14 Best CRM for Freelancers of 2021

14 Best CRM for Freelancers of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

I have tried almost every Best CRM for Freelancers. Having spent so much time between applications allows me to make this list with the best CRMs for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small businesses. All updated to, with the best options selected and tested.

In fact, in recent times, some additional options for different languages have appeared quite interesting, as we will see.

Why This Great List of Free CRM’s?

So that nobody spends as much time as I do trying various CRM options and dedicate it to what matters: the relationship with customers, which is where the sale is located.

Because I’ve been guilty of trying everything new and wasting a lot of time on that, and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. And we must not forget that true CRM is a strategy, not a software, or a tool.

However, they are complex times. We have to handle many customers at the same time, through different channels and at different stages of the sale. CRM software is essential to implement the strategy and, above all, to nurture the relationship with each client properly.

I know what it costs to find a CRM application that really works, especially among such a saturated offer. I also know that, especially if you are starting, there is no word more attractive than “free.”

How Are the Free CRM on This List

This is not just any list of free CRM software, made anyway after a 2-minute Google search.

All CRM Software on This List Meets These Criteria

  • It is free or has a free option generous enough to work on a day-to-day basis. No limited demonstrations or unreal restrictions of 5 contacts. There are restrictions on some, of course, functions that you cannot access or a limit of contacts, but when I name a CRM, that is so, those limits are generous and allow you to work well.
  • I have tried and used the CRM personally in my day-to-day. Getting an idea of how each CRM software works in a real work situation. That also allows me to give indications about each one that orients according to each personal case. As well as advantages and disadvantages with knowledge of the cause.
  • They are usually free CRM in different languages, but there are also options only in English. Much of this free CRM list speak different languages or works in our language, but I have not neglected some excellent free CRM options that are only in English. The reason is that the management hardly requires a very basic level of language and is a valuable software.
  • This is CRM online in the cloud. That is, they are CRM’s that are managed from the browser, although some also have mobile CRM applications for iOS and Android. That makes us have to have an Internet connection, but also that we can use them regardless of whether we have Windows, macOS, or Linux installed on the computer.

What is the Best CRM for Freelancers?

Best CRM for Freelancers

There is no free CRM that is the best in all cases, and the answer to that question is depends. It’s a bit of a disappointment, I know, but that’s the reality for any important question on any important topic.

What I do know is that all the free CRMs on this list are of high quality. They are not all that I have tried, much less, but they are only the CRMs that, in my opinion, have passed a demanding initial cut.

Starting from that base, the decision of which is the best CRM is reduced to which one is more suitable for the particular situation of your company, the users you need, the way you work, and how it fits into the software.

One will be better for those who do not manage many contacts at once, another for those who do. Another for those who do not want to manage in English, another for those who are alone or work in a team. Want to group tasks, campaigns, or even billing in the same software.

Anyway, I tried to get wet, sort them in a certain way, and make a useful list.

The description and directions I give in each free CRM are intended to give clues as to who can be a good candidate. That will also save you time when trying.

Clarified this, let’s see what are the Best CRM for Freelancers in this year.

1. HubSpot CRM – Best CRM for Those Who Don’t Want to Get Complicated

I start with Hubspot, the free and easy CRM option that, in my opinion, is not the best or the worst, but probably the right one for the undecided.

Best CRM for Freelancers

Or at least for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time trying or don’t have it.

Why Do I Put It as the Default Option?

Hubspot is a marketing giant and, therefore, one of the standards, so if we use other applications together with CRM (such as Gmail, Trello, etc.), integration with them can be easier.

If this is not direct, we can integrate Hubspot with other apps through Zapier. Your free plan is generous and includes many benefits, such as:

  • Unlimited contacts, in which you can see the history of actions, add notes, schedule tasks.
  • Plugin for Google Chrome and integration with Gmail, to schedule emails and use CRM from there.
  • CRM mobile apps.
  • Opportunity management, curious conversational bots, and much more.

On top of that, CRM software improving a lot since I started using it. It was a few years ago, and it served me properly.

If you want to go to the safe, do not waste more time, and probably have more benefits than others, Hubspot is the choice that will not fail and the first to consider.

2. Zoho CRM Online – Best CRM for a Majority

Zoho CRM for free is the first CRM I used, as soon as I left and countless years ago. I guess the first always has a special place, but in this case, the place deserves it for many.

Best CRM for Freelancers


Your free plan (we go to the previous link and go down to see that option) is also very generous and is based on the fact that, up to 3 users, you use the free CRM.

If for whatever reason, Hubspot does not convince us and the number of users of Zoho CRM for free fits us, it should be the next option for a large majority. Just as sober in design as the previous one, what it does, it does well.

In favor:

  • Contact Management, Companies, etc.
  • Treatment Management (this is what they call the opportunities).
  • Mobile CRM apps for iOS and Android.
  • Management of how the prospects came to us. This is interesting and allows us to see what works in CRM and not in our marketing.

3. Streak CRM for Gmail – Best Free CRM for Entrepreneurs Who Live in Gmail

If Gmail is the communications center in your business (in my case, it is), you probably want to consider Streak. A free online CRM that is integrated into your Google email, so you don’t have to leave there and manage Everything from Gmail.

Best CRM for Freelancers

Being jumping from one application to another, and copying information is cumbersome and unproductive.

Personally, I used it for the last great campaign that brought me the clients I work with now. As the campaign was using Email cold ( Outbound Cold Email Marketing for those who like those terms), he did his part.

If Gmail is not your communications center, better use another option. But, if you spend more time in Google mail than elsewhere, free Streak CRM has good features, although very basic in its free version.

In favor:

  • Visual sales funnel with the phases you define according to your process.
  • Follow actions with prospects, seeing who contacted who and when.
  • Mobile apps, etc.

As for weaknesses, it is in English, and at the beginning, it is a bit complex. But, if you follow the tutorials, in a few minutes, you understand the operating logic. Of course, remember, if the CRM manages it as a team, better another option.

4. Followup – Best Personal CRM, an Alternative to Streak for Gmail Fans Looking for the Simple

If for whatever reason, you are the ideal audience for the previous option of Streak (because Gmail is fundamental and the work of relationship with customers alone), Follow Up Personal CRM can be an alternative. If not, better move on to the next option.

Best CRM for Freelancers

I’ve been hesitating to include Follow Up, because, although I tried it and got the idea, I ended up using Streak at the time. Its audience is clear when they call it “CRM Personnel” themselves. However, since the profile of a solo entrepreneur is quite common among visitors to this website, I thought it might be interesting.

The fundamental advantage of Follow Up CRM is the same as in Streak, and you manage your CRM for free from Gmail. However, you lose visual funnels. The reminders it offers, although useful, are very limited if only the free CRM plan is used.

If you are looking for simplicity, and I wish that Gmail had just a couple more features to control the relationship with customers or prospects easily, Personal CRM may be what you are looking for.

Otherwise, if you work with more people or do not want anything in English, read on.

5. Bitrix24: Best Free Online CRM if You Want to Have All the Management of the Company in the Same Place

Bitrix’s greatest strength, for some, maybe the greatest weakness for others. If you are looking for something simple and uncomplicated, just to manage the relationship with customers, better look at another option.

Best CRM for Freelancers

Because Bitrix is ​​a CRM and much more, an entire Intranet for your business, with its own cloud (its Drive section ), general task management, etc.

In favor:

  • Your free plan is very generous. 5 GB of storage and no less than 12 users, one of the administrators.
  • It’s more than a CRM, with lots of applications and integrations that increase more and more functionality.

Personally, I found it interesting, but a bit overwhelming. I did not need the rest of the benefits in his day, because I already cover them with other applications or specialized solutions.

Its design also seemed to me to contribute to that feeling of overflowing a bit, but this is totally personal, and I know that others love it.

For anyone who wants a tool that is more than a CRM, or has a larger team of people, this is the option, since you can integrate all that into the free Bitrix CRM plan.

6. Wiwink – Best Free Crm Option With different languages Flavor and Additional Marketing and Sales Modules

From our country comes Wiwink, an interesting option of free best CRM for freelancers. The part of the customer relationship management and billing application is free and unlimited, which makes it a very interesting option. You can also keep up to date opportunities, tasks, meetings, and much more for those 0 euros per month.

Best CRM for Freelancers

What is the trick then?

Actually, there is no trick. It is an application that uses a freemium business model, a classic. In this way, they offer you free CRM and billing and, if you like, expect you to take a look at other options that are paid, such as the digital signature of documents.

In favor:

  • The free CRM is very generous, giving the possibility of including contacts, opportunities, etc. in an unlimited amount.
  • The interface is modern and pleasant to use.
  • They have other sales and marketing control software modules that are interesting and also free.

7. Freshsales, Best Free Visual, and Intuitive CRM

Freshsales is an easy and free CRM application with an interesting free plan, a minimalist modern design, and a very intuitive operation.

Best CRM for Freelancers

I liked it in its day because you can configure various sales funnels, which adapt to the stages of our particular process, whatever this is. Besides, it uses a Kanban system to move opportunities through these different stages, so that everything becomes very visual. It is not the only CRM that does so, but it implements it very well.

Accounts, contacts, business. You can manage the relationship with all of them simply and effectively. Added to that, it has an add-on to install in Google Chrome, which integrates it with Gmail, something essential for me too.

The free plan does not have many more benefits, apart from some useful basic reports. If you want more, such as campaigns or synchronization of calendars and emails, you need a paid account. But for the fundamentals, it’s very good. Many CRM, free and paid, are lost with a thousand things that, in the end, you do not use and sometimes even hinder.

In favor:

  • The basics do well, and its handling is simple.
  • It has a Chrome plugin that integrates it with Gmail.
  • The data forms and funnels are customizable, adapting to what we need to collect and our processes.

8. Agile CRM – Best Easy CRM For Freelancer

AgileCRM is another interesting customer relationship management application. With a modern and fast design, its free plan allows up to 10 users, so if you have to integrate a larger team, it is an option to consider.

Best CRM for Freelancers

It is also generous in terms of contacts since it manages up to 1,000 completely free. For the free account, click on the Agile CRM link and go down. Now click on the image of «Free» to register for free. I comment because it can be a bit messy and not look more than payment plans at first sight.

If you have seen Freshsales and liked it, try Agile CRM before deciding, you may fit better for a matter of personal taste.

In favor:

  • Free generous plan.
  • Excellent design and speed.
  • Plugin for Chrome / Gmail.
  • You can customize processes and data.

Marketing automation, which is its main difference from most, requires payment plans.

I will briefly comment on some more free CRM options. Actually, they do not contribute more than the commented ones. Still, they are also decent and, as in the end, the tool depends on the personal situation and the way of working of each one, if someone who has not found the best CRM among the previous ones, I may be here.

9. Capsule CRM – Decent Option

The capsule is an excellent free CRM, and the free version does not contribute anything that does not have the options that I have already commented on.

Best CRM for Freelancers

However, its design is simple and fast. Your free plan is also broad enough for small businesses that are not working with many contacts at once. It covers up to 2 users, 10 MB of storage, and 250 contacts.

Of course, the management of opportunities and cases is unlimited.11)

10. EspoCRM – Best Open Source Software to Install on Your Server

I remembered the Sugar CRM project many years ago, now closed in its free open source version. Actually, that was the first CRM I used long before the cloud was a reality.

Best CRM for Freelancers

EspoCRM is a good CRM in the same sense, open-source, and that you can install on your company’s servers. Therefore, it does not work like the others, and if you do not master, or do not know what Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. is, do not bother. If you don’t have a technical profile, you better not get involved.

But if you want an open-source solution, hosted and owned, to which you can play the guts because you know to program and would like something tailored, EspoCRM is a worthy successor to Sugar, probably the best open source CRM right now. That open-source version of Espo can be downloaded here.

If you want to use pre-installed in a cloud (in the style of the other options and without complicating with the technical), the plans are paid.

11. Insightly CRM – Best Free CRM for 2 Users and Very Visual

Insightly CRM is one more alternative to have free CRM for freelancers and entrepreneurs as long as up to 2 users handle it. So if you are alone or with a partner, and you are not afraid of English, it is a very visual and intuitive option.

Best CRM for Freelancers

It has everything you can expect in a simple way, highlighting the dashboards that can be configured as you want, according to the CRM information you need to know at a glance.

In addition to that, projects, tasks, contacts, reports. Typically.

In favor:

  • It is simple and intuitive.
  • You can configure the information you receive to your liking.
  • Free up to 2 users, allowing you to take advantage of all your options if you are a solo or couple entrepreneur.

12. Vtiger CRM – Best Free Open Source CRM

I also remember the days of VTiger CRM, when it was a fork of Sugar CRM, and, in fact, they were greedy for those issues (as you can see, yes, I’ve been here since the first website was planted).

Best CRM for Freelancers

I have seen that Vtiger CRM has advanced a lot and has modernized. Also, they continue to offer their open-source version to install on our servers.

It can be downloaded here, and I say exactly the same as in EspoCRM; this is for those who know how to configure servers, databases, and online applications. If not, better another option.

13. Flowlu

Best CRM for Freelancers

You may be wondering what best CRM for freelancers I use personally now and if it is free. The truth is that it is not one of the options I have named.


Currently, I don’t have to do an active job of searching for clients and, when I do it, I don’t need to manage many contacts at once, or do a job of nurturing the relationship every day.

So, right now, I use a specialized spreadsheet that I have configured according to my needs. Before her, and until recently, I was using Flowlu, which is not a specialized free CRM. Flowlu is an integrated solution for managing projects, tasks, calendar, etc., which also has a CRM module.

Why did he use this option?

Actually, for the rest of the modules, it brings. Its task and project management seem very good and adapts to me, besides it has a mobile application that works well.

For my situation, I was leftover with the CRM module that Flowlu brings. I didn’t want to have the tools too fragmented, so I disconnected Streak and passed certain fundamental data to a few good customers to Flowlu.

That is, he used that CRM, which is free, for reasons beyond CRM. I also automatically connected this website to Flowlu so that, possible new clients who found me and contacted me, appeared directly in the sales funnel of the CRM that I created.

I recommend it?

Today, if you need a CRM software, the truth is no. And it is not a paradox, nor hypocrisy.

Reasons? As an application of CRM itself, I believe that other named solutions are superior. An example is that in Flowlu CRM, it is not yet possible to import mass contact data, which makes it difficult to transfer your customer and contact database to Flowlu if you are not starting from scratch.

In the case of making more intense campaigns again, which I do not rule out in the future, it is possible that I used other best CRM for freelancers.

14. Trello – Honorable Mention, Use Trello as a Free CRM

I have used Trello a lot to manage my projects. I still use it. It is an excellent best CRM for entrepreneurs or freelancers.

I have also used Trello as a CRM, building my sales funnel, and passing opportunities and contacts through it.

Best CRM for Freelancers

In favor, it has its ease of use and how visual it is, in addition to that it integrates with many other applications. For example, a plug-in that, from Gmail, can convert an email to a Trello card.

Not so in favor is the fact that it is not a CRM tool in itself, so, if you have many contacts to handle, better one of the above solutions.

But if you are a freelance, or drive few opportunities at the same time, in addition to already feeling with Trello at home, you can try.

Fran Gallardo has an excellent article on how to use Trello as a CRM to manage his own clients. Trello’s blog, also explains in-depth how to use CRM.

And that’s it, CRM options, updated to this year, tested in a real situation with their defects and their virtues.


Today, a CRM strategy and a tool to implement it are essential. With this list of free Best CRM for freelancers, we will not lack alternatives, and we will not have the excuse that we do not have a budget.