

12. TapToTalk

Best Autism Apps

It is one of the best autism apps for children who do not yet speak to have a voice and to communicate. It is also free, great, right? Which of these apps for autistic children is your favorite? If you know a child who can benefit from them, share this article with their mother.

13. Grace

Best Autism Apps

This simple game was designed so that children who are not yet talking can communicate effectively with family; It has very cute and picturesque figures that will give you a very good hand, do you want to try it?


Thus, for example, in the first phase, Attention, a series of animated sequences are shown (spirals, circles, lines) that aim to capture attention through visual and auditory stimuli. Gradually, in the following phases, we work on the abstraction and association and generalization of concepts through everyday elements represented in videos, 3D images, photographs, pictograms until we reach a final phase of categorization and association activities through games.