Top 9 Best Period Tracker Apps of 2023 for Android & iPhone

The Best Period Tracker Apps for Android and iOS iPhone: Getting pregnant is not as easy as it sounds. Every month, the woman has a fertile phase, which is two to three days before and after ovulation. Hence the importance of knowing your cycle to be able to predict, more or less approximately, which are the days when you are most likely to get pregnant.

Top 9 Best Period Tracker Apps for Android & iPhone

Best Period Tracker Apps

Some women may have certain problems when it comes to controlling their menstruation, either because it is especially irregular because it occurs with excessive pain or for any other reason. Besides that, when it comes to becoming pregnant, many women also need technological tools that allow them to monitor the process to achieve success and that there is no room for scares or complications.

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Luckily, technology is there to make our lives easier, and today, there are many Best Period Tracker Apps that allow you to keep track of your menstrual cycle. In this post, we have selected the 5 best-rated apps that will help you know which are the most fertile days of your cycle. Do you want to know them?

Anyway, and even if you use them as a guide, these apps should not be used as a contraceptive method. They are only menstrual calendars based on statistics since, although the female cycle lasts an average of 28 days, we all know that the rule can be advanced and delayed. So if your cycles are irregular or you are thinking about getting pregnant, it is best to consult your gynecologist.

Currently, many Best Period Tracker Apps allow us to control, record, and keep up to date with all the variables that may be present in our menstrual cycle and receive advice and support from qualified professionals.

1. Clue Period Tracker, Cycle & Ovulation Calendar

Clue is a free ovulation and menstrual calendar that helps you understand your menstrual cycle to discover its unique patterns. It has a modern, simple, and very intuitive design. It allows you to write down information about the physical and emotional changes you experience throughout the month. After a few cycles, Clue is able to more accurately assess and predict the onset of cycles and the fertility window (the days when you are potentially most likely to get pregnant).


Clue is another of the Best Period Tracker Apps that currently exist on the market and with which we will obtain useful information related to our menstruation in a simple way. The system allows us to monitor menstrual cycles and discover our characteristic patterns, some of which may be ovulation periods or the most fertile days.

Clue’s essential characteristic is the contribution of scientific information with which each of the symptoms that we may have is explained and the monitoring of all the phases of the cycle and how they affect the skin, hair, or changes in the mood.

Clue is ranked as the best free menstrual tracking app by Obstetrics and Gynecology journal, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Available for Android and iOs.

2. Period Tracker – Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker

One of the most complete and best-rated Best Period Tracker Apps. Top 1 in Health and wellness in more than 43 countries, it has more than 70 million users (Android). As its name suggests, it is a menstrual calendar that helps you know your period, cycle, ovulation, fertile days, etc. A plus is that it allows you to write down sexual relations, weight, temperature, symptoms, or moods to keep track of the possibility of pregnancy.


Menstrual and Cycle Calendar is Apple’s application that allows you to control menstrual cycles by recording all kinds of details and variables in each symptom, such as emotional changes, weight variations, sexual relations, or other symptoms of discomfort.

This menstrual calendar also allows you to set reminders if you are taking contraceptive medicine or pills.

If you use contraceptive methods, you can rest assured with this app, as it will remind you when you have to take the pill or resort to other methods such as the ring, the patch, and the injection.

All the information is saved with your Google account, so even if you change your mobile, you will never lose your data history.

Available for Android and iOs.

3. Period Tracker – Cycle‪s‬

Cycles is a simple application with which we can control our menstrual cycle, calculate and track the days of greatest fertility, and record all kinds of observations or irregularities, all with complete privacy and security.


The main novelty offered by this app is contacting your partner privately to schedule plans based on the fertile periods and the possibility of receiving notifications about certain phases of the cycle. If you are interested, you will find this application for any iOS device.

4. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker. My Cycle Calendar

Flo is an anovulation, period, and pregnancy calculator that reliably predicts menstruation, ovulation days, and fertile days. Like the previous ones, this app uses machine learning (AI) to record your data from month to month. You can schedule reminders about your cycle, birth control methods, etc.


Flo is a comprehensive menstrual calendar that will allow us to record a large number of variables and various symptoms that we experience during the hormonal cycle, both physical and psychological.

The application system also allows predicting the most fertile days of the cycle and has a pregnancy mode, where all kinds of symptoms can also be recorded during the process.

It is a very complete app both to follow your period and pregnancy. Include a pregnancy calendar and calculate your due date. You can even add data about your lifestyle and fitness (weight, physical activity, sleep, water consumption) or import it from other apps like Fitbit or Google Fit.

Available for Android and iOs.

5. My Menstruation Diary

This application also allows us to control our menstrual cycles but with less possibility of interaction and adding variables about our symptoms. Likewise, with My Menstruation Diary, we can establish ovulation dates and determine the most fertile periods.


This tool’s main characteristic is its simplicity and intuitive operation, so if you are interested in this type of application, do not hesitate to download it.

6. Period and Ovulation Tracker

Menstrual Calendar, Menstrual Period – Lilly helps you keep track of your cycle and reliably predict your next period, fertile days, and ovulation. If you are looking to get pregnant, this app also has an ovulation calculator that predicts your fertile window to make it easier for you to identify the most favorable days. Like the other apps, it also allows you to record daily notes and track your symptoms, moods, and sexual relationships.


It has a nice and intuitive aesthetic and is very easy to use. Just write down the first day of your period and relax. Lilly will do all the calculations for you.

New to the others, Lilly includes a female community called Girl Talk, which you can join to share experiences, advice, and help when you need it.

It is only available for Android.

7. WomanLog Period Tracker & Calendar

WomanLog is a menstruation and fertility calendar. It is designed to be able to perfectly control your menstrual cycle, keeping a record of your moods, sexual relations, or the moment of taking your contraceptive pill, etc. It also allows you to create and consult a complete graph with the basal temperature and weight.


Unlike the others, WomanLog has different ‘ skins, ‘so you can customize it and choose the color of the calendar that you like the most.

WomanLog is one of the most detailed and complete Best Period Tracker Apps with which we can control our menstrual cycles. The app distinguishes between more than 20 moods to select from and more than 70 physical symptoms with which the system will be able to establish an exhaustive and rigorous physical and psychological profile on the user.

In addition to that, the Best Period Tracker Apps also allows recording the weight, temperature, and exact time of sexual intercourse.

It is a perfect app whether you want to get pregnant or avoid it, or simply to check if your menstrual cycles are regular or irregular.

Available for Android and iOs.

8. Period Tracker

Period Tracker will allow us to record all the variables related to our health from the beginning of our menstrual process.


A simple and intuitive app allows us to export our data and measurements to email to make use of them when presenting them to the gynecologist.

9. Ladytimer Ovulation & Period Calendar

Ladytimer is a calendar with which we can control in the best possible way all the variables related to our menstruation and also set reminders that we need.


In addition to that, this tool allows us to get in touch and share experiences with other users through an internal forum.

These apps are just a small sample of the many that you can find in the Apple store and Google Play. The best thing is that, before choosing, you search and compare to see which is the most attractive, useful, or easy to use for you. And remember, these best period tracker apps can never replace the role of the gynecologist since each woman, her cycles, and personal circumstances are different and, therefore, nothing better than being advised by an expert.


And you, do you use any of these best period tracker apps? Tell us about your experience in the comments!