7 Best CRM System for Small Business of 2021

7 Best CRM System for Small Business of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

We reviewed the best CRM system for small business in the market, and we tell you the steps to follow in choosing the right one. Before you start comparing suppliers, determine if it is appropriate to have a CRM system for small business in your company.

Amid the enthusiasm of preparing a new stage for your business, evaluating and acquiring a CRM system for small businesses is surely the least interesting of the list of tasks that lie ahead.

Do not worry, in this article we will help you. Not only will we tell you what the best solutions are, but we will discuss the steps to take so that you have the right CRM in your small business.

The Best CRM System For Small Business

Best CRM System For Small Business

As you will know, the existing offer is very diverse. To make this list, you will see below. We have only selected those CRM systems aimed at small businesses and also those of medium size. After analyzing several systems, these are the best CRM’s that we would have in our business.


Best CRM System for Small Business

Optimasuite is a CRM system for small business useful for technical management:

  • This is a sales CRM for small businesses that organize business management. It is specially designed for sellers.
  • Sat, It is intended for customers who offer technical assistance services.

What features does it offer?

Although there are some variants between versions, the basic features of Optimasuite are the following:

  • Configurable according to the criteria that are useful to you.
  • It has geolocation, which allows customers to be located on a map.
  • Store and organize information about customers: rates, purchase history, offers, documents.
  • Control commercial movements in real-time.
  • Assign and check equipment and technician tasks to ensure employee productivity.
  • It allows the monitoring of each process.
  • Optimize the sales process and work orders and reduce administrative costs.
  • Manage orders, generate documents, add a digital signature, all centralized.
  • It facilitates the monitoring of business opportunities.
  • It offers a global vision that favors business projections.

From any device, Smartphone, tablet, PC, laptops, you access your office, wherever you are.

With Optimasuite, you have control in your hands. You don’t need more than your mobile phone. You know where your technicians are, how the assigned tasks progress, what happens to the sales processes, etc.

2. CRM Express

The management of customer links is the main purpose of NOW Express. The best CRM system for small business to easily control the status of each sale and follow the appropriate marketing strategies. From any device, you can access the updated information of your business.

What are its outstanding features?

  • Employees and Tasks: You control the assignment and fulfillment of tasks and the productivity of your team.
  • Leads: It allows for the tracking of leads and potential customers to buy from your company.
  • Customers: The database supports searches with different criteria according to the need of the moment. Record complete information of each client, contact forms, historical in the company, documentation, actions.
  • Calls: Each call is registered in this CRM for small businesses. It allows the control of employee actions to attract and retain customers.
  • Coordination and meetings: From the CRM you can coordinate meetings and convene those who must attend
  • Resource management: Manage the resources employees use: rooms, vehicles, machines. You can know who uses what and how much time it requires.

Why Choose Now Express CRM?

A fundamental reason is that you will have an efficient and complete sales CRM for small businesses. You will not need to stay in the office to manage and control the company. It also installs easily, and you have technical support 24 hours a day.

3. WebCRM

WebCRM facilitates the practical tasks of the sales team. People take care of customers and the CRM of automatisms and procedures. Precision, efficiency, and economy come hand in hand with WebCRM.

What are the functions that it integrates?

  • Sales Area: Record the activities already completed, linked to the employee and the client. It offers a quick overview of the status of negotiations with each user. It allows us to have a complete picture of the company in real-time.
  • Forecasts and projections: It offers information for analytics and decision making. Make calculations and prepare reports.
  • Integration with the financial system: WebCRM integrates with ERP systems and prevents the duplication of tasks. The symbiosis of the CRM with the ERP allows us to work comfortably with updated product lines and prices.

WebCRM offers the sales team a very simple best CRM system for small business that frees them from routine and repetitive work in the small business. It is a software mainly for sales that facilitates the planning and control essential for good management.

4. Yunbit CRM

Yunbit CRM presents a customer-oriented management model in a very versatile best CRM system for small business. It adapts to the needs of any company, both in the commercial and marketing areas. With Yunbit CRM, it is easy to measure, systematize, analyze, and organize all processes.

What are its outstanding features?

  • Sales area: Manage contacts, opportunities, and operations, orders, and products. It has an integrated agenda and predefined templates.
  • Marketing module: Automate actions and campaigns, through the association of contacts. Optimize email and SMS marketing.
  • Customer service and support area: Generate tickets and reports. It has a self-service portal for customers. Control operations times.
  • Document management: It allows the integration of processes with operations and finances. Integrate opportunity reports, sales, management views. It generates advanced reports based on the required specifications.

Yunbit CRM allows unified management that synchronizes all areas of the company. It is 100% customizable. It does not require you to change your work system to adapt it to the software. On the contrary, the CRM adapts to your team and your business.

5. Efficy CRM

This CRM has a wide variety of modules that allow you to configure the software according to each need. Efficacy, CRM for small business.

What are its outstanding features?

  • Task management: It offers a practical overview of the tasks on the calendar.
  • Product catalog. Create your own catalog with detailed information on each product.
  • Optimizes time management, planning, and communication of special calls and meetings.
  • Documents module. All documents will maintain consistency and high quality. It has reliable files in which the files are easily located.
  • In the cloud or in your own facilities. The Efficy CRM cloud option allows access to control and management from any device.
  • Efficy CRM integrates with the environment used in your company. It connects to diverse systems, programs, and applications.
  • Other functionalities: project management. Connection with Google Maps manages marketing campaigns, generates reports and reports.

Modern and scalable, Efficy CRM is constantly evolving and developing, always attentive to the needs of users.


The best CRM system for small business online, free, and in Spanish. The CRMlab homepage is integrated with content and shortcuts that streamline and facilitate tasks. It is fully customizable and adapts to all types of companies.

What features does CRMlab offer?

  • Customer and Lead Management: Control operations with a focus on the customer, ensuring their satisfaction. Detect opportunities. Organize interventions in leads and potential customers to boost purchases.
  • Budget Management: Record budgets based on your status, creation date, amount, the recipient.
  • Call management: It allows the monitoring of scheduled calls and keeps the historical record. No communication detail is left out of CRMlab.
  • Meeting Planning: As intense as your days are, this CRM will keep your calendar always under your control, so you don’t forget anything.
  • CRMlab offers an excellent opportunity to manage your business from one place without spending a single dollar.

7. Forcemanager

Forcemanager is an excellent sales assistant that provides an adequate solution to every need. CRM for freelancers and small business Forcemanager.

What are its outstanding features?

  • Permanent information of the entire commercial process: Powered by artificial intelligence, it anticipates your needs. Maintains the focus on the productive results of the team.
  • It favors the development of proactive teams: It facilitates self-management and overcoming challenges to sell more.
  • Sales campaign planning: It acts as a sales campaign planning and commercial monitoring system. Guides the team and guides them in the detection of relevant opportunities.
  • Commercial flow management: It allows detecting key points for improvement based on the information recorded.
  • Forcemanager offers solutions by sector: For insurance, health, construction, industrial companies, among others. It also allows customization by user charge and by use case. It is a good CRM for small business for sale.

Other Alternatives

You may prefer to rate different tools on your own. We advise you to see our list of CRM Open Source solutions before. If you came to this article looking for free CRM for small business, you have to read this collection of free systems.

When we talk about CRM for small business, every company is a world. When selecting a CRM for small businesses, you can say that each small business is different. Even if you have the same needs as another company, there are factors to consider when choosing a CRM system :

  • Internal resources: what availability do I have, and what skills do I have?
  • Software installed in my business
  • Structure of my company and procedures that are followed
  • What budget I am willing to invest

Steps to Take When Choosing the Right Crm for Your Small Business

These and other factors influence the CRM system for small business most suitable for your business.

Define what your business needs are

First, you will have to choose a CRM system that suits your needs. Avoid suppliers that try to “sneak in” features that are not going to be useful to you on a day-to-day basis.

The price is only part of the equation. Our opinion, if you still do not see clearly that you can squeeze such a tool, is that you opt for a CRM for basic SMEs.

Assessing the real needs of your small business is essential before choosing a CRM. When you have them identified, it will be easier to opt for a solution.

Installation on a local or online server (cloud)

The choice of CRM software will be largely determined by the needs and the volume of business. There are CRM systems for cheap online small businesses if you compare them with those that require installation on local servers. The local installation is suitable for companies with their own infrastructure that, for security reasons, do not want to leave sensitive data in the hands of third parties.

The providers of CRM systems in the cloud have the advantage of saving resources, lower initial outlay, constant updates, and secure servers.

The importance of scalability

A CRM for small business is not a tool that you will use for a short period of time. Even if you implement it thinking about the needs of the moment, you must choose a flexible system, or in other words, scalable.

Keep in mind that you will work with this system for at least 5 to 10 years. A long period of time, enough for your business to experience changes. Companies must be proactive in anticipating future circumstances, so scalability that allows adding functions or registering new profiles is essential.

It is not necessary to choose only a CRM for small business, also a provider

Technology evolves constantly. Therefore, when you are going to choose a CRM for small businesses, you should assess the capacity for innovation and adaptation to the latest news from the system provider.


It’s about having, not only with one more program in your business but also with a partner that offers solutions in line with the evolution of the systems.

Evaluate the options and look for a company that focuses exclusively on the CRM without other services added. You should also make sure that the support offered by you is adequate so that when an incident arises, they give you an answer in the shortest possible time.