17 Best Apps to Learn Singing in 2021

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Many people are looking for the Best Apps to Learn Singing and love to sing and would like to be able to practice with singing apps this activity more often. Or they want to be able to train their voice to get the most out of it. But, it is not always possible to receive classes, either for time or money. Luckily, our Android phone can help us, as usual. Since there are the best apps with which we can learn to sing with apps.

To learn to sing, you have music schools and private teachers at your disposal, but if you can not afford it, currently, and with the advancement of new technologies, you also have apps for your devices that can help you.

What are the Best Apps to Learn Singing with Phone?

Now, the Best Apps to Learn Singing can never replace the singing teachers, they can help you in some aspects, but the training that a vocal singing teacher will give you will not be able to have it in an application. That is something you should be clear about.

Today I want to help you in that search for apps, and I bring you some of the best ones so you can learn to sing or at least have the basic knowledge for it.

If you are one of those who do not need to learn to sing because you already know how to make these apps, they can also help you make better use of your voice.

If you are not a singer, but you are a musician, some of them can help you exercise your ear, and why not, have a good time while testing your skills as a singer. Maybe you have a good singer locked in you, and you still don’t know it!

These are the Best Apps to Learn Singing that can be of help to improve the technique or learn new ways of singing. In this way, you can see if it really is an activity that interests you and see the best ways to take advantage of your voice. Then we leave you with the Best Apps to Learn Singing for Android in this category.

All of them are officially available on Google Play. So it is very simple to be able to do with them on our device. Thus, we can get down to work and start practicing at home whenever we want.

Today I want to help you in that search for apps, and I bring you some of the best ones so you can learn to sing or at least have the basic knowledge for it.

If you are one of those who do not need to learn to sing because you already know how to do these Best Apps to Learn Singing, they can also help you make better use of your voice.

If you are not a singer, but you are a musician, some of them can help you exercise your ear, and why not, have a good time while testing your skills as a singer. Maybe you have a good singer locked in you, and you still don’t know it!

1. Smule Sing

This tool brings the user closer to virtually singing with famous people such as Luis Fonsi and the song “Despacito,” one of the most listened to songs of the last decade. The app splits the screen. On the one hand, you can have the artist, and on the other hand, the user is displayed.

A song is sung between them, in which it seems that each of the houses has planned an alliance. In the end, the creation can be uploaded to social networks, but earlier, thanks to its functions, the user can, among other things, improve his voice and record video clips. It is available for use on iOS and Android mobile devices, and can also be used on a computer.

2. AURALBOOK for ABRSM Grade 1

This Apps to Learn Singing acts as a music teacher. So it will prepare us in many ways, not only in the voice. Since it is also a tremendous help to tune the ear, an essential aspect when wanting to sing. So it is an excellent option to be much more prepared in everything related to music. We find a wide selection of exercises that seek to improve our hearing.

It is Apps to Learn Singing for beginners. Although it has several more deliveries in which levels and difficulty are increasing. But this initial level is like having a music teacher at home. The app will not only help you with your voice but will also tune your ear from the beginning since it starts with the most basic lessons so you can correct every detail.

It also has a great list of singing, vocalization, and listening exercises that you will have to repeat until you completely master them. The Apps to Learn Singing is free, but you will get some ads and purchases within it. However, they will not be too annoying.

The download of this Android application is free, although we find shopping and ads inside it.

3. StarMaker

This is one of the most used mobile apps for verifying singing and recording interesting music. It’s more than just karaoke because it has great songs to sing and arrangements at the end.

It allows you to, among other things, improve the tone of the voice, do simple post-production, and edit voice effects. It is available for iOS and Android users.

4. Vocalist Lite

This best apps to learn how to sing is also free. In it, you will find different types of singing lessons at different levels. You will find a tutorial, lessons for beginners, easy, medium, high level, and lessons for practicing scales.

The application is designed for both beginner and expert singers. With this application, you will learn to sing, to fine-tune your voice, and expand your vocal range.

Vocalist Lite also offers you several ways to practice your exercises through the game options in which the difficulty will increase, specific lessons with different categories of difficulty, songs to practice, tuner, and various tips for learning to sing.

5. ACapella

This application allows the user to test talent in a cappella singing. That is, only your voice will sound. It is available on iOS and Android and is the tool that every learner can use.

It serves to test the voice’s potential to the maximum, and it also allows you to edit your recordings and create music videos. You can also be part of the Acapella community, where fans meet to exchange advice, music, and improve artists’ skills, among others.

6. Improvox

With this application, you can also learn to sing, but not only that, but you can also correct your tone in real-time as well as create harmonies.

Improvox also has effects that you can apply while singing, since it has reverb and echo, and you can record your song and share it with whoever you want. You can do it through SoundCloud or through email.

This application has a very intuitive design, which makes it easy to handle. It has an excellent audio processor and several very useful functions so that you can create and explore your vocal limits.

7. Vox Tools – best vocal training app

 it is a mobile application available for iOS and Android, allowing users to improve their singing. Intuitive and easy to use, it has a full set of features to help you vocalize better with theoretical and practical exercises.

Vocal technique teachers developed this best vocal training app. It’s free and allows you to communicate directly with them, improve your voice, and learn from professionals. It even has a virtual piano and can be used with or without an internet connection.

8. 7 Minute Vocal Warm-Up

Warming the voice is one of the most important parts for singers. Since in this way, we ensure that the voice is always in the best condition. In addition to helping prevent vocal problems. But, it is important that this heating is done correctly. Both in terms of duration and exercises to be done.

Therefore, this application is a good help for this. It helps us to warm our voice daily with some simple exercises that take us 7 minutes. The download of this Android application is free, although we find ads inside it.


With this tool, the user can perform “auto-tuning”, a function that allows you to correct mistakes and mistakes in singing while performing.

This method is widely used in the professional world and can now be used at home. With this app, you can sing all sorts of themes and genres and, at the same time, add harmony effects to make it seem like there is a chorus, features for voice completion, error correction, and more.

10. Sing True

If you are one of those people who think they do not have the right voice to sing, with this application, you will change your mind because you will learn to sing in the right tone.

This application will bring out the musicality you have inside, and you will learn to modulate your voice and sing naturally.

It has more than 30 exercises to help you sing with ease and confidence in yourself. The application makes a personal analysis of your voice when singing and tells you how to improve.

If you are also a musician, you can do the advanced exercises that this application brings to improve your ear, compose and improvise. You will also find examples made by professionals. You can track your voice and see how your evolution has been and share it on social networks.

11. MusixMatch

This mobile application allows you to follow the lyrics and not get lost during the performance. Automatically syncs with Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Google Music and other services.

It helps the user to sing better by displaying the lyrics on the screen as if it were a mobile karaoke. It also allows you to learn other languages while singing. He has more than 12 million lyrics to sing along to.

12. Learn singing | Vocal lessons

We move on to an application designed to start practicing directly. This application will help us make the most of our voice. In addition to finding and knowing the different vocal techniques. In this way, we will sing better, but we will also do it without causing damage to our vocal cords, something very important.

The application will give us feedback on our voice with aspects to improve. So we can see how we fail. The download of this Android application is free, although we find shopping and ads inside it.

With this application, you can not only learn to sing, but you can practice on the fly. The app has a significant amount of lessons that will help you get the best out of your voice. Here you will find the best vocal techniques to exercise your voice without causing damage to the vocal cords. In addition, the app will offer you feedback on how your voice is and the aspects you should improve.

The application interface is quite friendly and is also quite simple to use. So you won’t have any problem to use it. Its download is completely free. However, it comes with purchases and ads within the application. You can download this app through the following link.

13. Learn to Sing With Voice Tutor

Not everyone who sings or wants to sing can afford a teacher. As we have said before, the apps do not replace the singing professionals, but it is also true that, at least, they help. Well, this application is one of them, one of those that can help you improve.

The novelty that I found in this application is that the first thing it does is an analysis of your voice, and it tells you what kind of problem you have, that is, what you do wrong.

Then and depending on the diagnosis, you can choose the personalized lessons to correct mistakes and overcome your own challenges.

Voice Tutor is an application valid for both experts and beginners; it is easy to use, and also the lessons are focused on your needs as a vocalist. As I have been repeating throughout this article, an application is not a singing teacher, and we know that.

But when a singer wants to improve and can not afford to pay an academy, a teacher or anything. Well, life is sought as it can, and one of the things you can find, are these types of apps that can help you.

Every day new and very interesting apps come out. If you use any that do not appear on this list, you can leave us a comment and tell us what it is and why you like it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to tell me and I will try to help you in any way I can.

14. Perfect Ear

This is perhaps the best app to learn to sing that you will find. And if you already sing, this app is the best training for your ear. You can also customize your exercises by creating your own scales and chords. You will also find a dictionary of scales in case you have any problem reading the musical notes.

The application is cataloged by amateur and professional musicians from around the world. As one of the best in its style, and it also allows you to perform your exercises accompanied by piano or guitar. You can have it on your mobile, totally free, and it is extremely easy to use.

15. Vocal Lessons & karaoke singing teacher Vocaberry

Another application of the previous style that will act as our singing teacher. So we will have to sing and improve our technique. The interface of this application stands out for being very easy to use, something that certainly favors it a lot.

In addition, we find many functions, as it measures the notes we reach when singing and offers us enough information about what we do and our progress. The download of this Android application is free. But there are purchases and ads inside.

16. SWIFTSCALES – Vocal Trainer

We finish the list with one of the most complete apps that we can find when learning to sing. This is an ideal option for people who are already studying or are dedicated to music. Since it is very complete and professional. It helps us train the voice and warm it up.

Besides, it allows us to create our own scales and also offers many customization options. We can also save everything we do in the application.

17. Tune Me

B-Side Studios is developing an app specializing in hip-hop and R&B genres.

It is a complete mobile recording studio that allows you to make changes to your voice with professional effects. You can download and record over 50 book styles or create your own, and in the end, you can easily share it on social media.

How long does it take to learn to sing?

But it turns out that there are not only two factors to take into account, as in physical exercise. It is almost impossible to predict how long a person needs to learn to sing, as it depends on many factors. The average is around two years old, working hard at home and with a good teacher.

What is the name of the application that singers use to sing with others?

Smule Sing !: The app that lets you sing karaoke with celebrities. The application has more than a thousand original tracks of all kinds of themes and gives you the possibility to even sing a duet with artists of the level of Jessie J or Jason Derulo.


If you are a music fan, have singing skills or like to perform karaoke, these apps will surely catch your eye. Some allow you to improve your singing, others to sharpen your voice, others allow you to see song lyrics, place effects, or even sing with recognized artists virtually. Here we present a series of mobile applications that you can try.

The download of this Android application is free, although we find shopping and ads inside.