4 Best Free CRM for Real Estate of 2021

4 Best Free CRM for Real Estate of 2021

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The best free CRM for real estate: A free real estate CRM is an essential tool for any real estate consultant who wants to go beyond closing a sale or two a year.

If you are looking for a free real estate CRM for your company, in this article today we are going to show you some free CRM systems so you can have more advanced client management and thus be able to have full satisfaction in all your client’s real estate

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that the real estate CRM has nothing to do with real estate management software. The property manager is responsible for managing the stock and all the properties that a real estate company has for sale or rent. In contrast, the CRM real estate system is responsible for managing all contacts, customers, and marketing of the company.

What is CRM?

Good CRM (customer relationship management systems) will help you make the most of your contacts by organizing them in one place, giving you the tools to establish a personalized communication and action plan with each of them. And thus, be able to close more business with them.

Forget about paper agendas, list systems, or spreadsheets as an attempt to CRM. Each of these tools or resources has its usefulness, and no, it is not to serve as a real estate CRM.

Expert or not, it is very easy for any real estate consultant to forget to follow up on a prospect. Raise your hand to who has not happened.

Free CRM for Real Estate for You

Then, when you remember that real estate prospect, it’s too late. Or it got cold or worse, it already bought. Most CRMs for real estate professionals are expensive. However, there is also the best free CRM for real estate.

A free real estate CRM is very useful when you are starting your career as an independent real estate advisor or when your budget is limited.

We have reviewed and used several real estate CRMs. I have compiled a list of the best free CRM for real estate, mainly evaluating their ease of use, communication tools, contact management, and usability in mobile phones.

Characteristics of a Real Estate CRM

  • Create and manage a large database of contacts and customers, this time owners and interested in renting or buying houses.
  • Increase work performance and decrease homework time.
  • Have full information about each client in the database (Age, work, annual income, etc.).
  • Share documents with many other agencies, thanks to the tasks of the CRM.
  • Follow the company numbers in full (benefits, expenses, sellers, etc.).

What is the Best Free Real Estate CRM?

Best Free CRM for Real Estate

To know which is the best real estate software, you must first try some and conclude as a result. Our work team has tested some real estate CRMs and has chosen the ones we leave below as the best for those small real estate companies that do not require a very large customer database.

In this way, we will be able to have a free real estate CRM of user management for our real estate without the need to spend a single do, but with limited functions.

Read below my choice and the analysis report of each one.

The Best Free CRM for Real Estate for You:

  • Streak: For independent real estate agents who need a practical CRM
  • Insightly: For real estate agents looking for a CRM with complete analyzes
  • Hubspot: For real estate agents who want a customizable CRM
  • RealOffice360: For real estate consultants who want a specialized CRM

1. Streak: the Best Free Real Estate CRM for Practicality

Streak is a free CRM for real estate that offers the necessary features to manage your contacts in a practical way in its free version. Real estate consultants can organize their contacts and schedule or assign tasks with the ease of a click from their inbox.

Best Free CRM for Real Estate

The free version of Streak is ideal even for small work teams. Its base in the Gmail inbox allows a focus on communication, contacts, and task tracking.

Personalization is another point in favor of Streak as a real estate CRM since you can easily edit the stages of your pipeline, email templates, and some fields within the platform for the organization of your contacts. Besides, email tracking and reading report are very useful.

Streak’s best feature for real estate consultants: practicality

Streak is a free real estate CRM is a very useful complete tool that is also operated directly from the Gmail inbox.

Being integrated into the number one tool of the real estate consultant (email) without the need to use another application facilitates workflow and collaboration.

Where Streak falls short: reports and compatibility

Although Streak has a good module of advanced reports based on the activity and follow-up that you give to your contacts, to access them, you will have to subscribe to the paid version.

Also, Streak works exclusively within Gmail, so you will have to integrate and configure any other email account to use Gmail as a mail client.

Final conclusion about Streak

Streak is a CRM system with the functions and features necessary to manage your contacts and customers efficiently and practically, neither more nor less.

It is very easy to install, customize, and integrate with email and everyday work. It does not offer a particular web application because it works from Gmail and has a mobile application to check and track.

2. Insightly: The Best Free Real Estate CRM With a Complete Analysis

Insightly is one of the best free CRM for real estate that includes a lot of excellent features in its free version. Many of which help real estate agents organize contacts and potential clients, as well as set up email campaigns and a continuous contact strategy.

Best Free CRM for Real Estate

Free for individual users or teams of two, Insightly is contact-based but very task-oriented. In other words, Insightly is most useful when used to create task lists (called projects) for each of the contacts. Then you start marking those tasks as performed.

While customization within the free version is limited, Insightly offers many benefits for real estate agents who like to complete task lists. The free version limits contact fields, pipelines, and mail templates and also limits the number of contacts that can be stored in the system to 2500.

Insightly feature for real estate agents: robust analysis

Insightly offers some surprisingly strong analyzes with its free plan. Email reports provide excellent data on reception and reading with schedules, locations, and even recipients’ operating systems.

This data can be used to personalize your messages in the future, thus increasing your conversion rates and improving your productivity.

Speaking of productivity, Insightly’s task-oriented nature will give you a lot of data about your performance, which translates into the sophisticated and advanced analysis. While you don’t get many options to customize the control panel, Insightly offers many useful measurable items, such as contact reports, team reports, and even general opportunity reports, which compensates for the lack of customization.

Where Insightly falls short: general customization and support

The two main challenges of Insightly’s free CRM are lack of customization and customer service. As a free subscriber, you cannot change part of the generic sales language on the interface to the specific real estate language, which means that you need some interpretation of some terms.

It is not a big problem, but if you are adding a new member to the team or are new to the business, these additional steps can be a challenge at the beginning.

Besides, Insightly does not offer any type of person-to-person customer service in its free plan. It provides a solid learning library and some very useful forums, but if you want to talk to someone else, you will have to subscribe to the payment plan.

Final conclusion on Insightly

There are many options and utilities in the free CRM version of Insightly. It is an easy system to integrate with email accounts and has web and mobile applications.

On the other hand, it may take a little time to understand how it works, but once you do, this is a free real estate CRM that favors productivity and facilitates data-based decision making.

3. Hubspot: the Best Customizable Free Real Estate CRM

Hubspot is another CRM with a great free version. Unlike the Insightly task-oriented platform, Hubspot’s strength is in the conversations you have with your contacts and their customization options.

Best Free CRM for Real Estate

Hubspot’s focus on communication stands out for its contact options. Hubspot integrates with your email provider, allowing real estate consultants to send emails directly from a contact’s profile. You can schedule these emails, use real-time email analysis to track when connections open your messages and what they do with them after opening them.

Overall, this is an excellent platform for real estate agents who want a personalized communication experience with each of their contacts. If you focus on the details, Hubspot is a great option.

Hubspot’s best feature for real estate agents

Hubspot, as a free real estate CRM, has a lot to offer, but we can sum it up in one main feature: customization.

This is useful since Hubspot is not a specialized CRM. Unlike other free CRMs, the free Hubspot platform allows you to customize almost all fields, pipelines, templates, and everything else.

A highlight of personalization is the 80 different fields that you can choose for a contact’s personal profile. Many of these fields are also reactive, which means that as the conversation evolves and communication with them. So does the field update.

For example, you can choose to show the last time a contact was sent via email, what its click-through rate is, including your website activity or if they click on one of your Facebook posts.

Where Hubspot falls short: Email Automation

Hubspot, as a real estate CRM, does not offer much in terms of email automation. Drip campaigns are powerful tools in the real estate business, and programming email communication step by step can take a long time. This feature is available in additional paid versions.

Besides, support and customer service for the free option is basically non-existent with Hubspot. There are many online user forums where users help each other, but the official customer service of the central office is reserved for paying customers.

Final conclusion on Hubspot

Hubspot is a great platform. However, I think its very strength is a two-edged sword. So many customization options make it somewhat complex to use and integrate into daily work.

Besides, although it also offers web and mobile applications, beyond what it seems, it is not so intuitive. It may take longer than acceptable to understand how to use it optimally.

4. RealOffice360: THe Best Specialized Free Real Estate CRM

RealOffice360 is the only free real estate CRM on our list, with only I mean that it is the only CRM that is specially designed and planned as a tool for a real estate agent.

Best Free CRM for Real Estate

Its interface is very intuitive, so it is easy to understand, and its implementation could be faster than the rest of the systems we have mentioned.

RealOffice360 mainly allows you to manage your contacts, track business in their pipelines, time management, and tasks and also has an additional focus on maintaining and building relationships with employees and customers.

The RealOffice360 feature for real estate agents: specialization

As I mentioned, this is a specialized system in the real estate consultant’s business industry. It is enough to register a new contact so that the follow-up flows almost by itself with the creation of tasks and reminders. As well as with its automated email marketing module.

This free real estate CRM is a valuable resource for any real estate agent since it can be easily used in a web or mobile application and also allows the organization of each day with lists of tasks to be done and daily routines.

Because of its specialization, the need for customization is virtually unnecessary. Its email marketing module makes this a simple task.

Where RealOffice360 falls short: Limited collaboration

RealOffice360, as a free real estate CRM, does not offer the possibility of collaborating with a small work team. Also, without being a major problem, it has a particular focus on how to do real estate business in the United States and Canada.

Also, unfortunately, the system is only available in English, and the options for customer service and service are very limited.

Final conclusion on RealOffice360

While RealOffice360 is a very good real estate CRM system, for now, it is not possible to integrate email with its platform. Therefore it must be used as a parallel application, and the system must be fed manually or by importing a database.

Press Point CRM

With the Press Point CRM plugin, you will be able to have a CRM system mounted within your own real estate website mounted with the WordPress content manager. You will be able to have a more exhaustive control of your customers, buyers, and sellers. You can also know what the experience of each user who visits your website is.

Get to know all the functions of Press Point CRM and download its FREE trial version from its official website by clicking on the Next button, where you can see a great real estate management platform.

Characteristics of a Real Estate CRM

Some features that we can find in real estate CRM and that will make our company management easier, are the following:

  • Control and management of real estate clients, holding hands with the best customer relationships.
  • Customer documentation (payroll, ID, invoices, etc.).
  • List of rentals or sale of real estate.
  • Shared sales and rental portfolios with other real estate agencies.
  • Sales statistics for your commercial team.
  • Linking with the social networks of the real estate.
  • Agenda with tasks of calls and visits to customers.
  • Connection from multiple devices (PC, Android, iOS, etc.).
  • Free excel business visits control

Finally, and to conclude with this article of software for real estate, we have to say that thanks to CRM, all real estate have achieved fantastic results and with a much lower management time. They have much more advanced control of operations and a better structure of defined tasks.

If you know any type of real estate CRM that is not on the list, but that you think it should be thanks to the benefits it gives, you can leave your comment at the bottom of this article or contact us through the form of contact that we have at your disposal.

If you are ready to go beyond the limits of how many names and phones you can have in your memory or a poorly organized database. Discover and take advantage of the new world of communication automation, contact, and task management, and, ultimately, instance, better productivity, start using a real estate CRM.

What is and How Does a Real Estate CRM Work?

CRM software for the real estate sector is the perfect tool to carry out the best possible management of our business and increase the company’s sales. Thanks to the management facilities offered by this type of solution for the needs of this business group, usually, the software for real estate agencies is directly called real estate CRM.

Thanks to a real estate CRM, we will have registered and organized in the same database the information related to our portfolio of clients and potential clients. The houses and premises that we have available, the sales cycle in which each contact is located.

And the process of monitoring our agents. In this way, we can offer a quality service always having access to this data in real-time, offering a completely personalized and efficient service.

Each user who visits our online portal and leaves their contact information when interested in any of our offers is registered in the real estate CRM database and automatically becomes a direct contact.

Also, the type of search that has been done (characteristics of the properties, geographical area, nearby services, etc.) is registered, so it also provides us with very valuable information about shopping trends and tastes of the public.

Main Functions and Characteristics of a Real Estate CRM

  • Contact Management: Customers are a crucial element for sales in a real estate company, so the need to manage the database correctly is unquestionable. In addition to creating user files, this system allows you to manage and link them with information that we believe is convenient at all times.
  • Property management: Having a detailed list of the company’s real estate is essential. A real estate CRM allows you to easily add homes to our portfolio and order them based on certain parameters. So you will have accurate information in the property tabs, add images, videos, or maps.
  • Agenda management: You can record meetings with customers and schedule reminders through a shared agenda with other real estate agents. In this way, you can make sure to establish contact with all your potential clients so that no opportunity for sale escapes and optimally manage each visit according to the established times.
  • Control of users and agents You will: control the activities carried out by the real estate agents, even with the possibility of including the personal valuations of the visits. They make or at what moment of the sales cycle each of their clients is. Besides, this solution offers the possibility of configuring different access permissions to the information for each of the users/agents, depending on their profile.
  • Marketing campaigns and online portals: With this program, you can publish real estate offers on the portals of the sector and carry out advertising and marketing campaigns to attract potential clients. Besides, by correctly segmenting your database and knowing users’ preferences better, you will achieve much more positive results with your campaigns.
  • Document management: With a real estate CRM, you can have all the documents centralized in one place, shared with the necessary personnel, in a safe, orderly, and protected manner. Be it invoices, commercial materials, etc.; your CRM system can help you manage absolutely all your real estate documents.
  • Creating web portals and synchronization MLS: Easily offers an online portal with all the updated real estate offer and with the automatic publication of each new home we manage. Participate in the MLS Real Estate Exchange.

6 Advantages of Implementing a Real Estate CRM

1. Obtain complete information on each client or potential client

Name, contact, where you visit us, the real estate of interest, advertising on which you have clicked.

2. Cross clients with available properties

The commercial agent can filter and cross information in real-time, offering a fully personalized and updated service with greater possibilities of making a sale effective, assigning homes directly based on the requested parameters.

3. Know better the needs of customers

In this way, we can adjust the supply of real estate that we have to the existing real demand, give greater visualization to the most required, improve our value proposition, and increase the sales flow.

4. Improve contact segmentation

Classification of customers by type (buyer, seller, lessor) status of the sales cycle (new, in-process, discarded, converted), preferences, basic characteristics you are looking for, advertising, or portal from which you know us, etc.

5. Carry out more effective and personalized marketing and advertising campaigns

So we can send email campaigns to each group of contacts with real estate based on the segmentation established, their interests and possibilities, and follow up by sending emails, calls, or appointments.

6. Evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns and agents

The real estate CRM software also records the activity of each agent and campaign carried out based on the acquisition of new users, the number of sales, satisfied customers, etc. and will improve our business decisions.

How to Find the Most Suitable CRM Software for Your Real Estate?

The general tendency is to believe that the best software is the most prestigious in the market or the most expensive. However, to succeed in choosing a CRM for your real estate company, you must analyze its functionalities and look for one that meets the specific needs of your business. It will not help you to make a large disbursement in a program that then does not meet your requirements.


Of all the free real estate CRMs on the list, I personally use and recommend Streak for its integration with my mail tray. On the other hand, Insightly probably has the best functions with the most efficient systems. Choose the one that suits you best according to the characteristics described.