10 Best Photo Morphing Apps of 2024 – (Android & iPhone)

The best Best Photo Morphing Apps: Photo morphing apps will create realistic face swaps between people and allow you to create swap faces videos. There are two main types of photo morphing app, one that morphs two pictures into one and another that allows you to replace a face with someone else’s face. Some photo morphing apps offer unlimited results, and others limit the number of morphs.

Photo Morphing

Have you ever wanted to see yourself with someone else’s face? Or swap faces with anyone you take photos of? Well, look at the following reviews and select a photo morphing app of your choice.

10 Best Photo Morphing Apps for Android & iOS

Best Photo Morphing Apps

Using these best photo morphing apps can generate images that create the illusion of a person transforming into another object, another person, or an entirely different animal. Most importantly, these apps are free and accessible on Google Play and the iPhone App Store.

1. PicMorph – Morph Faces


PicMorph offers some unique features, including replacing a person’s face with your own or anyone else’s face, creating a swap faces video, creating animated GIFs, overlaying one picture over another, sharing images with your friends and family.


PicMorph also allows you to easily select the right photos and the right size of the image. It’s possible to have your face morphed into the faces of animals using this morphing app.

2. FaceApp: Face Editor (Android & IOS)


In terms of mobile AI photo and video editing, FaceApp is a standout. With this app, which has over 500 million downloads, you can transform your selfies into professional photographs. Also, you can use FaceApp to make Insta-worthy edits completely free.


Furthermore, this app lets you experiment with your images and control the temperature and saturation of the image until you get the results you want. With this photo morphing apps, you can apply your favorite filters in real-time. You can also make live videos, shoot Boomerangs and Stories. This app also lets you use color correction, trim, crop, edit videos, and apply filters to your images for more exciting results.

There’s no want to tap your screen anymore! A single tap provides you AI filter set with all the tools you need for a smooth and photo-realistic editing experience. More than 60 photo-realistic filters are free in the app. So, you won’t have to spend hours retouching your images ever again!

However, this photo morphing apps let you edit your selfies with fun, trendy options of adding facial hair, changing your hair color and hairstyle, adding volume to your hair, and trying whole makeup filters. Besides, using morph technology, you can make your face look great by smoothing wrinkles, erasing blemishes, making your face smooth or bigger, or giving you a variety of eye colors.

Moreover, these photo-editing apps can help you find out what you might look like as a different gender, feature your best hairstyle and color, make you look older or younger, and morph your photo with your favorite celebrity.

Again, with this app, you can swap faces with friends, borrow your favorite style from other photos, and even be in your favorite movie scene. It lets you see what your future kids would like also. You can also use this photo app to distort images in all sorts of unique ways–including making yourself appear thinner or heavier.

Also, you can post your FaceApp edits to your favorite social media accounts directly from the app. Your photo will be ready for a social media share with a single tap.

Afterward, you can access all the features and content available for purchase in FaceApp by subscribing to the app. FaceApp offers a subscription for $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year and $49.99 for lifetime access. Auto-renewal will occur unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription.

Upon the expiration of your subscription, you’ll receive an invoice for the renewal of your subscription. Once the purchase is confirmed, a charge will be applied to the customer’s iTunes account. After purchasing a subscription, you can cancel auto-renewal from iTunes’ Account Settings. If applicable, after purchasing a subscription, the subscription will forfeit your unused part of a free trial term.

3. Face Swap Live


Face Swap Live allows you to instantly swap your faces with a buddy in real-time or a photo. Make a video or take a photo of yourself switching faces with a celebrity, a friend, or any other amusing image you can find on the internet or your phone.


Instead of using static photographs like other applications, this face morphing app for android uses the video feed from your camera to dynamically change the faces that appear on the screen.

Moreover, with this photo morph transition app, you can see your talking face on a photo of Marilyn Monroe. Again, put your moving tongue on a picture of your favorite pet and be amazed. One of those apps allows you to switch faces in real-time!

4. Face Morph


Face Morph is an interactive face viewer that lets you morph and blend your face with other people, animals, and objects (face morphing). It is simple to use and has a lot of fun effects. Also, it has a face detection feature that automatically detects your face.


Afterward, this app used to work great. You can use it to document your weight loss. You just need to upload an old photo and a new picture of yourself, and then this morph two pictures together app morphing the older picture into the new one. With this face morphing software, you can make morphing up to 8 pictures.

5. Pic Morph Wild Mix (IOS) – Transform yr Skin or Face with Extraordinary Pattern and Animal Textures


This app can add extraordinary patterns and animal textures to your skin or face. With the Pic Morph Wild Mix app, you can bring out your wild look and have some fun at the same time. In only a few clicks, you can change your image into a lion or tiger, luxuriant leaves, or strawberry tongue!


This unique photo morphing app offers lots of cool backgrounds, great-looking filters to paint or erase your foreground and make your images more attractive. Again, this excellent face morph application allows you to blend the faces of two or more people.

Again, Pic Morph Wild Mix is an app to make realistic-looking face photo manipulation and turn your photos into realistic art. You can add nice effects to your photos. Also, you can paint, move, rotate and scale your photos.

Furthermore, the app is so easy to use that anyone could do it. You just have to select a picture from the photo library or take one with the camera, choose any effect you like, and finally share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, and email. Also, the current version of this app has been updated by Apple and includes an Apple Watch icon.

6. Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo


It is a simple photo editor app for cutting and pasting faces in photos. This picture editing app makes it possible to make memes, hilarious images, and even change faces in a snapshot. You may also copy and paste an image onto another and add text on photos or stickers to your images.


Moreover, this photo morphing app features 2-modes: cut and zoom. The app lets you zoom the face in a picture. You can cut the face by drawing a path on the area you want to cut and swipe your finger across the screen to paste. Then let the app do something unique with the face automatically.

Besides, the face gallery stores all of your cropped faces. You can easily see all faces stored in the Face Gallery on the screen. So, you can use the same face numerous times in a picture, and you don’t need to clip them out from their original images. Again you can utilize them on other pictures as well.

Besides, you can attach text to your image and even insert a photo within a photo. You can add different types of stickers and emojis to your photo. Also, this fantastic photo morphing app lets you save the picture, then share it to social media like WeeChat, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, LINE, BBM, 9gag, etc.

7. Animal Face Maker App


With this face maker app, you can make funny face picture montages by putting animal faces on photos and mixing them various ways. This Animal Look Maker App changes your face and unleashes your imagination.

In addition, Animal Camera Photo App is such a photo editor that allows you to morph into your favorite animal. There is no better app to edit your photo by replacing your face with the face of adorable animals.


It’s a fantastic tool for swapping faces with a favorite wild creature and getting an Animal Face photo. It makes it possible to use most face swap special effects, resulting in amusing changes. Also, you can make funny faces with this new Android Animal Face photo app and share them on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks.

Furthermore, using the Animal Face photo editor, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun while also getting professional results. So without waiting, go ahead and download this free Animal Face Changer app now.

After installation, this app on the mobile, simply take a selfie or select one from your gallery, then put on an animal face mask in the form of a pretty funny sticker. Finally, enjoy an excellent result, and we are confident that you will love to create more images of animals with painted faces.

So, if you want to transform into a hilarious animal, use this new free Animal Face camera app. With this photo morphing app, you can easily add charming animal faces to your photos, such as a cuddly kitten, a doggie face, or a fierce lion.

Besides, you can create amazing and funny photo montages with this app. With this photo editing app, you can zoom in and out, rotate, resize, flip, adjust, morph, and instantly add text to your photos. In short, this app is an excellent form to add some fun to your photo collection. Also, you can use these photomontages as wallpaper backgrounds for your phone.

Again, to get the most out of it, don’t forget to put your suggestions in the comment section. As a company, they take your feedback extremely seriously. However, the app is free to download from the Google Play store.

8. Face Swap & Morph Animation Maker


Face Swap & Morph Animation Maker lets you exchange faces with anyone and produce stunning GIFs and videos. This Animation GIF and video maker is the finest mobile app to morph faces with someone and show it off.

Although this is an incredible face swap app, it’s simple and, in fact, easy to use. You can swap one person’s face with the face of another, which is a lot of fun and can be hilarious! This app enables you to select the right photos and the right sizes by showing the overlap of another image.


Furthermore, this face Swap App is an amazing photo editor app; it lets you swap faces between friends and family. You can change the gender of your face, swap faces between family members, and even make funny memes.

Overall, this funny photo maker is easy to use, fast and great for making funny photos by combining faces. You can use this funny photo morph maker in many different ways. You can morph, mix and blend your face with the animal. Again, the app contains a face morphing effect and a baby picture maker to make some funny animation. It has lots of babyface overlays. You can use them to make the funny baby video as well.

9. Snapchat


Snapchat is a fast and amusing messaging app to share your updates with your friends and family. This app is more than just messaging and pictures. It’s a camera that lets you express yourself and have fun with your friends! It has turned the camera into a playful, creative tool. It’s great for lenses & filters, as well as Bitmojis!


The magic of Snapchat is that it opens right to the camera. You just need to tap the screen to capture photos or hold the button for making the video. You can also use all kinds of creative tools to your snap, like drawings, doodles, text, stickers, and more.

Moreover, Snapchat offers exclusive content and news stories. Snapchat’s story lets you post a photo or video and watch snaps from your friends, favorites, and famous Snappers! Thus, you can share your updates with friends through live messaging or create a day for others to view via Group Stories.

You can even use front-facing flash for low-light selfies. And when you send a Snap, it stays in the recipient’s chat story until they see it. Besides, its lenses collection is getting rich every day with new lenses. Open up Snapchat to discover them.

Afterward, Snapchat is an instant messaging mobile app suitable for sharing multimedia messages. Its name refers to the visual message content, including pictures and short videos enabled by a mobile device camera. With Snapchat, you have the option of sharing your location with select friends or disabling location tracking entirely by switching to Ghost Mode. If your friends disclose their locations with you, you can see what they’re up to on your most private map.

Moreover, every friendship has a profile that outlines its history and strongest characteristics. Friendship Profiles are private conversations about what makes your friendships special between you and your friends. Find out things you have similar with your friend through this app. This app will tell you how long you’ve known each other, as well as your astrological compatibility, Bitmoji fashion sense, and more!

Snapchat is a mobile app that enables users to capture photos and videos. Users can edit the images or videos, save them or share them with others.

However, please keep in mind that the app Snapchat can take a screenshot of your messages or otherwise can save your Snaps. So, take care with your Snaps and don’t share any private information with people you don’t know.

10. Morphy – Face Morph GIF & Movie Maker (IOS)


Morphy has a range of fun and crazy effects to transform you into an animal, your friend’s face, baby, or even a celebrity. This app is a powerful tool for creating facial morphs and time-lapse videos.


The app allows you to add multiple faces to each photo. Besides, the Photo Morphing App lets you quickly reorder images and align faces in a sequence. Also, you can adjust morphing speed and save your morphs as Videos or GIFs to share with friends via social media, like Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and email.

This face morphing app has many interesting new features. The most significant one is the brand new image search option. This feature makes your search for import of faces much easier. Just type in the name of the celebrity or animal you want to morph into, and our app will find it for you! In addition to this cool new feature, it has also added tons more animals to morph into. After all, this app is fun to play with endless face morphing transitions.

Can I morph two pictures together?

Yes, there are various mobile apps available to morph two pictures together.

How do I Morph Two Pictures Together?

You can do morphing images by overlaying one another and changing the transparency; by clipping off a portion of one and sticking it onto the other or separating them onto different layers of the same file.

Is there an app to merge two pictures together?

Yes, Photoblend, the exciting new photo editor app, lets you combine two photographs to make double graphic imagery!

What app is everyone using to morph faces on TikTok?

Everyone uses the TikTok Morph filter to morph faces on TikTok.

Final Words

We have reviewed the 10 best photo morphing apps in this article. We hope you have found this writing helpful. To explore endless face morphing transitions, give these mobile applications a try.